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12 Best Badminton Racket Brands in the World

So, you are in the market for a badminton racket? Let Duniakagyan help you choose wisely with a list of the best badminton racket brands in the world, alongside some useful information.

As a pen is to a writer, a racket is to a badminton player. While the importance of a badminton racket can’t be overstated, it all boils down to the quality. A quality racket can maximize your performance and prevent injuries, while an ordinary one does exactly the opposite. When stakes are this high, you cannot go wrong with the choice of your badminton racket. That’s where the brands kick in.  

Mind you, a reliable brand is likely to offer better quality and reliable service, alongside product warranties and money-back guarantees. However, choosing the right racket brand is a challenge, since there are so may of them out there. The sheer variety could simply overwhelm you. So, let Duniakagyan come to your rescue with a well-curated list of recommendations based on testing.

From product and service quality to price and support, we factored in every aspect that decides how good a brand is. Our experienced editors also relied on advice from a professional shuttler to keep the reviews as authentic, trustworthy, and unbiased as possible. The effort tested our patience but we pulled it off to help you choose well without having to research for yourself.

How to Pick the Right Racket from the Best Badminton Racket Brands?

Before buying a racket, there are many factors to take into account. You may choose the ideal racket to offer yourself an advantage on the court with a little bit of googling! The procedure for selecting a badminton racket is unique to each player and involves many parameters.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. A specified grip size:

G4 (8.6 cm) and G5 (8.3 cm) grip sizes are frequently available on the market today. Professionals frequently utilize grips that are between 8.0 cm and 8.6 cm in circumference, and between 9.0 cm and 10.5 cm at lower levels.

2. Racket adaptability

Another key factor to look into is the string tension, which will probably be higher or lower depending on your level of proficiency. Professional players typically use rackets with tighter strings.

3. Skills and presentation

Before selecting a badminton racket, think about your degree of experience and performing style. On the racket or its box, you’ll generally see a skill level or style guidelines, such as “advanced” or “beginning”, or a style suggestion, such as “control” or “strong hitter”.

4. Weight

A lighter racket could be preferable for badminton beginners because they are simpler to handle. You have more possibilities if you are not a newbie. Choosing a heavier racket may be ideal for shots that are more forceful. If you play doubles the most, use a smaller weight for a quicker reaction.

5. Balance

There are three different balances of rackets: even balance, head light balance, and head heavy balance. If you’re a beginner, choose a racket with an even balance or one that combines power and control. Experts should use head-heavy rackets because they add more swing momentum.

12 Best Badminton Racket Brands in the World

Now let’s have a look at the 12 best badminton racket brands in the world to choose from.

1. Yonex

YonexWho else but Yonex!

Yonex started operations in 1946, producing wooden floats. And, it took 11 years for the brand to manufacture it’s first badminton racket for popular brands of the day. Come 1961, Yonex unleashed its first Yoneyama-branded racquet, which went on to become a rage among professional as well as amateur shuttlers alike. In later years, the brand focused on innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Innovation

Yonex came up with the first aluminum racket for badminton in 1969 and later, for tennis in 1971. Another innovation came in form of graphite shafts that became standard for rackets as well as golf clubs. Keeping the innovative streak going, it unleashed the iconic “Isometric 500” racket in 1982. The model featured a squarish body with a wider striking surface for better shot-making.

  • Business Expansion

Unsurprisingly, the Isometric design soon became the norm with other badminton racket brands adopting it. With a global distribution system in place, Yonex entered the US with a wholly-owned subsidiary in 1983. Yonex reached another milestone in 1994 when it listed itself on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As of 2022, the brand rakes in $82 billion in revenue with a market cap of $129 billion.

Revenue: $82 billion
Net income 7.86 billion
Market cap 129.85 billion
Employees 2.5 k
  • Sponsorships

Yonex smartly used sponsorships to create lasting brand value. It sponsors badminton federations in major badminton countries, including Malaysia, Ireland, England, Scotland, and more. The brand also sponsors some of the biggest badminton events on the planet, such as the U.S. Open Grand Prix Badminton Championships and the All England Badminton Championship among others.

Yonex has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and materials to enhance the sport. The company manufactures rackets for all skill levels, which helped it create a steadfast following among serious and amateur players. Rather, 80% of professional shuttlers use Yonex rackets.

Our verdict: Get a Yonex racket if you want something to provide power, steadiness, and rapidity.

