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10 Best Apparel Brands in the World

As it is well known, people never wore clothes at the beginning of humankind. They started wearing leaves and, later, animal skin after they thought they needed something to protect themselves from harsh conditions. After a while, when civilizations began, people learned to weave clothes from a plant source.

Among the most ancient industries is the textile industry. Only a few corporations have won prominent spots worldwide in textile manufacturing. The world has seen the rise of new clothing industry patterns and revolutionary fabrics. A few labels worldwide have become popular and are still among many bestsellers worldwide. The secret is in the quality and setting trends online.

Best Apparel Brands in the world

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The most expensive brand worldwide is Louis Vuitton. This business’s brand value has gained around $28.1 trillion. This company’s brand sales collection stands at around $10.1 billion. Louis Vuitton is renowned for its leather, outstanding trench coat tailoring, ready-to-wear clothes, footwear, watches, shades, fine jewelry, books, and many other accessories.

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2. Gucci


This business’s brand value is around $12.4 billion. These sales earnings are approximately $4.5 billion. The business is aimed at providing quality garments. It is understood that Gucci creates clothing worth donning for a red-carpet event. During the year 1921, the Gucci business was launched. Guccio Gucci is the founder of this company. Gucci is known as one of the most expensive apparel companies and is all about making fine, luxurious clothing.

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3. Nike


Nike is an American multinational leading enterprise in designing, creating, manufacturing, and distributing footwear, clothing, products, accessories, and services worldwide. University of Oregon track star Philip Knight and his mentor, Bill Bowerman, formed Nike in January 1964. Initially, Nike was a distributor for a Japanese shoemaker. Still, when 2 Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Otis Davis, said Bowerman made his first pair, the company reshaped its name and started again.

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4. Prada


This business has a brand value of approximately $7.3 billion. This business’s income is nearly $3.7 trillion. Prada was founded in 1913 by an Italian leather manufacturer named Mario Prada. Among the most pricey brands is the Prada brand, and every person would want to have one of these. The brand offers stunningly made, trendy, vibrant clothes and makes everyone feel unique.

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5. Hermès


The brand value of this firm is around $10.6 billion. This company’s revenue is approximately $5.3 billion. Thierry Hermes founded the Hermes brand in 1837. The organization has been top-rated in the journey of these 176 years. Hermes is well-known for its Kelly bag and silk scarves as well. They are specialists in the manufacture of belts, men’s and women’s sportswear, riding gloves, etc.

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6. Balenciaga


Balenciaga is a fashion brand created by Cristóbal Balenciaga, a Spanish designer, in 1917. Christian Dior referred to Balenciaga as a designer with outstanding standards and “the master of us all.” Demna Gvasalia takes Balenciaga back to its artistic roots. The designer works closely with the house’s archives to reimagine Cristóbal Balenciaga’s work from a different viewpoint. Whenever it comes to streetwear, the French label hits the floor running. The architecture of Balenciaga is accessible to athletic minimalism, where “dad fashion” is super trendy, and it is all oversized.

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7. Versace


Versace is a luxurious Italian fashion brand headquartered in 1978 by Gianni Versace. The emblem on the label is the head of a Greek mythological figure, Medusa. Versace crafts and markets high-end clothing and leather accessories for ready-to-weaMedusausa was chosen as Gianni Versace’s logo because she made people fall in love with her, and they had no way back. He hoped to have a similar effect on the people who wore his brand label.

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8. Off-White


Right now, for the third consecutive quarter, Off-White is among the world’s hottest brands. The designer brand draws on the luxury of younger consumers and celebrities championing the anti-establishment label. Off-White (which reached 10 million followers on Instagram this quarter) and creator Virgil Abloh (5.2 million followers) have a significant social media presence with a digital-native approach.

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9. Moncler


Established by René Ramillon in 1952, Moncler originated from Monestier-de-Clermont, a French Alpine town. Moncler has achieved mainstream popularity in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles with a stronghold on its mountaineering roots and a natural blend of street fashion and alpine sensibility. The collaborative Genius Project, amid its major lines, eschews twice-a-year runway events in favor of exclusive prototypes with a conceptual undercurrent.

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10. Zara


Zara is a Spanish fashion brand selling house-brand clothes, footwear & accessories on-trend. The business was started by Amancio Ortega, a billionaire, who in 1975 launched the very first Zara store in northern Spain. Since then, Zara has expanded into a large, 2,000-strong chain of stores, with a foothold in 96 countries worldwide.

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So that’s the list of top apparel brands in the world. The apparel industry was once a way to cover yourself, but now it has become quite a fashion world with new developments almost every day. To retain their place, there is indeed a lot of rivalry amongst brands and also demand to follow trends, starting by first setting them

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