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20 Best Deodorant For Men In 2022

Smelling bad makes us feel awful about ourselves and puts us in a low-confidence mood, making us want to stay at home. This is when a pleasant, revitalising aroma comes in to help you step out. Your body’s natural odour is also related to your health, skincare, and personal hygiene practices. If you take the time to ensure that you smell good, this self-care will permeate other aspects of your life. Smells can also influence your mood and increase your daily productivity.

What is deodorant?

Deodorants are intended to help prevent body odour while also leaving you smelling fresh. They are antiseptic chemicals that can kill or inhibit microorganisms living in your armpit. Body odour is created by microorganisms on your skin that break down sweat proteins to produce smelly byproducts such as trans-3-methyl-2-hexenoic acid. Deodorant helps to eradicate naturally occurring germs on your skin and eliminate unpleasant body odours.

What factors contribute to body odour?

Bacteria are normally present on our skin. Body odour occurs when these microorganisms on your skin interact with sweat. When we sweat— water, salt, and fat combine with these bacteria, body odour is caused. Sweat on its own is odourless and dissipates fast from the exposed surface of our skin. But it cannot quickly evaporate in locations such as under your arms, resulting in a moist feeling. Bacteria degrade this sweat and cause underarm odour because they flourish in warm, wet environments. The odour can be harsh, good, or completely absent.

How can you keep your body odour under control?

We live an active life every day, and so we sit every day, and to avoid the odour of body odour, there are a few daily steps you need to take. To begin, take a shower and clean your entire body with a perfumed or antibacterial body wash or soap to remove any remaining sweat or stink. After that, apply an antiperspirant or deodorant to your underarms. This will shield you from any odours that may arise during the day. Use a body spray or cologne spray to have a nice scent all day long.

20 Best Deodorant For Men

1. Old Spice Deodorant for Men

Old Spice Deodorant for MenOld Spice is the oldest and most trusted brand when it comes to skincare while shaving. And now its new range of stick deodorants has won over the market because of its sophisticated aroma and genuine skin care quality. For 24 hours, Old Spice Men’s Deodorant decreases underarm odour. For long-lasting freshness, rotate the bottom to lift the deodorant and apply it to your armpits. Pure Sport is the fresh, clean aroma of excellence. The overwhelming good smell of Old Spice Men’s Deodorant outshines even the foulest stench. So, acquire some High Endurance Collection and brace yourself for success, because it will find you regardless.

  • Scent: Pure Sport
  • Brand: Old Spice
  • Item Form: Solid
  • Item Volume: 3 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $3.47

2. Dove Men+Care Deodorant Stick

Dove Men+Care Deodorant StickLooking for a men’s deodorant that will keep you feeling fresh and confident? Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Deodorant Stick is the best deodorant for men to keep sweat and stink away.

This Clean Comfort deodorant contains vitamin E and is free of aluminium and dyes. It provides great 48-hour germ protection to prevent odour. This deodorant stick contains a Triple Action Moisturizer, which gives extra skin moisturization while also protecting against skin problems. This deodorant has a gentle fresh aroma that will awaken your senses and keep you feeling active and refreshed throughout the day. For optimal results, apply an even layer of Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Deodorant Stick to each of your armpits. It’s tough on odour but gentle on the skin, so now you have the formidable defence you require to stay fresh and confident.

  • Scent: Fresh
  • Brand: DOVE MEN + CARE
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 90 Milliliters
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $5.97

3. Degree Men antiperspirant deodorant

Degree Men antiperspirant deodorant

Other deodorants may provide 48-hour odour protection. However, our new products exceed all limits to provide 72-hour protection. This clinically tested antiperspirant has a unique motion-activated, odour-control technology that provides 2x the sweat protection of standard antiperspirants. With Degree Men’s Adventure Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick, you can face the day without worrying about a foul odour. Simply twist and glide it into your armpits. This antiperspirant for men has a fresh citrus aroma combined with delicate fruit for an energizing, clean feeling. degree men’s deodorant for men aims to inspire confidence in everyone to move more and go further. The firm strives to create a sustainable environment, so they use recyclable materials, making it easy to recycle antiperspirant and dry spray packaging.

  • Scent: Clean Citrus
  • Brand: DEGREE
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 2.7 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $4.58

4. Native Deodorant

Native DeodorantBoth men and women can use Native’s high-performance formula, which has won numerous awards. The company has created a formulation that feels light and fresh under your arms and effectively fights odours after examining tens of thousands of elements. Aluminium, parabens, phthalates, talc, and any other harmful ingredients are not included in Native Deodorant.

Natural ingredients are used to make a natural deodorant. We also use both natural perfumes and secure, sustainable, man-made (phthalate-free) scents. Native Deodorant never does animal testing, with the exception of those who wish to request a sample. A solid deodorant that is simple to use is Native Deodorant. All you have to do is choose your favourite scent.

