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10 Best Condom Brands in the World for Pleasure and Protection

Condoms help in contraception and STI prevention. These tube-shaped things can even enhance pleasure. However, the level of protection and pleasure is higher with the best condoms brands

Before we dig into the top condom brands in the world, let’s explore more about condoms.

What is a condom?

As a popular form of contraception, condoms embody the idea of safe sex. You can loosely define it as a thin tubular-shaped covering worn by anyone with a penis during intercourse. With the penis being covered, the exchange of fluids between the partners during the act is prevented. That helps prevention of unwanted pregnancies and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). A condom is useable in vaginal, anal and oral sex. People using it on a dildo is also commonplace.

Think of condom as a simple, practical, inexpensive, and easy-to-use birth control measure that also wards off sexually transmitted infections. Use it separately or in conjunction with other birth control measures – it’s up to you. The lubrication on condoms restricts friction during the act, which furthers your experience. But if lubrication isn’t needed, non-lubricated options are available.

With so many brands around, condoms come in all shapes and sizes. From small, standard to large, there’s a condom for regular and unique sizes. The flavor choices are also plenty if you are keen to add flavor to your mundane oral sex. Think Jasmine, Apple, Chocolate, Orange, Butterscotch and the list goes on. The price is brand specific, meaning it varies from one brand to the other.

How effective are they?  

Condoms are effective but not always. Independent studies put the failure rate of external condoms in controlling pregnancies to 2% when used correctly. It implies that only two of 100 females are at the risk of getting pregnant whose partner wears condom the right way, each time. Interestingly, the failure rate shoots to 18% with incorrect use. Internal condoms are equally reliable with the success rate of 95% if used rightly. But the success rate plummets to 79% with incorrect use.

It follows that, correct use can significantly increase condom’s overall effectiveness.

Even when it comes to STI preventions, condoms are mighty effective. However, the effectiveness varies from one infection to the other. While HIV is 100% preventable through condoms, there’s a slight chance of acquiring chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. Likewise, condoms are least effective against Human papillomavirus (HPV), as they cover the penis but leave the scrotum exposed.

Despite that, condoms are the best protection against STDs next to not having sex at all.

Types of Condoms

Based on the use, condoms fall under any of following three categories:

  • External condoms: They are a papery sheath meant to cover the male organ during sex. They gather the male discharge, preventing it from entering the partner’s vagina, anus or mouth.
  • Internal condoms: They are small pouches placeable on the interior of a vagina. You can count on them to discourage the sperm’s entry into the ovary, thereby preventing pregnancy and STIs.
  • Dental Dam: True to its name, a dental dam is a prophylactic square sheet that forms a barrier between the male organ and the partner’s teeth, genitals, or anus during intercourse.

The best condoms brands prefer the following materials for their offerings.

  • Latex: The latex is the most popular material option for its non-porosity, elasticity and strength. The latex condoms can last the distance while hedging against pregnancies and STIs. While oil-based lubes can compromise their effectiveness, they pair best with silicone-based lubes.
  • Plastic: For those with latex allergy, these are the best option. Made of polyurethane, they are skinnier, stronger, and more spacious and resistant to oil-based lubes than the latex ones. On the downside, they are prone to breaks and less effective in warding off pregnancies and STDs.
  • Lambskin: The lining of a lamb’s intestines are also a popular material
Lambskin condoms are made from the lining of animal intestines. While the material may feel more natural or increase sensitivity during sex, it’s also much more porous. In fact, the holes in lambskin are large enough that some viruses, like HIV or herpes, can pass right on through. Therefore, they don’t protect against STIs and are much less effective at preventing pregnancy, according to Dr. Chaudhari. So unless they’re the only condom present, it’s best to skip over these products.
Multiple other classifications also exist, such as, but not limited to:

What to Look for in a Condom

There are many types and brands of condoms. Some are made keeping in mind the common public for its basic functionality of birth control, whereas others come with some added features for specific sensations or functions. Unsure of which condom to buy for your use? Let’s go ahead and see what to look for in a condom that is of good quality as well as with added features for extra pleasure.

The first thing to consider while purchasing a condom for use is its reliability. People use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect themselves from STIs. So choose the condom brand that is popular for its reliability on the basis of user reviews.

Another factor to consider while looking for the perfect condom is comfort. Condoms are designed keeping in mind various things like thickness, sensitiveness, aroma, taste, etc. If you are looking for comfort and increased sensation, then we would recommend you go for thin and ultra-sensitive condoms.

However, no matter which condom brand you choose to buy, we would recommend you go through user reviews to get perspectives from a variety of people. This will help you a lot in weeding out the condom brands that are prone to breaking and are uncomfortable to the user.

