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It is located on the north side of Punjab province in Indian state and is very close to the border of Pakistan. This place is connected as a religious center for Sikhs due to the presence of the temple and Harmandir Sahib. It is located in the Majha region of Punjab state of India and is thought to be rich in population. It is the largest commercial and transportation center in India. The city manufactures’ chess pieces and chess boards and is admired worldwide. It is the base of various industries of chemical, textile, milling of food, silk weaving, canning,, and also manufactures machinery.

Exploring the land of worship Amritsar

  • Historical findings

It was founded by Sikh Guru in 1557, the Ram Das. He excavated the sacred pool. After that,, a temple was built by the Fifth Sikh Guru, and during the control of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh,, the upper part of the temple was covered withholds, so it is known as a golden temple. This has been given the name of National monument and is the center of worship for Sikh Guru in India and Sikhs from all over the world have special respect and love for that place because it is their religious center where they can pray and worship. It is one of the historical and spiritual destinations for all visitors.

  • Let’s find out the reason for its popularity among the visitors.

Due to the glory and splendor of the Golden temple, this place is well known ,worldwide and being a spiritual spot for Sikhs, it has been given the honor. It is one of the most humbling sights and places of holy shrines in the Punjab state of India. The spectacular building of the golden temple creates enchantment on the viewers. Moreover, this place also occupies some industrial and commercial importance due to many industries located here, which serve to grow the country’s economy. Sikh pilgrims considered this place, especially the golden temple, as a chief destination for their religious practices. So, they love and respect this place more than their lives.

  • Some resting spots near Amritsar

When the Sikh community from outside the country visits this place whenever any event or ceremony is held, they need to stay for some days to complete their activities and participate in all those events. So, this place is blessed to have many Resorts for the visitors. Some of the resorts that serve with the standard of living are Welcome hotel Amritsar, Courtyard Amritsar, Regenta central Amritsar, Hotel Shivaay Grand, and Taj Swarna Amritsar. You can also look for other options according to your choice and service quality by visiting this website.

  • Captivating monuments around Amritsar

Along with the beautiful temple known as a golden temple, some other attractive sights are also a part of this to increase its charm and glamour. There is a guest house for the devotees and a large dining Hall to serve them meals, and the Grand Assembly hall also exists. A little distance away from the golden temple is the spacious garden called Jallianwala Bagh. Various traditional events are organized at this place. This place also commemorates the incidence of the Amritsar massacre, when the British Indian army opened fire, and many of the men and women were killed. Moving towards the next spot that is the Gobindgarh fort, it is an ancient and historical building located in the center of Amritsar city. The other fascinating sight is the Partition Museum. It is located in the town hall of the Amritsar, and a monument is held to memorize all those who sacrificed their lives for partition purposes. And various features are preserved in an art gallery and museum. Some other places are Mata temple, Durgiana temple, the summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and Statue of Ranjit Singh. If you are fond of visiting some other places and enjoy historical events, you can visit the website.

  • Food services to be provided

As it is the most traditional city, you can find the best local restaurants and street food. First,, langar is served for all the devotees visiting that place. But if you miss the langar, you can try the Kulcha, which is the traditional dish of Amritsar and is filled with vegetables and meat. Moreover, you can try tandoori chicken, fish tikas and pinni, halwa, and some other traditional ladoos. You can search for your favorite food and best packages by visiting this blog.


The main spiritual destination is located in Punjab state, where one can continue its religious practices and carry on worship matters. It provides another option to explore history, culture and monuments. It provides memories of the past by preserving the valuables in its museum, which helps them to promote their culture and values. But you can explore more features and festivals at this site and find the best travel guide by visiting this blog.

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