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Best Brands to Buy Baby Clothes

Choosing clothes for tiny little humans can be a little burdensome. The clothes ought to be comfortable and soft for the skin so that it doesn’t cost any discomfort or rashes. There are some famous Indian and international brands mentioned below which are some of the best places to buy baby clothes.

Best brands to buy baby clothes

1. Gini and Jony

Gini and Jony

Gini & Jony is one of the most popular Indian brands you can come across. It was founded in 1980, making it one of India’s oldest children’s brands. Gini and Jony not only provide clothes for infants and kids but also for young teenagers. It is one of the most accessible brands having 250 branches in India. From fancy clothes to daily wear, it covers all the wide ranges. As their brand is readily available on online shops like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, etc it does not have a shipping policy. This brand is famous for its quality.

2. Lilliput


Lilliput is one of the Indian brands founded in 2003 and has been very popular in the clothing business for children. It is one of the brands which parents highly trust. Like Gini and only it offers a wide range of clothing variety. The clothes are available in wool, cotton, and nylon. It has around 300 stores in India and around 10 stores abroad, making it an international brand. The clothes of this brand are readily available on Amazon and Flipkart. It also provides time-to-time sales and discounts on clothes. It is an affordable and trustworthy brand for parents.

3. Cucumber


Cucumber is another brand in India that was founded in 2001, and over 19 years, it has gained a lot of trust in clothing items. The Cucumber brand offers clothes for newborns aged up to 6 months, infants between 1 to 2 years, and toddlers aged 3 to 5 years old. So they have a smartly divided section for clothes for different age groups. It also has a section for kids ages 3 to 16 years. From night suits for kids to traditional and fancy clothes, it provides a variety of clothes. The clothes are made of cotton, avoiding harmful chemicals, making them good in quality and safety. It has its multi-level shipping portal, but it is limited to eastern India. This brand of clothes can be bought from Amazon, Snapdeal, and Firstcry.

4. Max


Max was launched in 2004 and has become an international brand as it has branches in 19 other countries. Max is famous for providing clothes for adults, but it is also good at offering clothes for toddlers. Max is one of the affordable brands on which parents can rely. Max has an e-commerce and omnichannel presence to make shopping simple. It also launches theme clothes from time to time, like Marvel and Disney clothing items. Max is one of the commonly known brands for its variety and price.

5. NautiNati


Nauti Nati is an online brand for kidswear in India. Just Like other popular brands, it offers a variety of clothes, from formal wear to casual. It provides unisex clothes. The clothes provide comfort and are suitable for the baby’s skin. It also offers accessories like hats, hair bands, sunglasses, and handbags. If you are a regular user, you can be benefited from a good subscription offer by this brand. It can be bought from other stores available in India. You can also go and check their official websites to purchase clothes online. They have their shipping Portales.

6. L’ovedbaby


It is an affordable international brand that provides parents and children with the best organic clothing possible. This apparel brand is GOTS Certified. No harsh chemicals are used, a material like polyester is avoided, and it gives an excellent wage to their employees. With a comprehensive clothing collection ranging from infants to young children, their organic fiber clothes can be worn for years. The price can range from $7 to $44. It has become a trusted brand for parents always looking for good quality and long-lasting clothes.

7. Touched by nature

Touched by nature

It is another international brand that provides organic clothes with fast delivery. Touched By Nature is a beautiful brand that provides affordable clothes. Offering a wide selection of printed clothes and other accessories like socks, hats, tights, headbands, etc., readily available on online shopping.

8. Little kangaroos

Little kangaroos

Little Kangaroos is a kidswear distributor in India founded in 1976 and a Romano brand. Little Kangaroos mainly provide apparel for infants and toddlers. They also make clothes for kids up to 10 years old. Occasional, casual, formal, summer, winter, etc., all types of clothes are available in their has three other sub-brands: Play, Play Baby, and Marshmallows. Play and Play Baby focuses on everyday casual wear, while Marshmallows is more of a fashion brand. Little Kangaroos apparel has 450 stores across India. It is also available on Myntra, FirstCry, Amazon, etc.


We hope this list has made you aware of some popular brands that provide good quality clothes. You can invest in these clothes without giving them a second thought. When buying clothes for a baby, try to look for some excellent and soft clothing material.

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