  • Scent: Eucalyptus & Mint
  • Brand: Native
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item volume: 2.65OZ
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $11.66

5. Bravo Sierra Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant

Bravo Sierra Aluminum-Free Natural DeodorantBravo Sierra is the only personal care company founded by and for members of the United States military. To suit the demands of those who lead active lives, each product is field-tested with 2,500 U.S. military service personnel. The entire collection is manufactured with pure ingredients and eco-products, from concept to manufacturing. Bravo Sierra Deodorant utilizes aluminium-and baking soda-free technology to give long-lasting odour and sweat control, even in the most extreme environments.

The aluminium-and baking soda-free technology contains a sweat-absorbing powder derived from the root of the cassava plant. It has no aluminium, baking soda, parabens, silicones, PEGS, phthalates, or phenoxyethanol in its ingredients. Tonka Bean & Lemon has a warm, full-bodied perfume with lemon, cinnamon, vanilla, and tonka bean undertones. It glides on clear, won’t stain clothes, and is completely safe for underarm skin.

  • Scent: Tonka Bean & Lemon
  • Brand: Bravo Sierra
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 3.2 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $8.99

6. Each & Every Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Each & Every Natural Aluminum-Free DeodorantThis healthy, long-lasting deodorant is made with 6 natural components and essential oils and is perfect for sensitive skin. All the conventional deodorant components are eliminated and each ingredient is hand-picked based on its EWG safety profile and ability to provide odour prevention. Its formula is supported by world-class scientists and researchers, resulting in a high-quality product that has nothing to conceal.

“Each & Every deodorant” is the best deodorant for men made with basic, practical chemicals. Recyclable plant-based packaging is used, which is manufactured from sugarcane, a 100-per cent renewable plant-based product. Every deodorant has been EWG validated and does not contain any dangerous chemicals or components. “Each & Every” is certified vegan, has never been tested on animals and is suitable for both men and women. The Citrus & Vetiver fragrance promises to keep you fresh, safe, and smelling nice for a long time.

  • Scent: Citrus & Vetiver
  • Brand: Each & Every
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 2.5 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $15.30

7. AXE Antiperspirant Deodorant

AXE Antiperspirant DeodorantAXE Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men keeps sweat and odour at bay. It is a long-lasting deo for men that keeps you fresh and moisturises your armpits for 48 hours, keeping you bold and dry for longer. It is an antiperspirant deodorant for men that contains crisp notes of green fruits, sandalwood, and fresh sage to keep you smelling fresh.

Apply a couple of strokes to freshly cleaned and dried armpits and you’re set for two days. The AXE Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men is a male grooming product from AXE. It’s their first AP stick with visible sweat fighters.AXE has designed a men’s deodorant with a typically manly, refined scent that has an addictive edge.

  • Scent: Apollo
  • Brand: AXE
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 2.7 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $5.18

8. Mitchum Men’s Deodorant

Mitchum Men's DeodorantMitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant Deodorant For Men Sport contains Oxygen Odour Control technology, which keeps you dry and smelling fresh. Alcohol-free. The unscented formula of Mitchum deodorant protects you for up to 48 hours. Because it is made with the highest concentration of active ingredients, it gives optimum moisture protection. It’s a quick-drying deodorant for men that won’t hurt or irritate skin and leaves no sign of sticky white residue on the skin or clothes.

The alcohol-free recipe has been dermatologist tested to ensure that it does not hurt or irritate the skin. The triple odour defence compound protects against odours caused by heat, motion, and stress. Maximum moisture protection with the highest active ingredient concentration. Its most advanced proprietary mixture emits pure oxygen, a potent odour fighter, to aid in the elimination of naturally occurring odour.

  • Scent: Unscented
  • Brand: Mitchum
  • Item Form: Gel
  • Item Volume: 100 Milliliters
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $5.21

9. Tom’s of Maine Long-Lasting Deodorant (Pack of 3)

Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Deodorant (Pack of 3)Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant for Men is a long-lasting, aluminium-free deodorant stick that provides 24 hours of odour protection to keep you fresh and clean all day. Odour-fighting hops combined with Mountain Spring’s naturally fresh scent create a natural deodorant free of chemical fragrances. Hops that battle odours blend with a fresh outdoor aroma to create a natural deodorant that works.

This vegan deodorant is free of artificial fragrances and preservatives, and it has not been tested on animals. Based on more than 50 years of expertise, Tom’s of Maine has developed products that are good for you and the earth. They have integrated scientific knowledge, organically sourced components, and a touch of innovation into their deodorant. Select a natural deodorant that works wonderfully and will make you smell fresh from sunrise to sunset.