Last but very important, check the expiry date. An expired condom is more prone to breaking while using. Poorly stored, old, and expired latex breaks down easily. Also, look for visible signs of damage to the packaging of condoms. If a tear, hole, or any other visible sign of wearing is noticed, throw it as it is ineffective in its primary role of preventing unwanted pregnancy and preventing STIs.

How to Use Condom

It may sound easy to use a condom, but it’s more important to know how to put on a condom effectively for contraception or protection from STIs. The very first step to using a condom correctly is ensuring that it’s still usable. You can ascertain this by looking for the expiration date on the condom package, and other visible signs of wearing out or breakage. Tear the condom package carefully along the corner or edge without using scissors, fingernails, or any other sharp object.

Once the condom is out of the package, hold it up to ensure the side you will place on your penis is the correct side. Pinch the tip of the condom with your fingers and place it on your penis to ensure that there is enough space for the fluid discharged during ejaculation.

Now roll up the rim of the condom on the outside, rather than tucking it underneath. If the condom easily rolls down over your penis, it means you have the correct side. Unroll it to the base of your penis shaft to prevent skin-to-skin contact during sex or slippage of the condom during the act.

After ejaculation, the used condom should be removed carefully before the penis comes to its normal state. Hold on to the base to keep the discharged semen inside the condom while removing the condom from the penis. If the condom has slipped inside your partner, twist its open end and then pull it out.

Discard the used condom in a trash bin instead of flushing it in the toilet.

Best Condom Brands in the World

Here are the 10 best condom brands in the world to enjoy the feeling while indulging in the act of sex.

1. Durex Condoms

Durex CondomsThese condoms are intended to avoid difficulties with premature ejaculation. The UK-based firm was the first to create and apply electronic condom testing and sell anatomically formed condoms. Durex also makes lubricants and rings.

Durex had a significant social effect in 2002 by supporting ‘Initiative H’, a gender equity program in Brazil. Such schemes have now been replicated in countries such as India.


  • Can withstand up to 40 liters of air during electronic testing
  • Made from high-tech polyisoprene
  • Invisible Ultra Thin condoms are the thinnest condoms in the Durex product range


  • Small range of products (only seven types)

Price: $0.31 / count

2. Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms

Trojan Extended Pleasure CondomsCondoms from Trojan Extended Pleasure are excellent all-around. They’re made with a silky lubricant that helps in prolonging the enjoyment. They are composed of high-quality latex, which reduces the risk of pregnancy and STIs.

They also include a Climax Control penile desensitizing lubricant to prevent premature ejaculation. Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms are made with premium-quality latex to limit the dangers of STIs and pregnancy. This is one of the few best condoms for men that are made with women in mind, which explains its tremendous popularity, particularly in the United States and Canada.


  • 30 different varieties of condoms available
  • Trojan Supra Bareskin condoms are lauded as America’s “thinnest non-latex condoms”
  • Trojan Groove condoms are designed to provide lubrication that lasts up to two times longer than a standard lubricated condom


  • Too tight for some people
  • Strange smell

Price: $10.91 (40 counts)

3. Lifestyle SKYN Selection of Non-latex Condoms

Lifestyle SKYN Selection of Non latex CondomsThis is an excellent condom because it delivers protection, is soft, and comes in three types: Original, Extra Studded, and Additional Lubricated. Besides these extra features, the Lifestyle condoms are all constructed of polyisoprene, which means they’re latex-free for persons allergic to latex. The firm says that this material is thin in design, giving the impression that the barrier is scarcely there. Each Lifestyle latex-free condom is additionally lubricated, making it more comfortable to use.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Thin yet durable


  • Too thick for some people
  • Snug fit
  • Dries out quickly

Price: $0.47 / count

4. Okamoto USA 004 Aloe

Okamoto USA 004 AloeWhile Okamoto may not be as popular as other condom manufacturers, the firm should not be neglected. The company keeps female pleasure into account while making condoms. Each condom is coated with an aloe-infused, water-based lubricant that, according to Okamoto, functions as an anti-inflammatory to give additional comfort to ladies who are in pain. As an extra advantage, the material utilized is thin and soft enough to make you forget to wear a condom.


  • Good value for money
  • Extremely thin yet strong
  • Comfortable fit


  • Quickly drying lubricant
  • Too small for some
  • Unpleasant odor

Price: $0.99 / count

5. Trojan BareSkin Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan BareSkin Lubricated Latex CondomsAccording to the brand, BareSkin external condoms are one of Trojan’s best-selling products, and with good reason. The external latex condoms are half as thick as the brand’s Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy, creating the impression that they are barely there. Additionally, every exterior condom is lubricated to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible. Using the external condom will prevent pregnancy and STIs, providing you with fantastic feelings. The large-size variant of this condom brand is Trojan Magnum BareSkin. Trojan Magnum condoms are larger than standard latex condoms for extra comfort.