  • Since: April 1946
  • Founder: Minoru Yoneyama
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Subsidiaries: YONEX Corporation
  • Website:

2. Carlton

CarltonOn our list of the top badminton racket brands, Carlton trails only behind Yonex. The British brand has been around since 1946, delivering badminton rackets, shuttles, footwear, sportswear, and bags. Owned by Frasers Group, the brand also caters to the table tennis segment with rackets, balls, nets, and more. Carlton blends state-of-the-art production techniques and superior materials to deliver rackets that perform well and last long. Also, the product range is vast enough to support all needs.

  • Innovation

We rate Carlton so high due to its focus on innovation. The brand unleashed the Carlton Badminton System, which is an integrated approach to manufacturing. Here, the company factors in multiple vital components to create products that actually improve your play. Also, they credit Carlton with introducing the first ever injection molded shuttle, all-metal racquets, and flexible shaft systems.

  • Design & Construction

Carlton has an evolved design philosophy and manufacturing process to keep you ahead of the game. While the Vortex Geometry ensures a tweaked aerodynamic profile to boost the equipment’s head speed and make it easier to control, the XTREME Tension Frame offers 11 percent more string tensions. The Carlton rackets come with Vectran fiber, which has a way more tensile strength that steel, for better shot making. Likewise, the Hi-Flex Carbon offers better strength and flexibility.

Leading athletes like Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson have long been committed Carlton racket users.

Our verdict: On the court, Carlton feels incredibly strong, light, and comfortable.

  • Since: 1946
  • Owned by: Frasers Group (2004–present)
  • Headquarters: England
  • Website:

3. Victor

A foundation of Chen Den Li, Victor offers a broad product portfolio of rackets for badminton and squash, alongside footwear, apparel, shuttles, and more. Victor has shaped a reputation for quality, which helped it earn the approval of the Badminton World Federation for supplying rackets and gears to competitions globally. Typically, shuttlers rely on Victor rackets for better control, great grip, shock absorbance, sharp swings, and robust smashes. Simply put, these rackets are worth their price tag.

  • Business Expansion

The Taiwanese business burst onto the scene in 1968, and as of now, has a strong presence in more than 60 nations on 5 continents. Within just two years of its inception, Victor shuttles outsold every other brand in Taiwan. Come 1976, the brand registered the “VICTOR” trademark and set up its first production facility. By 1992, it came up with production in the Chinese province of Nanjing.

  • Technologies

As one of the leading badminton racket brands, Victor continues to embrace the latest technologies to help shuttlers take their game to the next level. The brand relies on the WIPPING ENHANCE SYSTEM to enable players to mount more intense attacks quickly while staying in control. Likewise, the “Hard Cored Technology” comes in handy for handling while the “Pyrofil Technology” eliminates shock.

  • Design & Construction

Victor’s patented ULTRA THIN FRAME design ensures 7 percent leaner frames that further the swing speed but without compromising the frame’s rigidity. The brand has lately upgraded to the SWORD frame with the DYNAMIC-SWORD feature. This design allows the rackets to be more aerodynamic and ensure quick and sharp swing. Also, the RTC construction betters the rebound performance.

Our verdict: Choose Victor rackets to take advantage of their intense ductility, comfortable swinging, and potent smashes.

  • Since: 1968
  • Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Founder: Chen Den Li
  • Subsidiaries: VICTOR Europe GmbH, VICTOR Rackets North America
  • Website:

4. Li Ning

Li Ning

Li Ning is a vision of a namesake Olympics gold medalist gymnast Li Ning, founded in 1989. Calling Beijing, China home, the brand had a humble beginning as a clothier to the Chinese Olympics team. Driven by innovation and quality focus, Li Ning emerged as full-fledged international sportswear and sports equipment brand associated with footwear, apparel, accessories and more.

  • Product Range

Li Ning spoils you for choice with an extensive selection of rackets. whether you are a pro shuttler or someone new to the sport, it’s easy to find a Li Ning racket to fit your requirements. You are at liberty to choose an attacking, balanced or defensive racket as per your style of play. And, with badminton bags, racket bags, lit bags, shuttles, grips and other accessories, Li Ning offers complete solutions.

