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10 Best Android App Development Books

If you plan to develop apps for Android, you need first to understand what Android is. Android is the most widely used mobile OS that Google has developed. It is designed to work with touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Its version is based on the Linux kernel, and it is distributed as open-source software.

About half of the population uses Android devices as their Operating System. Most of the smartphones come with Android. The Android programs are written in Java language (though now you can write them in Kotlin too) through Android Development Software Kits and operate using the Java Virtual Machine. Users can easily download Android apps via the Play Store.

How to Develop Apps on Android?

Developing apps on Android operating systems is straightforward. You can learn it through online videos posted on popular channels, studying blogs and articles on app development, and by reading books to gain a proper understanding of Android development.

You must understand the Java programming language (or Kotlin) to learn Android development. Learn the concepts step-by-step, put them into action and follow popular Android developer’s websites for the detailed study of the idea.

10 Best Android App Development Books

1. Headfirst Android Development

Headfirst Android DevelopmentDavid Griffith’s book is an excellent resource for both beginners and experienced students. This book will help you understand the app’s structure, design the app, and study how to create a database for the app. You should know about the Java programming language before you start reading this book.

Advanced learners can brush up on concepts of Android development, and this book will teach you how to make your app work on various mobile devices. The book provides you with a step-by-step approach to learn the concept, and hand-written annotations will never bore you. The Android book is available in Kindle format too.

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2. Android App Development for Dummies

Android App Development for DummiesThis book is best for beginners as it covers the basics from emulator to Android and details the latest programming techniques and features such as scrollable widgets and complex UI tools. The volume contains thorough information on Android programming approaches that can be used to create better Android applications. The author will introduce you to the tools, SDK components, and how to use them. It will explain the concepts from scratch to the advanced level. With lots of tips, observations, and methods, Android App Development for Dummies will help you maintain your interest and train your mind so that you can solve any problem.

However, the Android book expects you to know some programming languages, or else It would be difficult for you to comprehend them.

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3. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch GuideThis is the best Android book for beginners to learn the concepts of Android development and develop a proper understanding of them. The book will begin from the basic level and cover topics such as activity, thread, posts, themes, network communication for Android, and in-depth concepts for APIs.

However, the Android book demands you to have some basic knowledge of programming languages to learn better. The book provides practical examples, which will help you better understand many concepts of Android development.

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4. Android 9 Development Cookbook

Android 9 Development CookbookThe Android 9 Development Cookbook authored by Rick Boyer will provide solutions for the user interfaces, web services, and multitouch gestures for Android app development. In addition, you can learn about the features such as the camera and accelerometer from this book. It also details how you can manage your app in the Android market.

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5. Mastering Android Game Development

Mastering Android Game DevelopmentThis book, written by Raul Portales, is excellent for creating complicated and interactive Android games.

The book will explain step-by-step frame animations and source animations and configure them on Google Play Services through the developer portal.

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6. Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials

Android Studio 3.0 Development EssentialsThis book is ideal for advanced learners. However, it details how to operate Android Studio and build a user interface using Android Studio Environment. In addition, the book covers advanced concepts such as map implementation and publishing apps on Play Store.

Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials will make you properly understand concepts such as material design, testing environment, database management, content provider, App links, and Gradle build configuration.

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7. GUI Designs for Android Apps

GUI Designs for Android AppsAnother great book on Android app development is GUI Designs for Android Apps. The Android book has a Kindle version, and if you are puzzled whether you should learn Android or not, this book will solve your problem. The Android book is simple and explains all the important concepts to understand UI design. With the help of case studies and tutorials, learners will understand UI design more quickly and easily.

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8. The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android Development

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Advanced Android DevelopmentThis book is for advanced learners who can develop simple apps and programs. This handbook is used by learners while working on their project or uses to learn advanced Android.

The Android book is essential as it explains concepts in a step-by-step approach and provides clear and concise code and real apps. However, this book doesn’t cover the basic principles of Android but explains concepts such as NFC, dynamic fragments, and a list of app widgets.

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9. Android Security Cookbook

Android Security CookbookThis is an essential Android app development reference book written by Keith Makan. The author wants learners to understand how to use an Android security assessment framework, which will help them learn how to develop plugins to modify their framework.

The Android book explains how you can reverse engineering and find common memory corruption vulnerabilities addition, and The book provides a practical analysis of various Android applications and versions.

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10. Beginning Android 4 Games Development

Beginning Android 4 Games DevelopmentThe Android book covers the basic video gaming principles and consists of the basics of Android and Java. Before you read this book, it is essential to have some knowledge of the Java language. The book explained the Android platform to the readers and created a game engine to develop 2D and 3D gaby using OpenGL ES and Canvas API.

This helps to understand the development of games on the Android plat. In addition, the author left some portions of code unexplained so that readers can understand them independently, which encourages self-learning.

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That sums up the blog on the best Android books. Our selection includes books for both beginners and experienced students. Besides learning from these books, you can explore a wide range of webinars and other resources to learn the art of developing apps for Android.

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