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Best Headsets for 2022

Nowadays, everyone prefers to play games sitting on a computer or mobile phone rather than playing physical games. In such a situation, a headset is essential to get a good sound while playing them. Nowadays, earphones and headphones do not have sound quality in a headset, so everyone prefers to buy a headset. It also comes with a mic, due to which our voice reaches the front. The most important thing about the best headsets is that it does not deteriorate quickly and lasts for a long time.

Best Headset for 2022

1. Razer black shark v2 Pro

Razer black shark v2 ProBlackshark V2 is the best headset with excellent sound quality, and its mic is also very clear. This is a wired headset, but recently another headset from Blackshark has come out called Blackshark V2 Pro, which is the same as Blackshark V2 with no difference between the two, but V2 Pro is wireless. Due to being wireless, its price is twice that of the V2, but people who like wireless headsets buy them by spending more money. Its design is made like a headphone, and a mic is installed in it. It connects over Bluetooth. It costs $179, which is high for a headset.

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2. HyperX cloud wireless

HyperX cloud wirelessThis headset was launched five years back, and since then, it has been well received. Its material is excellent, which does not break even if it falls. All have liked its performance, and it is still in demand as much as it was before. It is not that expensive; it costs only $149. For $149, you get a great headset with which you can do all the fun things. That’s when we play games by connecting this headset; then, there is 3D sound.

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3. Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset

Astro Gaming A50 wireless headsetAstro Gaming makes the best headsets. Many models have arrived, but the customers liked the 2016 model the most. Still, it had many such features which were not helpful, and some parts were not even mentioned. That’s why the editors created this headset in 2019 that has everything they want to suit the demands of their customers. Everyone was very pleased with this headset. But there is only one drawback: it is expensive, but still, people are willing to buy it. It may be the most connected.

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4. Astro Gaming A20 wireless gen 2

Astro Gaming A20 wireless gen 2Everyone like this very much, but when it was launched, everyone enjoyed it. Still, the company had kept its price very big at that time, but when no one was buying it due to the price, the company reduced its price. Since then, it has become in great demand. Its sound quality is excellent and looks actual. Its price is 199$. A mic is also given in it, due to which can hear the sound. But it only connects to the PC.

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5. Razer mark essential

Razer mark essentialThis is the cheapest headset in which you get a solid performance headset for less money. Everyone likes it because its price is only 99.9$, due to which everyone can easily buy it. It can connect to a PC as well as connect to a phone. But when connected to the PS4, its sound quality deteriorates. The sound of the game is not available, and there is a problem with playing. A wireless headset does not have a separate mic but is fixed in the headset itself.

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6. Logitech G Pro X gaming headset

Logitech G Pro X gaming headsetIf you want a wired headset, then it comes inside $100, but its quality is not good, due to which people think of buying an expensive but good headset. But if your budget is not that much, you can buy this wired headset that costs $129, and it is also incredible in sound quality. It has to be charged, and it gives us an excellent sound after connecting to the PC. It also does not spoil quickly, with the help of this we can do all things easily. But it has a drawback that its wire is short, due to which there is some difficulty in playing, overall it is one of the best gaming headsets.

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7. JBL quantum 800

JBL quantum 800It is a cheap, beautiful, and durable headset that is entirely wireless. It has to be charged. There is a special thing in this headset that we can slow down the unwanted sound to not have any problem or disturbance in playing. It has a mic as our voice reaches the other. When its battery is about to discharge, its sound goes slowly, and glitches start coming in the game, due to which it is essential to charge it.

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8. Audeze penose headset

Audeze penose headsetThis is the most expensive headset and the best headset ever, priced at $299. This model has never received any customer complaints, but when it was launched, it was not as popular as it is now. People used it and realized that even though it is expensive, a better headset has not been made yet. People say that buying this headset is just a one-time investment; later, it neither breaks easily nor needs to be repaired. It is wireless, but it also comes with a wired model, but people prefer wireless more.

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9. Razer black shark v2

Razer black shark v2If you want a powerful headset that can last for a long time, there is no better example. It has all the functions like Blackshark V2 Pro, only it is a wired headset, and it is wireless. Its price is also low, but still, people buy V2 Pro only. Its sound quality is the best, and it is also automatic in which the sound becomes low and slow automatically. It is capable of connecting to all PC, PS4, and mobile. It comes in black color and comes with a red border; no other color has come in it yet.

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10. Razer Laura pro

Razer Laura proThis is also a cheap headset that has all the functions, but it is a wired headset. A similar wireless headset will now be launched. But people have also liked it a lot; its wire is giant, due to which there is no problem in playing and we can work readily. It also comes with a mic so that we can transmit our voice to the bucks. On increasing the sound of this headset, the sound explodes, and a strange sound is created, which is very annoying, so its voice has to be kept slow.


This article has given you information about all the best headsets that people are currently liking. All the headsets mentioned in the report are from a good company. Some headsets are expensive, and some are cheap, but all are perfect in their place. In this article, we have tried our best to give information about all the headsets; if you still want to get more information about anyone, tell us in the comment box.

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