  • Thin, durable, and effective
  • Natural feel
  • Spacious tip


  • Might hurt some people

Price: $7.98 (10 count)

6. Durex Avanti Bare

Durex Avanti BareMost external condom brands use latex as a primary material, making it impossible for anybody with a latex allergy to use them. These Durex condoms, on the other hand, are made of a polyisoprene substance that should not irritate anyone sensitive to latex. The condoms have the added benefit of being cost-effective.


  • Non-latex condoms for latex intolerant people
  • Good fit


  • Very less lubricant used that dries quickly

Price: $36.95 (24 count)

7. Trojan Pleasure Pack

Trojan Pleasure PackIf you can’t decide whether you want an exterior condom with an additional lubricant or a ribbed design, this variety pack is for you. The Trojan Pleasure Pack comprises a variety of ribbed, super lubricated external condoms with heat and cold stimulation, and a slimmer design. So if you and your lover want to be ribbed one night and extremely lubricated the next, this box has you covered.


  • Contains multiple types of condoms with various added features
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • May feel too thick for some people

Price: $0.64 / count

8. Durex Tropical Flavored Condoms

Durex Tropical Flavored CondomsAre you looking to spice up your sex life with a bit of flavor? These Durex condoms come in tropical flavors that make your encounter more enjoyable, mainly if used during oral sex. The box has a variety of tastes, including apple, orange, strawberry, and banana. Besides the flavor, the condoms are composed of an ultra-thin material that adds comfort and feeling.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Tropical fruit taste
  • Natural feel


  • Taste isn’t strong enough for some users
  • Tight fit
  • Too thick for some
  • Flavors fade quickly

Price: $0.73 / count

9. Durex Performax Intense Condoms

Durex Performax Intense CondomsMany people feel that sexual penetration doesn’t go as long as they’d want when it comes to penis-in-vagina intercourse. This is common because the partner with a penis climaxes before the partner with vagina climaxes. Condoms that extend the experience can be used to prevent this from happening. The Durex Performax Intense condoms have a desensitizing lubricant to prolong the act. They’re also ribbed and dotted, which may be appealing to the individual who is being penetrated.


  • Ribbed and dotted for extra sensation
  • Desensitizing lubricant
  • Comfortable fit


  • May cause numbness
  • Ineffective for some

Price: $0.98 / count

10. FC2 Female Condoms

FC2 Female CondomsInternal condoms are sometimes referred to as “female condoms” since they may be used inside the vaginal canal. However, this is a misnomer. Internal condoms aren’t gendered or sex-specific, and many people who use them vaginally aren’t female.

Furthermore, many people engage in anal intercourse using internal condoms. FC2 is one of the most well-known and popular internal condom brands. These latex-free condoms may be inserted hours before enjoying your moments without interruption.


  • Made with latex-free material
  • Feels natural
  • Can be used in advance


  • Not affordable
  • Less effective than male condoms
  • Complicated to use

Price: $0.84 / count


One of the most successful birth control strategies is the use of condoms. They’re also the only way to prevent the transmission of STIs. Using a combination of birth control methods, such as hormonal birth control combined with a condom or spermicide combined with a condom, provides twice the protection against pregnancy and STIs.

Knowing you’re safe might also help you relax and enjoy your sex life. You and your partner can relax and enjoy one other more when you know you’re protected against unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Condom Brands (FAQs)

1. Which condom feels the best?

Some people complain that using condoms reduces the sensations and feelings while having sex as they act as a physical barrier. For them, thin condoms are the most suitable as the barrier is least felt. For women, ribbed and contoured condoms are the best for extra pleasure and enhanced stimulation. Lubricated condoms may cause warming and tingling sensations to take the pleasure to next level for both partners during sex.

2. How to choose the perfect condom size?

A perfect-sized condom fits well on the penis and is less prone to falling off during intercourse. According to experts, “A girth of fewer than 4.7 inches needs a snug fit, girth 4.7 inches to 5.1 inches needs a regular fit, and a girth greater than 5.1 inches requires a large fit”. Trying on various sizes of condoms before intercourse can help in determining the perfect size to be used during the actual act.

3. How effective are condoms at preventing STIs?

According to experts, condoms are about 98% effective against STIs. They can be very useful in preventing infections like HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. However, some STDs such as herpes, genital warts, and syphilis could be spread from skin-to-skin contact between partners, despite using condoms. Therefore, experts suggest putting on a condom at the beginning of skin-to-skin contact to protect both partners.

4. Do external condoms expire?

Yes, condoms do expire. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the date of expiration to ensure the product is good for use. Old and expired condoms are prone to break or tear during sex.

5. How do female condoms feel?

Female condoms are to be inserted inside the vagina. They are similar to external condoms. The only difference is they are much larger than external condoms. As they aren’t as tight around a penis as external condoms, female condoms feel more natural.

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