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10 Apps that help you earn money

We’re living in such an era, where our smartphones do the majority of our jobs, from managing our finances to letting us order our food. Well, the next step would be Can our smartphones help us earn too? It turns out that yeah, they can. Although not a full-blown systematic income, yeah, it does work, and for some apps, you can pretty substantial amount. Some are survey-based, and in some, you provide some service in return for money app connects you. Well, as nothing comes from nothing, you’ll have to make some effort, but of how many degrees, that depends on the medium used to do that work.

10 Apps that help you earn money

So here goes the list of the top 10 apps that will help you to make money.

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is an app that lets you earn money to complete surveys. You earn Swagbucks points, also called SB points, when you complete surveys, and you could redeem points in the form of Amazon or Google gift vouchers. You can earn through Swagbucks and get the various types of queries to answer for some time and get Swagbucks points. Also, you get points for referring to friends, and when they earn, you get a percentage of their revenue of the Swagbucks points made by them.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards

Google opinion rewards is a Google initiative in which they provide you with Google money or Google points, whatever you want to call it, just for the sake of answering the queries and the survey regarding the Google services. Sometimes any YouTube video and you get paid according to the Google standards and get the money in your Google Play account. You can use that money to redeem to purchase anything on the Google Play Store. Surveys are short and help you get money instantly; it also uses notifications if a survey is waiting, and you can choose to answer it whenever you want, although one has to keep in mind that some surveys have a time limit attached with them.

3. Dream 11

Dream 11

Dream11 is a mobile fantasy game that lets you earn money when you place bets on the matches and the teams playing and gives rewards based on your accuracy in predictions. It has a wide variety of sports, ranging from football to cricket, handball, volleyball, and lets you place your predictions and earn accordingly. Although fantasy games are banned in some countries, including India, you can get the app from the web and start earning. You can redeem the money directly into your Paytm account after verifying your profile via a pan card.

4. Slidejoy


Slidejoy has a unique concept of rewarding the users based on ADs displayed on their lock screen while they are not using their phone. It has a systematic function wherein when the users will slide up on the lock screen, they will get another ad. When they slide left, they will get more information about the ad & on sliding right, they can’t reach their home screen. It works based on providing users with commission gained by the advertisers on installing an app. Slidejoy is a free app that can be downloaded from their website, although the app is not available for iOS at the moment.

5. Sweatcoin


Sweatcoin is another unique app concept on this list, which provides you with many for simply walking around and pays you upon the distance you have what till date or whichever metric you decide. You will find yourself walking more than a distance to complete the reward, and it’ll internally improve your health and give you a better mental peace along with some extra bucks in your pocket.

6. Zerodha


Zerodha app used for trading on the phone is one of the best stock trading apps out there, and it involves a better design and knowledge on the market. Overall, it’s the largest stockbroker by the number of participating active users, total market cap, and new customer gaining. It offers one of the best-in-market trading options and tools. It charges no brokerage fees for the delivery of equity and mutual funds.

7. iPoll


iPoll is another survey answering app which provides you with rewards for answering the questions about products you use and the services you use the places you visit. You can earn based on referrals. The number of friends you referred to will give you an additional bonus; you can redeem the rewards in the form of gift vouchers from various leading companies such as Amazon and Google. You can save it directly via Paypal too.

8. Uber


Uber is another app where you can earn money based on providing services of dropping people from one point to another. You can use it on the go if you are going to someplace and are alone so you can earn some decent amount of money. The app will connect you to the users waiting in the area and show you their required destination when you can choose to drop them at their place and earn money. It is a full-time job for many people out there, and you can make money this way too.

9. Acorn


Akon allows users to put in their spare changes into the stock market for investing regularly or whenever they want. It operates on approach to the market called micro-investment to save for retirement the website of the app offers banking features at low fees it comes with various packages of some sorts also called as subscriptions which provide different types of services there are three main types of it costing $1 $3 and $5 per month which are personal or family packages.

10. Airbnb


Airbnb is an app that lets you rent your unused space in your house for the travelers and visitors coming to your city or place from outside to stay and lets you earn for the time duration of their stay. It’s an easy and effective method to use the unproductive space for rooms lying in your house. You can earn money for renting that space.

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