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The Baijnath temple located in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh holds high religious importance among Hinduism followers. It is a highly popular temple as it houses one of the 12 holy jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in the country, and devotees from across the country throng the temple to offer prayers to the lord. The temple, constructed in 1207 AD by Lord Shiva devotees and local merchants Ahuka and Manyuka, is believed to have medicinal powers as the temple’s water is believed to heal people from their illnesses.

Baijnath- Bank of the Gomati River


The temple was constructed more than 1000 years around 1204 AD by local merchants and Lord Shiva devotees Ahuka and Manyuka. The ancient temple is believed to be one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, making it a place of religious importance in the country. Before the temple’s construction, a shrine of Lord Shiva was already established according to the porch of the temple. It is believed that the water flowing from the temple has great medicinal qualities, healing the devotees from health issues to a great extent. The deity of Lord Shiva at the Baijnath temple is worshipped in the form of a physician due to the healing qualities.

Why is Baijnath a famous site?

One of the main attractions of Baijnath is Baijnath Temple, the oldest temple. This is the temple of Lord Shiva. As per history, it is believed that, during the Treta Yuga, in Kailash, Ravana, for having invincible powers, worshiped Lord Shiva in the Kailash.

Top Places to visit

  • Quartz Himalayan Brothers

Experience comfort and luxury in the lap of mountains by staying at this property, offering free wifi and parking facilities to guests, and other luxurious amenities.

  • Tatva Bir tents and Hotels

If you are an adventure enthusiast, hire a tent and experience the joy of lighting a bonfire while camping in the middle of the mountains.

  • Mohinder and Mahindra Homestay

Become a guest of the hosts as they serve you lip-smacking food and warm hospitality. If you are a budget traveler, the homestay is the best option for you as it will not burn a hole in your pocket and, at the same time, you will feel homely by the warmth of the hosts and the special attention they give you.

Top hotels in Baijnath

Even Baijnath is a famous place for religious places. There is a number of sacred places where you can stay. Also, a number of luxury hotels. For complete ideas about hotels in Baijnath, explore the blog section.

Activities to do in Baijnath

While the Baijnath temple is a paradise for travelers seeking peace and spirituality, there are many activities to do near the temple to keep yourself hooked to the place.

  • Billing Paragliding

Billing ParaglidingA world-famous paragliding spot, Billing paragliding offers you an unbeatable adventure as you alight from an unparalleled height of 1525 meters.

  • Palampur Tea gardens

Palampur Tea gardensPalampur is popular for its tea gardens, located against the Dhauladhar mountain ranges’ backdrop. Visit these gardens for an offbeat experience and learn about tea plantations and cultivation.

  • Billing adventures

Billing adventuresApart from paragliding, Bir Billing offers you an exciting opportunity to indulge in adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing, trekking, horde riding, and much more.

  • Trekking

TrekkingHimachal Pradesh offers unbeatable treks, and on your visit to Baijnath temple, you must not miss out on the opportunity to walk one. Experience the raw form of nature by trekking in Kangra, as views of snow-clad mountains enchant you during your sojourn.

Best Resort in Baijnath

When we are with our family, friends, and people, we usually prefer resorts compared to hotels. In Baijnath, there are several beautiful resorts. Some of them mentioned here, Rakkh Resort, Araiya Palampur, Prakriti Aalya and so on. For more, please go through the blog section of


  • Café Ilaka

Café IlakaIf you want to munch on some melting snacks near Baijnath temple, visit Café Ilaka, located at a distance of 6 km from the temple. The café serves on-the-move snacks, including Italian and continental cuisines.

  • Musafir, a traveler’s café

Musafir, a traveler’s caféIf you are a person who chooses ambiance, Musafir is the place for you. Experience the rugged ambiance of the café, offering you an old-world charm in the café as you munch on some delicacies in the mountains.

  • Cloud 7

Cloud 7The hotel offers Indian and Asian cuisines coupled with drinks, making your visit to the mountains memorable. Cloud 78 is a paradise for vegans as the restaurant offers several delicious vegan dishes to customers.

In this blog, we have tried to provide all the required detail. Which one needs to know before going to Baijnath. Baijnath is one of the well-known religious sites, and you can go here with your family or friends.

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