  • Business Expansion

The brand collaborated with AIGLE, a sportswear company based in France in 2005 to bag the rights to sell AIGLE products China-wide. Li Ning made forays into the US market with a flagship outlet in Portland, Oregon in 2010. The very next year, the brand partnered with Acquity Group, which helped it solidify its distribution network and increase its market share. As a marketing ploy, it roped in teams and athletes across sports and countries to create a strong brand image with steadfast loyalty.

Revenue $22.5 Billion RMB 
Net Profits  $ 4 Billion RMB 

Quality Focus

Li Ning invests generously on research and development, which allows it to come up with leading edge technologies. Coupled with superior materials and fine-tuned production processes, the brand offers some of the best badminton rackets money can buy. Also, it has a reputation for delivering the “most aerodynamic rackets possible.” For durability sake, the brand uses carbon graphite.

Our verdict: Go for the head-light Li Ning Woods 80 badminton racket, if you are a novice. You can consider some of the top professional badminton rackets for power game.

  • Since: 1989
  • Founder: Ni Ling
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Products: Athletic shoes, apparel, sports equipment, accessories
  • Website:

5. FZ Forza

FZ Forza

Make way for FZ Forza, a reputable sports equipment brand. The Danish brand prides itself on designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality badminton rackets for competition as well as a hobby. Incorporated in 1990, the brand went on to emerge as Denmark’s leading badminton brand with a strong international presence. think of it as an alternative to Asian badminton racket brands.

  • Product Portfolio

FZ Forza delights new and seasoned shuttlers with an extensive product selection. For professional shuttlers, the options are vast, including Titanium, Light, Power, Fusion, and Legend series. On the other hand, the best bets for newbies are Kevlar CNT-X Power 10000 and the N-Forze 3000 X-treme Light. The former is on the heavier side, hence, ideal for power games. Conversely, the latter is lightweight, making it perfect for speed. However, feel free to explore other options as well.

  • Business Expansion

For FZ Forza, it all began in 1990 in Denmark. Soon, the brand carved out a niche for itself in a highly competitive sports equipment niche. High-quality products backed by fair pricing and great service helped its cause. However, it was only after partnering with the Danish Elite Division Clubs that FZ Forza rose to prominence. The brand continues to expand rapidly beyond Europe through strategic partnerships and aggressive marketing. So, don’t be surprised to see a Forza outlet near you.

  • Prices

Forza has a unique ability to keep overheads in check without compromising quality. That means you get high-performance rackets at a fraction of the price. This quality and price blend sets it apart.

Our verdict: Forza rackets offer a natural feel, great control, and longevity at affordable prices.

  • Since: 1990
  • Owned by: Racket Group
  • Headquarters: Denmark
  • Website:

6. Karakal

KarakalA vision of Roger Vercambre, Karakal is the leading racket specialist based out of Belgium. The brand merges futuristic designs, sturdy construction, and cutting-edge technology to create some of the best rackets for badminton, squash, and tennis. The business sticks out for its focus on surpassing customer expectations in product & service quality. So, you can’t go wrong with Karakal products.  

  • Product Range

Karakal supports shuttlers’ diverse requirements with a broad product selection. As a shuttler, you can count on it for top-quality rackets, shuttlecocks, accessories, grips, kit bags, footwear, strings, and more. Karakal B65f and the Karakal M70ff are two of its signature offerings, built to complement your power game. Besides badminton, the brand also offers rackets, clothing, and shoes for tennis, squash, racketball SQ57, and table tennis. You can even access superior yet affordable PU grips.

  • Business Expansion

The brand came up in 1978 in Belgium but it took 3 years for it to enter the UK. Come 1985, it made its way into Ireland and went global in 1991 with the incorporation of Karakal Worldwide Ltd. As of now, it has expanded to 40 countries with a thriving network of distributors. In 2002, the brand replaced the Lynx logo with the Black-Eared Karakal, which is in line with the brand’s quality focus. Interestingly, the middle A in the new logo carries a dot, which stands for a shuttlecock or a ball.

  • Evolution by Design

Karakal embraces the concept of “Evolution by Design,” wherein the emphasis is on R&D. Taking customer feedback seriously, the brand incorporates new technologies and designs to cater to changing customer preferences and needs. That’s another way how Karakal keeps you ahead.

Our verdict: Karakal rackets are ideal for those with a dynamic style of play.