  • Scent: Mountain Spring
  • Brand: Tom’s of Maine
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $17.01

10. Speed Stick Deodorant for Men (Pack of four)

Speed Stick Deodorant for Men (Pack of four)In a world where old norms, standards, and levels of advancement are being reinterpreted, it’s time to be a distinct man. With Speed Stick Deodorant for Men, you’ll feel clean, muscular, and confident. A comfort guard applicator is included for comfort and control while applying.

This men’s deodorant with an odour-fighting composition that gives 24-hour freshness is ideal for use on all skin types on a daily basis. Men’s paraben-free, aluminium-free deodorant leaves no harshness on the skin and no stains on their clothes. The deodorant stick that is clear and green in hue and its regular smell makes you feel clean, masculine and assured.

  • Scent: Regular
  • Brand: Speed Stick
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 12 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $7.22

11. Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant Roll-On DeodorantCertain Dri is an antiperspirant brand that doctors recommend for their patients who sweat excessively. It is one of the earliest clinical antiperspirant brands. Certain Dri provides three layers of protection to assist sufferers in managing excessive sweating. Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant includes 13% Aluminum Chloride and is one of the most powerful and effective antiperspirants available without a prescription. This antiperspirant has a powerful active component that is intended to control excessive perspiration but may irritate the skin if used inappropriately.

Fragrance-free roll-on deodorant provides up to 72 hours of odour and perspiration prevention. Use it sparingly at night to completely dry your underarms and as an additional layer of protection for dry underarms. Do not use it directly after showering, shaving, or on broken or irritated skin. This is the No. 1 clinical antiperspirant brand recommended by doctors for excessive perspiration and hyperhidrosis.

  • Scent: Unscented
  • Brand: Certain Dri
  • Item Form: Roll-on
  • Item Volume: 1.2 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $5.39

12. Lume Natural Deodorant (Pack of 2)

Lume Natural Deodorant (Pack of 2)Clinical testing has shown that Lume Natural Deodorant is more effective than top brands. Lume totally eliminates odours during the day and controls them for 72 hours. It is the first whole-body deodorant in the world and is appropriate for all external uses. It is safe to apply on the feet, intimate areas, or armpits. Aluminium, synthetic fragrances, baking soda, phthalates, sulphates, parabens, or talc are not present in Lume products. Dermatologists advise it for sensitive skin because it has organically derived ingredients that are good for the skin. There are no essential oils or covert scents in this natural deodorant stick to hide the aroma of the ingredients.

  • Scent: Unscented
  • Brand: LUME
  • Item Form: Cream
  • Item Volume: 2.2 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $26.99

13. Every Man Jack Men’s Amber + Sandalwood Deodorant

Every Man Jack Men’s Amber + Sandalwood DeodorantEvery Man Jack Men’s was born in San Francisco and is manufactured in the United States. This deodorant is made from natural ingredients and is devoid of any harsh chemicals, parabens, aluminium, phthalates, and dyes. Plant-based, naturally derived ingredients such as witch hazel, cotton extract, lichen extract, aloe vera, and propanediol are used to make this product. Every Man Jack men’s refreshing deodorant has a warm amber and sandalwood aroma that is accented by vetiver and vanilla. It has been dermatologist tested and is designed specifically to absorb moisture and fight odour. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Organization (PETA) has verified it as cruelty-free, and it has never been tested on animals.

  • Scent: Amber + Sandalwood
  • Brand: Every Man Jack
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume:3 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $14.99

14. Harry’s Men’s Deodorant (Pack of 3)

Harry’s Men’s Deodorant (Pack of 3)Harry’s Stink Control is designed for men who want to keep their odour under control. The Men’s Deodorant Stick Variety Pack keeps you fresh and feeling positive all day long. The transparent solid deodorant stick applies nicely and does not feel sticky or cause any type of irritation in the armpits, making it perfect for men with sensitive skin. It’s also formulated with thoughtful ingredients like relaxing ginger root and bisabolol, and it’s free of BHT, D5, parabens, phthalates, and aluminium. Harry’s deodorant for men eliminates odour throughout the day, offering 24-hour protection against smell-causing germs. It comes in four signature scents: redwood, shiso, stone, and fig. Pick up Harry’s gift set if you’re seeking the perfect gift for your dad, boyfriend, husband, brother, or guy.

  • Scent: Stone, Shiso, Redwood
  • Brand: Harry’s
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 2.5oz
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $16.00

15. ARM & HAMMER Essentials Deodorant

ARM & HAMMER Essentials DeodorantARM & HAMMER is a deodorant that uses baking soda and natural plant ingredients to keep you fresh and keep up with your active lifestyle. Baking soda and natural plant extracts work together to combat odour. It is free of aluminium, colourants, parabens, and animal-derived substances. This is an excellent deodorant for men or women, made up of essential and natural elements that help to prevent odour for up to 24 hours. It has a natural scent of rosemary and lavender to keep you smelling fresh and remaining confident throughout the day while also moisturizing your underarms. Furthermore, you will have complete protection against germs and odours at all times and in any location.

