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12 Best Badminton Racket Brands in the World

Rackets are used in the sport of badminton to hit a shuttlecock through a net. Although it can be played with larger teams, “singles” and “doubles” are the two most popular forms of the game. The shuttlecock must land in the half of the court belonging to the opposing team in order to score a point. Consequently, picking a nice badminton racket is necessary.

We have compiled a list of the top 12 sports equipment manufacturers of high-quality badminton rackets. Go ahead and study the article before selecting a badminton racket brand.

How Can You Pick the Best Models of Rackets?

Before buying a racket, there are many factors to take into account. You may choose the ideal racket to offer yourself an advantage on the court with a little bit of googling! The procedure for selecting a badminton racket is unique to each player and involves many parameters. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. A specified grip size:

G4 (8.6 cm) and G5 (8.3 cm) grip sizes are frequently available on the market today. Professionals frequently utilize grips that are between 8.0 cm and 8.6 cm in circumference, and between 9.0 cm and 10.5 cm at lower levels.

2. Racket adaptability

A further factor to look into is your string tension, which will probably be higher or lower depending on your level of proficiency. Professional players typically use rackets with tighter strings.

3. Skills and presentation

Before selecting a badminton racket, think about your degree of experience and performing style. On the racket or its box, you’ll generally see a skill level or style guidelines, such as “advanced” or “beginning”, or a style suggestion, such as “control” or “strong hitter”.

4. Weight

A lighter racket could be preferable for badminton beginners because they are simpler to handle. You have more possibilities if you are not a newbie. Choosing a heavier racket may be ideal for shots that are more forceful. If you play doubles the most, use a smaller weight for a quicker reaction.

5. Balance

There are three different balances of rackets: even balance, head light balance, and head heavy balance. If you’re a beginner, choose a racket with an even balance or one that combines power and control. Experts should use head-heavy rackets because they add more swing momentum.

12 Best Badminton Racket Brands in the World

Now let’s have a look at the 12 best badminton racket brands in the world to choose from.

1. Yonex

Yonex, a Japanese brand, was established in 1946, however, they didn’t start making badminton rackets before 1957. Yonex ranks as the best badminton racket brand in the world because of its superior creativity and production. As a sponsor and well-known partner of the All England Badminton Championships, Yonex makes sure the World Badminton Championships function successfully. They have a steadfast following among serious badminton players.

Yonex has been and continues to be at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology and materials to enhance the sport. Get a Yonex racket if you want a racket that will provide power, steadiness, and rapidity. This company manufactures rackets for players of all skill levels. Yonex badminton rackets are one of the best and are used by many of the top players, as can be seen if you follow the competitive side of the sport.

2. Carlton

Since 1946, Carlton has been a major success in the badminton world. It has been known for making rackets of outstanding durability and high quality. The Carlton Badminton System was introduced by the brand in 2009. There is empirical evidence that the systematic method of producing badminton rackets enhances performance. Leading athletes like Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson have long been committed Carlton racket users.

Another company that provides a wide range of options for casual and beginners is this one. They sell footwear, shuttlecocks, and badminton sets. A professional line of rackets is also available from them. On the court, Carlton feels incredibly strong, light, and comfortable.

3. Victor

The Taiwanese business was founded in 1968, and as of this moment, its goods are offered in more than 60 nations on five distinct continents. One of the major badminton racket manufacturers around the globe is Victor. The brand ranks among the top brands of badminton rackets. Victor has emerged as an innovator in the sport, not only by making top-notch gear, particularly on the badminton racket side but also by sponsoring various championships.

One of the biggest shuttle factories in the world belongs to the firm. The racket features Hard Cored Technology for enhanced handling and Pyrofil Technology for excellent shock absorption and enhanced control. Choose this head-heavy racket if you want to take advantage of its intense ductility, comfortable swinging, and potent smashes. Its goods give athletes more playing ability. When it comes to huge brand names, Victor is the one that strikes the mind.

