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10 Best Agricultural Companies in India

Want to know about the leading agricultural companies in India? Read on, as we keep you covered.

Agriculture has always been the cornerstone of the Indian economy. At present, India is among the top farm producers in the world with agriculture being the main source of employment for 40% of the country’s population. The steep rise in agriculture is driven by the availability of better farming methods, irrigation, seeds, fertilizers, and research.

Indian agriculture has also gained from the increasing adoption of genetic modification in the seeds, external growth hormones, advanced methods for preserving plants, and advanced agricultural equipment. The role of agriculture companies in helping the agriculture sector evolve cannot be discounted either. Wondering which are the leading agriculture companies in India? Well, that’s exactly what we will be discussing here.

We have listed below the top 10 agricultural companies in India that are pioneers of various innovations and agro-based products.

10 Best Agricultural Companies in India

1. DuPont India

Dupont IndiaKnown for its innovation for a safer world, the company offers a vast agro-based product portfolio, including pesticides and insecticides for the protection of soybean, rice, pulses, lentils, sugarcane, paddy, wheat, and other crops. It is also a producer and seller of different seeds, such as lentils, vegetables, sugarcane, etc. DuPont India continues to be the leading agricultural company in India, besides having a strong presence in 90 other countries.

DuPont India also offers healthcare products for animals. It employs around 2050 scientists to develop sustainable, futuristic, and cost-effective solutions. The company has a unique platform, TED@dupont where it shares the working ecosystem of DuPont — applying the laws of everyday chemistry to bring innovation to agriculture.

  • Established – 1802
  • Head office – Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Business – Agro products

2. Rallis India Ltd.

Rallis India Ltd.Rallis India, the subsidiary of TATA Chemicals, is one of India’s leading crop care and farming companies. It manufactures and supplies crop care products to over 40,000 retail counters across the country. The company is the leading producer of pesticides, seed treatment chemicals, plant growth nutrients, seeds, etc.

Rallis India invests generously in research to stay ahead of the curve. The Metahelix Life Sciences Ltd, a branch of Rallis India, produces hybrid seeds of maize, millet, sunflower, vegetable seeds, and more. There is another R&D wing situated in Bangalore, responsible for the research and development of agro-based products.

Rallis India produces growth nutrients, such as glucose beta, Ralligold, Tata Uphaar, etc. In the field of agri-care, the company has produced Geo-green to improve the quality of the soil, along with a system for rice identification, and hi-tech sprayers for pesticides and insecticides. Besides, the company runs a unique program, the Rallis Kisan Kutumba, through which it is connected to over 1 million farmers in the country.

  • Established – 1851
  • Head office – Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Business – Agro-based products

3. Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd.

Nuziveedu Seeds LtdNuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL) is the leading agricultural company in India when it comes to the production of BT cotton. NSL BT cotton has a market share of about 20% to 30% across India and beyond. The company is a subsidiary of the NSL group. In 2012, it emerged as the only seed company to rake in INR 1000 crore in revenue.

Other productions of NSL include seeds of paddy, jowar, bajra, maize, sunflower, vegetables, pearl millet, etc. These hybrid and advanced seeds are produced through deep research in the NSL labs certified by renowned institutes. The biotech team and technical scientists use the latest technologies to keep the company on the cutting edge.

Scientists are working on identifying the specific characteristics to increase plant quality and yield. NSL’s seed technology laboratory is one of the six ISTL-accredited STLs in India that follows a quality assurance-driven system. The seeds cleared through the assurance system are processed, packed, and delivered to 55000 retailers across 22 states in the country, making it one of the top agribusiness companies in India.

  • Established – 1973
  • Head office – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Business – Agricultural seeds

4. Advanta Seeds

Advanta SeedsAdvanta Seeds Limited is the first multinational Indian seed company and one of the top agricultural companies in the world. It is an Associate company of the United Phosphorus Ltd, which has a strong presence in the Indian and international markets, such as Poland, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, France, etc. It is an exporter of agri-based products on six continents. The company’s primary aim is to bring up traits in plants that adapt to different climatic conditions and bring prosperity to farmers.

Advanta is a plant genetic company and enjoys dominance in the production of seeds such as cotton, corn, mustard, soya bean, sunflower, vegetables, etc. Hybrid Canola, grain sorghum, forages, and okra are some of the unique products of the company. The company leverages the Marker Molecular technology for the production of seeds.

The company has been continuously working to bring out the best hybrid seeds. In 2010, it achieved about 10% share in the Indian corn market. It has about 34,632 hectares under seed production. Wondering about the agricultural stocks of Advanta? Well, the company is listed in NSE and BSE.

  • Established – 1994
  • Head office – Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Business – Agro-chemical products

5. Monsanto India Limited

Monsanto India LimitedIt is an offshoot of Monsanto USA. MIL is the only listed Monsanto company outside the USA. For the last 4 decades, Monsanto has been helping Indian farmers to cultivate sustainably. It is committed to producing high-yielding maize hybrids for Indian farmers. The genetically modified and well-researched hybrid seeds help boost the yield. This is why MIL is connected with about 9 lakh farmers across different states in the country.