  • Scent: Fresh
  • Brand: Arm & Hammer
  • Item Form: Solid
  • Item Volume: 2.5 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $4.55

16. Ban Original Unscented deodorant (Pack of two)

Ban Original Unscented deodorant (Pack of two)Ban’s Original all-day deodorant protects against underarm odour and dampness for 24 hours. Instead of covering it up with heavy scents, this antiperspirant deodorant helps to minimise odour from perspiration by breaking down sweat on the skin’s surface.

Ban Deodorant, which contains odour-fighting chemicals and Kihada extract, targets and helps to eradicate odours caused by germs. There are several scents available, including Original Unscented, Satin Breeze, Powder Fresh, Regular Scent, Simply Clean, Fresh Cotton, and Purely Gentle. The unique roller ball design contours to the shape of your underarm and spread a thin layer of antiperspirant to deliver a consistent amount of product every time. Ban Deodorant is clear on the skin and will not create white markings on clothes or leave behind those pesky white clumps.

  • Scent: Unscented
  • Brand: Ban
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 3.5 fl. oz
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $19.20

17. Ursa Major Natural Deodorant

Ursa Major Natural DeodorantThe Ursa Major natural deodorant for men and women absorbs excess moisture and soothes sensitive skin while eliminating underarm odour. It is made with 25 natural components, like odour-fighting hops, moisture-absorbing kaolin clay, and soothing aloe vera. Hoppin’s Fresh Deodorant formula is made from non-toxic natural ingredients and is free from aluminium, scent, parabens, and animal cruelty. Its dependable performance, nutritious ingredients, and energising aroma will keep you going all day.

This deodorant stick is non-staining and has a silky smooth texture and glide. It is a fresh, refreshing aroma combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. It’s usual to have a 2-3 week detox period after switching from conventional antiperspirant to Hoppin’ Fresh while your body adjusts to this deodorant.

  • Scent: Eucalyptus, Unscented
  • Brand: Ursa Major
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Item Volume: 2.6 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $16.20

18. Art of Sport Men’s Deodorant

Art of Sport Men’s DeodorantThe Art of Sports deodorant keeps your body cool and smelling wonderful thanks to motion-activated odour-preventing technology. It is a dermatologically tested product free from any harsh elements like aluminium, parabens, and phthalates. It glides effortlessly into your armpits and leaves no stains or scars on the clothes. Energizing Matcha and moisture-wicking Arrowroot Powder are used in this product. The Matcha-infused formula provides an extra fresh deodorant mixed with apple and cedar that exceeds your expectations of a deodorant. This athletic performance deodorant gives long-lasting freshness with its odour-blocking technology. This invisible solid deodorant stick will keep you fresh all day.

  • Scent: Rise
  • Brand: Art of Sport
  • Item Form: Powder
  • Item Volume: 2.7 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $11.95

19. OffCourt Natural Body Spray for Men

OffCourt Natural Body Spray for MenOffCourt Body Spray is a body spray developed with prebiotics and deodorising chemicals that manage odour production by absorbing it rather than attempting to cover it up like other body sprays. This spray deodorant is intended for use all over the body, not only under the arms, and it leaves no sticky, white residue. It is a terrific unisex scent for active men and women, with a fresh citron and driftwood scent that lasts 4-6 hours. This body spray deodorant recipe from OffCourt is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free and is free from aluminium, parabens, sulphates, or phthalates. OffCourt is not suitable for extremely sensitive skin because it contains fragrance and alcohol, both of which might irritate it.

  • Scent: Fresh Citron + Driftwood
  • Brand: OffCourt
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Volume: 100 Milliliters
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $12.59

20. Curve Men’s Deodorant & Fragrance Body Spray

Curve Men's Deodorant & Fragrance Body SprayCurve’s men’s deodorant and body spray is the best option because it has a vibrant scent that works well both during the day and at night. Celebrate the fragrance’s spicy, woodsy, and alluring perfume for a spectacular cologne experience. Count on the best-smelling men’s deodorant to make a statement with its enduring aroma. Fruity and flowery scents with undertones of lavender, cardamom, and sandalwood are combined to create the fresh, fragrant perfume of Curve deodorants. Use this deodorising body spray on a regular basis. For all-day freshness, lightly spray over your chest, back, and armpits.

  • Scent: Sandalwood
  • Brand: Curve
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Volume: 6 Fluid Ounces
  • Buy Here:
  • Price: $10.00


Being able to smell good all day long will have a very positive impact not only on your life but also on the lives of people who come into contact with you. A pleasant scent can reduce anxiety and keep you motivated and happy throughout the day at work or during leisure activities. Investing in a good deodorant that lasts for hours and protects you from germs that cause odour is therefore a good idea.

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