  • Since: 1978
  • Founder: Roger Vercambre
  • Headquarters: Belgium
  • Subsidiaries: Karakal Worldwide Ltd.
  • Website:

7. Yehlex 

YehlexA struggling construction professional, Ian Little’s genuine love for racket sports translated into a small-time business in 1985. Gradually, it evolved into one of the world’s leading badminton racket brands with a commendable presence in the mail-order segment. The name he chose, Yehlex, had a Taiwanese origin with “Yeh” referring to a notable sports equipment manufacturer back then. As of now, Yehlex markets rackets under the APACS brand, which is an acronym for “Aggressive, Power, Accurate, Control, and Speed.” Interestingly, these traits define modern-day badminton.

  • Business Expansion

Thanks to technologically advanced products, Yehlex made inroads into the UK badminton equipment market. However, international recognition came only after the incorporation of APACS in 2002. Headquartered in Muar, Malaysia, the subsidiary continues to produce some of the top-performing badminton rackets for competitions and hobbies alike. Yehlex focused on unleashing innovations in badminton rackets to allow players to achieve the required power and accuracy.

  • Product Line

In it’s early days, Yehlex managed to design, manufacture and market only 4 racket series with one carbon graphite. With the rapid growth in capability, the company now boasts 24 production lines that produce over 40 types of rackets, 35 of which are carbon graphite. Guess what? Yehlex presently markets anything from a portable court to a badminton keyring. The Yehlex YX-3000X is a new member of the Yehlex family, which is making waves for all the right reasons.

Our verdict: We found the Yehlex YX-3000X to be ideal for smashes and deft returns.

  • Since: 1985
  • Founder: Ian Little
  • Headquarters: The UK
  • Subsidiaries: APACS, Malaysia
  • Website:

8. Wilson

WilsonWilson deserves to be ranked higher had it been focusing more on badminton equipment. Nonetheless, it is one of the top badminton racket brands – and for a good reason. The brand has a tradition of producing performance-oriented, durable & trustworthy rackets for badminton, tennis, squash, and racquetball. Founded in 1914, the company’s ownership and fate have changed periodically. It was a subsidiary of Amer Sports from 1989 until the Chinese Anta Sports acquired it in 2019.

  • Business Expansion 

Wilson went operational in 1914 as “Ashland Manufacturing Company,” producing strings for tennis rackets, violins, and surgeries. The company got its present name in 1915 when Thomas Wilson took charge of the affairs. With time, the company grew exponentially, venturing into the production of sports equipment and apparel for football, soccer, golf, tennis, badminton, and more. In later years, the brand acquired/incorporated subsidiaries like Atec, DeMarini, Luxilon, Louisville Slugger, and EvoShield.

Net income  Over $ 1 Billion RMB 
Number of employees 1600 

Our verdict: The Zone X60, Wilson’s latest offering, is a lightweight racket perfect for newcomers. Our testing found the Strike, its equivalent, tailormade for competitive shuttlers.

  • Since: 1913
  • Founder: Thomas E Wilson
  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL, USA
  • Type: Subsidiary of Amer Sports
  • Website:

9. Apacs

ApacsYehlex’s sister firm is Apacs. Now, citizens of both the United Kingdom and the United States can buy Apacs badminton gear. They offer a complete variety of relatively inexpensive rackets, with prices ranging from under £20 to over £100. Overall, Apacs rackets are the goods for you if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality badminton racket that is meant to stick with you for the longest time.

They currently have two ranges: Foray and Ziggler. Along with rackets, they also sell apparel, shoes, backpacks, shuttlecocks, and other accessories. When you go shopping, you may choose from a variety of reliable brands and high-quality products. However, the Apacs Z-Ziggler Graphite Unstrung Badminton Racket is the most dependable product available.

10. Ashaway

AshawayWhen it comes to racket strings, none can match Ashaway’s expertise and experience. Based in the namesake city of Rhode Island, the company leverages top materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best strings for badminton, tennis, and squash rackets. Rather, the world’s top-seeded shuttlers count on Ashaway strings for durability, strength, firmness, and performance. Although strings are the brand’s signature offering, it also rolls out an assortment of badminton rackets.

  • Business Expansion

Founded by Captain Lester Crandall, Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. saw the light of day in 1824 as a fishing line manufacturer. However, it was only in 1949 that the brand introduced racket string, which went on to catch the fancy of shuttlers in the US and beyond. Through business tie-ups and emphasis on R&D, Ashaway went on to become the undisputed leader in the global racket string market.