4. Li Ning

A former Olympic gymnast named Li Ning founded the company in 1989 and named it after himself. Li Ning, a well-known designer of sporting items in China and other nations, is based in Beijing. In the US, the firm has established itself as a trusted brand of badminton rackets. It sells a variety of sporting equipment, such as apparel, shoes, and of course badminton rackets.

The head-light Li Ning Woods 80 badminton racket is a popular option among novice players, according to a simple online check of badminton racket reviews. These incredibly durable rackets are often constructed of carbon graphite and are produced in China or Taiwan. They have some of the top professional badminton rackets that are used in a power game, as well as a variety of products for recreational players.

5. FZ Forza

A great range of rackets for amateur and talented players is offered by the Danish firm FZ Forza. Forza has established itself as the top badminton brand in Denmark since its founding in 1990. When it decided to collaborate with the Danish Elite Division Clubs, it won the industry’s endorsement. As an alternative to Asian badminton brands, the company offers high-quality items.

The Forza Kevlar CNT-X Power 10000 and the Forza N-Forze 3000 X-treme Light are two of its top offerings. The former increases your contact and speed, while the latter increases your dynamic smashing force. Their rackets are regarded by many players as having a very natural feel, and they give exceptional performance to serious players. Their rackets are excellent for transmitting energy to shot power. Many players claim that their rackets have a very natural feel, giving many proper competitive-level players outstanding performance.

6. Karakal

Karakal, a well-known brand in Europe, was founded in 1978 in Belgium by SPGS Dendermonde Belgium. Roger Vercambre, its respected founder, passed away on May 30, 2015, in Belgium. The Karakul B65f and the Karakul M70ff are two of their most noteworthy creations. These rackets go well with more intense playing techniques. Karakal continues to specialize in racket sports goods and has distributors in more than 40 nations.

Their goal is to offer their consumers the best in cutting-edge concepts, design, and technology together with high-quality racket sports equipment. The brand always strives to improve its goods by paying attention to what its clients need and creating new technologies to meet those needs. It’s referred to as Evolution by Design. The business strives to surpass consumers’ expectations of product quality, service, and expertise.

7. Yehlex

In 1985, Ian Little, the company’s current owner, launched Yehlex (UK). One of the UK’s most renowned mail order providers and distributors for the sport of badminton was founded because of Ian Little’s genuine enthusiasm for the game. Only one of the four rackets initially offered by the company was made of carbon graphite. Today, they offer more than 40 rackets, more than 35 of which are made of carbon graphite.

To serve every player, Yehlex is now able to offer the whole badminton package. In fact, Yehlex can provide anything from a portable court to a badminton keyring. The Yehlex YX-3000X is a new member of the Yehlex family. It can smash shuttlecocks more quickly due to its rapid racket head return. When the company originally began, it only offered four badminton rackets. 24 distinct rackets are being produced on 24 different production lines.

8. Wilson

Wilson is one of the most iconic sporting goods brands in North America, emphasizing innovation since 1913. The organization has spent decades diligently working on many approaches to raising an athlete’s performance. The Wilson Sporting Goods Company, also known as Wilson, is a producer of equipment for many sports, including badminton.

The Zone X60, its newest edition, is a lightweight racket that even newcomers can handle. The Strike, its equivalent, allows skilled athletes to put on a breath-taking performance. Among these suggestions, you’ll find the ideal racket to use on the badminton court. There is a significant selection of rackets suitable for both amateur and expert badminton players.

9. Apacs

Yehlex’s sister firm is Apacs. Now, citizens of both the United Kingdom and the United States can buy Apacs badminton gear. They offer a complete variety of relatively inexpensive rackets, with prices ranging from under £20 to over £100. Overall, Apacs rackets are the goods for you if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality badminton racket that is meant to stick with you for the longest time.