Besides maize hybrids, MIL has also come up with cutting-edge seed breeding methods and herbicides for seamless weed management. MIL endeavors to use various varieties of maize from the global neoplasm library. The research is done in a high-tech environment and with the best manufacturing facilities.

The MIL field team meets over a million farmers annually, sharing the improved agronomic practices to allow farmers to optimize the yield. They also promote on-farm technology development, and thus, it was listed in the top 4th Rank among the best agriculture companies in India to work in 2012 with less than 1000 employees.

  • Established – 1901
  • Head office – Missouri
  • Business – Agro-based products

6. Poabs Organic Estates

Poabs organic Estates

Poabs Organic Estates, headquartered in the Palghat district of Kerala, is the leading organic agriculture company. It operates the largest perennial organic multi-crop farm, growing certified tea, coffee, green pepper, black pepper, cardamom, banana, etc.

The company practices pepper cultivation based on silver oak. They also produce organic vegetables. When Poabs Organic Estates took over, the land was in a bad shape. The company converted it into a well-cultivated and organized land in 15 years.

In 2006, its organic Robusta coffee received many prestigious awards. Also, it has achieved several awards for tea production. Along with cultivation, it also practices environmental management, including water management, soil conservation, etc. The company’s certifications include NOP, JAS, Faker Trade, Fair for Life, ISO, and HACCP.

  • Established – 1889
  • Head office – Thiruvalla, Kerala
  • Business – Organic tea, organic coffee, and organic spices

7.  National Agro-based Industries

National Agro-based IndustryNational Agro-based Industries is a partnership firm of Mr. Sukhdev Singh, Mr. Man Mohan Singh, and Mr. Sukh Sohan Singh. For 50 years, they have been producing superior yet economical agro-based products. From time to time, the company consults the Punjab Agricultural University for research and product development. Their product portfolio includes agro-based products, such as seed drills, seed planters, nursery transplanters, rice grain transplanters, post hole diggers, vegetable seed extractors, ridge planters, etc.

National Agro-Industries is a pioneer producer of seed drills in India. It enjoys a considerable market share in the agro-based products segment, supplying to different states in the country and the international market. The company draws on modern technologies, such as Mig welding and brake press to create the machines. It also provides training for the farmers on how to use the equipment.

  • Established – 1970
  • Head Office – Ludhiana, Punjab
  • Business – Agricultural equipment

8. Godrej Agrovet

Godrej AgrovetGodrej Agrovet is among the top agro-based products manufacturers in India. It offers Agrochemicals, animal feed, palm oil plantation, and poultry feeds, among other quality products. The company aims to deliver seeds that increase the sustainability of crops and livestock yields.

Godrej has always worked for the betterment of society. In 2015, it established a research center in Nashik, Maharashtra, to boost animal husbandry in India. The company is the biggest contributor to the Omnivore Fund 1 which helps Indian small farm holders and rural communities across the nook and cranny of India.

  • Established – 1990
  • Head office – Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Business – Agro-based products

9. JK Agro Industries

JK Agro IndustriesWhen it comes to switchgrass seed production, JK Agro Industries is among the best. The company is continuously researching and developing good yield crops. Their seed range includes sorghum, cotton, maize, wheat, mustard, castor, sunflower, chilies, okra, paddy, pearl millet, fodder meat, etc. It also produces plant growth promoters. The high-tech infrastructure and working environment keep the company competitive.

It is specifically known for the production of high-yielding vegetable seeds and cotton seeds. The company creates research-based seeds that suit all the climate conditions in their multiple breeding research centers situated in the different Agro zones across the country. The company collaborates with various international companies to develop unique and distinguishable hybrid varieties for the farmers in India. You can get a wide range of their seed products from shopping sites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Established – 1989
  • Situated – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • Business – Agro Seeds

10. Rasi Seeds (P) Ltd.

Rasi Seeds P Ltd.It is the leading Indian agricultural company that specializes in producing hybrid or genetically modified seeds. The company has brought smiles and prosperity to over 4 million farmers. It utilizes breeding technologies and genetic engineering to create biotic and abiotic resistance in crops and adapt them to various agro-climatic conditions.

Rasi Seeds is well-known for its top-quality hybrid cotton seeds. The company’s mission is to uplift the farmers in the country and help combat global food scarcity. Rasi has over 5000 acres of the research field where it has created various hybrid and improved varieties of Maize, Rapeseed variety of mustard, Pratap variety of wheat, improved wheat – thunder Kharif Bajra hybrid, summer bajra hybrid, Improved paddy – Padmini, etc.

Rasi Seeds launched a unique program, “Rasi Mitra”, in 2015 to help farmers. It has been regarded as the best biotech company for offering quality seeds and innovative techniques in farming.

  • Established – 1973
  • Situated – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Business – Agro Seeds


We hope now you know about the top 10 agricultural companies in India that are responsible for the increased food quality and yield. They continue to ensure a conducive environment for the research and development of seeds, farming techniques, and more.

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