  • Product line

Ashaway’s badminton racket collection is relatively smaller than what other brands on the list have to offer. However, you’ll still find something to suit your style of play. Our experts tested Ashaway Superlight Phantom, featuring an eye-catching design and smooth matte finish. With prices ranging from £130 to £150, Ashaway rackets are easy on the pocket as well. Other than strings, Ashaway offers non-sterile, non-absorbable medical threads and custom-braided products.

  • Innovation & Capabilities

Ashaway has an inventive spirit. It unleashed the world’s first Kevlar® racket string in 1977, followed by the ZyMax badminton strings in 2009. These strings are the thinnest ever to be used in badminton rackets. When it comes to capabilities, the company rolls out 75 million yards of strings for rackets and surgeries. Also, it delivers 25-micron nylon monofilament for open heart surgeries.

Our verdict: If serving is your area of concern, then the Superlight Phantom is for you.

  • Since: 1824
  • Founder: Captain Lester Crandall
  • Headquarters: Ashaway, RI, USA
  • Type: Privately owned
  • Website:

11. Senston

SenstonThe Senston Professional is an excellent choice if you’re new to badminton and searching for a racket to get you started with the sport. Senston includes a non-slip handle that is designed to provide grip while still being comfortable for novices. Beginners should use a lightweight, inexpensive racket like this one as they get used to their strokes and learn how to move about the court.

The Senston Graphite Mini is the perfect racket to start playing with if you’re looking for one for kids who are interested in playing badminton. Badminton is a fantastic sport to keep kids moving and is particularly beneficial for establishing strong hand-eye coordination. Little ones may manage it easily on the court as they get accustomed to it because it is lightweight and simple to hold.

12. Fleet

FleetTaiwan-based Fleet manufactures a variety of sporting goods. Fleet badminton rackets have been a staple of the badminton industry since their founding in 1985. Fleet has established itself as deserving of attention due to the high value of its high-quality rackets. The majority of their rackets are reasonably priced for enthusiastic badminton players of all ability levels. At the same time, there are more expensive models available if a professional chooses to utilize the brand.

Fleet appears to have caught up to more premium brands in price over the years, nevertheless. As a result, some consumers frequently choose the more expensive brand due to its widespread use. You’ll undoubtedly find a racket that is ideal for you within their variety, too. Fleet badminton rackets are reliable and don’t make any lofty promises. They aren’t just designed for seasoned gamers; even newcomers will find them easy to use.


So, that was our take on the world’s leading badminton racket brands. we researched everything from product and service quality to prices and more to shortlist 12 of the best brands out there. These brands keep in perspective the changing requirements of the end user and come up with products accordingly. Whether you are new to badminton, a seasoned pro or just a hobbyist, our list has something for everyone. You can rely on the shortlisted brands to enhance your game while warding off injuries. For more such useful information, stay tuned to Duniakagyan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What length is ideal for a badminton racket?

The overall length of badminton rackets ranges from 26.18 inches to 26.77 inches (665–680 mm), head width is between 8.66 inches and 9.06 inches (220–230 mm), and handle diameter is one inch (25.4 mm).

2. Are badminton rackets prone to cracking?

Each racket has a tolerance for a certain amount of strain. If you push your racket past that, its strings may break easily in addition to your racket handle.

3. What do you name the badminton racket?

A frame is a collective term for the racket.

5. Is badminton played with a lighter or heavier racket?

A heavier racket is generally considered acceptable by skilled players. A heavier racket develops more momentum and is more efficient at giving the shuttlecock the finest potential speed and power. For improved control, novices should use lighter rackets because they are easier on the wrist and shoulder.

6. Why are badminton rackets so costly?

Both expert and novice rackets have relatively similar production costs. Companies just charge more for rackets that require more research and development to outfit them with the most recent technology.

7. Which badminton racket — flexible or sturdy — is the best?

For badminton players who frequently have to defend, a flexible shaft is preferable because it has a longer bending moment.

8. Can badminton rackets bend?

Using string tensions that are too high or higher than advised on old or broken rackets might cause the frame to flex or shatter during play.

9. What kind of material is used to make the racket?

Today, the majority of racket frames are constructed from lightweight graphite or graphite composites that contain components like titanium, kevlar, or fiberglass to increase frame flexibility while keeping costs low.

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