They currently have two ranges: Foray and Ziggler. Along with rackets, they also sell apparel, shoes, backpacks, shuttlecocks, and other accessories. When you go shopping, you may choose from a variety of reliable brands and high-quality products. However, the Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite Unstrung Badminton Racket is the most dependable product available.

10. Ashaway

The American business Ashaway was established in 1824. They began by producing fishing lines. However, they started producing racket strings in 1949. 2009 came and went, and the business unveiled the ZyWeave core technology. This badminton string was thought to be the thinnest ever made.

Ashaway, a British brand, pledges to create the best athletic items. The Ashaway Superlight Phantom, one of its newest products, stands out from other rackets on the market with its eye-catching design and smooth matte finish. You’ll be able to deliver unstoppable serves thanks to it. The price range for Ashaway’s product line is normally between £130 and £150 both online and at retail stores.

11. Senston

The Senston Professional is an excellent choice if you’re new to badminton and searching for a racket to get you started with the sport. Senston includes a non-slip handle that is designed to provide grip while still being comfortable for novices. Beginners should use a lightweight, inexpensive racket like this one as they get used to their strokes and learn how to move about the court.

The Senston Graphite Mini is the perfect racket to start playing with if you’re looking for one for kids who are interested in playing badminton. Badminton is a fantastic sport to keep kids moving and is particularly beneficial for establishing strong hand-eye coordination. Little ones may manage it easily on the court as they get accustomed to it because it is lightweight and simple to hold.

12. Fleet

Taiwan-based Fleet manufactures a variety of sporting goods. Fleet badminton rackets have been a staple of the badminton industry since their founding in 1985. Fleet has established itself as deserving of attention due to the high value of its high-quality rackets. The majority of their rackets are reasonably priced for enthusiastic badminton players of all ability levels. At the same time, there are more expensive models available if a professional chooses to utilize the brand.

Fleet appears to have caught up to more premium brands in price over the years, nevertheless. As a result, some consumers frequently choose the more expensive brand due to its widespread use. You’ll undoubtedly find a racket that is ideal for you within their variety, too. Fleet badminton rackets are reliable and don’t make any lofty promises. They aren’t just designed for seasoned gamers; even newcomers will find them easy to use.


The most essential part of the game, or the top gear, needed to play badminton is a good quality racket. Rackets are primarily made with the player’s preferred style of play in mind, and they vary in price and quality consequently. The right badminton gear can enhance your play style and raise your level of play, prevent unwarranted damage by safeguarding the body parts that are utilized the most frequently, and ultimately save players money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What length is ideal for a badminton racket?

The overall length of badminton rackets ranges from 26.18 inches to 26.77 inches (665–680 mm), head width is between 8.66 inches and 9.06 inches (220–230 mm), and handle diameter is one inch (25.4 mm).

2. Are badminton rackets prone to cracking?

Each racket has a tolerance for a certain amount of strain. If you push your racket past that, its strings may break easily in addition to your racket handle.

3. What do you name the badminton racket?

A frame is a collective term for the racket.

5. Is badminton played with a lighter or heavier racket?

A heavier racket is generally considered acceptable by skilled players. A heavier racket develops more momentum and is more efficient at giving the shuttlecock the finest potential speed and power. For improved control, novices should use lighter rackets because they are easier on the wrist and shoulder.

6. Why are badminton rackets so costly?

Both expert and novice rackets have relatively similar production costs. Companies just charge more for rackets that require more research and development to outfit them with the most recent technology.

7. Which badminton racket — flexible or sturdy — is the best?

For badminton players who frequently have to defend, a flexible shaft is preferable because it has a longer bending moment.

8. Can badminton rackets bend?

Using string tensions that are too high or higher than advised on old or broken rackets might cause the frame to flex or shatter during play.

9. What kind of material is used to make the racket?

Today, the majority of racket frames are constructed from lightweight graphite or graphite composites that contain components like titanium, kevlar, or fiberglass to increase frame flexibility while keeping costs low.

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