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Best Data Science Companies in the World

Data handling and structurization are becoming a core part of the technology as it holds important information. So this development of technology resulted in multiple data science companies that provide amazing services to their customers. If you want to learn about these companies, read this post from start to end. We have included important information regarding the best data science companies in the world.

Best Data Science Companies in the World

1. Cloudera

ClouderaCloudera was launched in the US in 2008, which provides the Enterprise Data Cloud, works with the convenience of converting its hard data into simpler data. Cloudera uses analytics to extract data from a secure medium built from open source. Machine learning uses Cloudera with its multi-clothing, hybrid services. There is approximately $ 870 million of Cloudera’s revenue.

2. Splunk

SplunkSplunk is a Saint-Francisco-based company that started in 2003. Splunk is a platform that lets you test, monitor, analyze and work with it. Along with Splunk, we have the facility of data to ensure that the digital initiative we are taking is successful, whether it is in the beginning or already in the cloud. Data is secured in Splunk by providing data, providing metrics, and diagnosing numbers.

3. Oracle

OracleOracle launched in 2016 and has been in this position with very good service quickly, but Oracle Cloud as a Service Provides Platform, Software, and Data Sub. This platform provides a very open mind, different languages. Helps to. Oracle provides real-time flexibility for applications by combining integrated security and serverless computation.

4. Data Bricks

Data BricksData Bricks is the next name of this list which started in 2013. As Data grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to be a data system for machine products and data analytics. To understand this problem, Data BRICS provides an open and integrated platform for data and AI. This data warehouse and Combines the best of data lakes.

5. Big Panda

Big PandaBig Panda is a software company that started in 2012. Big Panda develops software for artificial intelligence agents to help detect and retrieve problems in IT systems. According to a magazine, in a report of 2021, Big Panda has won the title of Best Work Place. The total revenue of Big Panda has been 120 million.

6. Data Licious

Data LiciousData Licious began in 2007. The most difficult task is to take big data for digital marketing and mark it according to the consumer’s needs. Data Licious is primarily focused on providing actionable insights to web analytics, big data, data engineering, machine learning, and With the help of software, Data is made a consumer.

7. Sigma Data System

Sigma Data SystemSigma Data Systems is an American-based company that started in 1960, a computer manufacturing company, now provides consultancy in data analytics and BI solutions and helps in the decision making of large enterprises and the data of today’s generation. Understands the seriousness of how to be safe and help understand the next generation

8. Crayon Data

Crayon DataCrayon Data was launched in 2012 in Singapore. Crayon says that sometimes it is so difficult to choose from so many right things, crayon was started to make this option easy. Crayons are inspired by ‘Tangram’ which has hundreds of different solutions. The answers to everything in the universe are in bytes of the Data we collect, which collect all the different and give solutions.

9. Tiger Analytics

Tiger AnalyticsTiger Analytics debuted in 2010. Their main objective has been to increase business by keeping data on retail, social media, and online advertising so that solutions and data can be found in one place. Tiger Analytics has comprehensive data and a wide variety of solutions for business value.

10. Teradata

TeradataTeradata was started in 1979 in California, which initially provided only databases, analytics-like features, recently identifying 4 of the key capabilities in cloud database management from its facilities, Traditional, Logical, Data Science Exploration, and Operational. Integrates intelligence and performs databases and analytics, facilitates businesses and their future. Their revenue is over 2 billion.


So this was the brief information of the best data science companies in the world present in the current era. This list is completely based on the customer reviews and brand value of these companies. However, if you don’t agree with this list and want to give any suggestions, then please let us know in the comment section.

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Rohit Kumar
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