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Best Healthcare Apps For Improved Wellness & Care

There have been drastic changes in the healthcare industry in the last few years. Keeping in mind the challenges, healthcare apps have been a boon for the industry and people alike, providing some meaningful & innovative solutions.

According to statistics, 77% of young adults (18-29) checked for their health conditions via smartphones, while 84 million people in the U.S. used healthcare apps.

Let’s first get some basic knowledge about healthcare applications.

What are Healthcare Apps?

Healthcare apps are mobile software that can diagnose health issues to some extent, keep track of the vitals, monitor personal health & fitness data, and connect patients with the required Health specialist, thus improving their quality of life. The key features of healthcare apps are-

  • Secure file sharing
  • Online note-taking
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Video consultations
  • Online appointments

Benefits of Health Care Apps

1. Reduces the risk of misdiagnosis

Reduces the risk of misdiagnosisEarlier, if you have seen, the patient’s health record was maintained manually, which was time-consuming and led to many diagnostic errors. But with the introduction of healthcare apps, one does not require such manual records.

These apps help store all the patients’ existing records digitally and add new ones easily, provided these are stored securely over cloud-based servers, which can be accessed virtually anywhere.

It has enabled doctors to prescribe the correct medicines to their patients, even through a virtual consultation. It also helps the person to check his day-to-day health condition, including his lifestyle, and make proper medical decisions accordingly.

2. Medical services at home

Medical services at homeNowadays, no one prefers to rush to the hospital for routine checkups or appointments. Instead, they opt for the best medical services at home with these apps.

These apps are designed so that people can book an online appointment with a doctor, go for a video call or text chat, and connect to the care providers 24*7 anytime and anywhere.

3. Helps in leading a healthy lifestyle

Helps in leading a healthy lifestyleHealthcare apps have grown in many ways, unimaginable a few years back. We live in an age where everything is possible with a single tap on your phone. You can even find out the following attributes of an individual:

  • Calorie count
  • Cholesterol level
  • Sleep analysis
  • Stress level
  • Heart rate

Keeping track of all the parameters mentioned above through Healthcare apps has become very easy, and it thus leads to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, these features allow you to track and monitor your health every day. People can also make timely medical decisions if the parameters are misaligned.

4. Cost-effective

Cost-effectiveThese healthcare apps are cost-effective for users. It eliminates the high cost of offline consultations. If a person goes for regular checkups at the hospital or doctor’s clinic, it will cost much more than if it’s done online or through various ways available in Healthcare apps.

These apps demand minimal subscription, and with that, one can easily book an appointment with an experienced doctor for a consultation, eliminate long queues, gets the proper personal attention of the doctors, and avail of the best medical services.

5. Proper IoT implementation

Proper IoT implementationIoT-connected healthcare wearables like wireless devices and fitness bands or watches automatically record health-related data, which benefits patients in regularly checking their body vitals. Thus, it can inform of irregularities like high pulse, low oxygen, and irregular heart rate. Etc.

In addition, these devices keep track of the person’s calorie count, exercise check, sleeping schedule, stress level, step counts, and much more. Also, IoT-connected devices have an alert mechanism that sends signals if any changes come in these parameters so that a person can plan accordingly.

6. Easy Payments

Easy PaymentsHealthcare apps have a secure payment gateway that allows hassle-free payment. You need to choose your desired payment mode, and with a single click, you can pay all your medical bills without getting into long queues.

By now, you must have understood healthcare apps and the benefits that one can get by using these apps. So now, let’s hop on to the list of different kinds of healthcare apps.

These can be classified into two categories:

1. Telemedicine apps: Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, the healthcare industry and its stakeholders have been in a dilemma on how to reach patients efficiently without harming their well-being due to the virus. And during these challenging times, Telemedicine apps have come to the forefront and have proven to be a blessing for all concerned. It has enabled remote checkups of the patients and directly linked the healthcare officials to the patients.

Telemedicine apps provide virtual healthcare services like consultations over video calls, chats, and even text messages to patients by experienced and licensed doctors.

2. Wellness & fitness apps: The wellness and fitness app is called a tracking app that promotes a healthy lifestyle by keeping track of a person’s overall health, including calorie count, sleep analysis, stress level, cholesterol level, mental health, and heart rate, and can even connect you to nutritionist/Dietician and get you personalized diet plan.

7 Best Telemedicine Apps

1. Practo

PractoPracto is one of the leading telemedicine apps. Their mission is to provide quality and affordable healthcare services to their users. They offer a wide variety of healthcare services to their users. Their services include:

  • Instant video consultation
  • Delivery of the medicines to your doorsteps
  • Lab testing
  • Booking an appointment with the top surgeons
  • Instant appointments with doctors

Along with these services, Practo ensures that all the data and information shared by the users should remain confidential and the users can avail of the best medical services. Furthermore, there is one more feature in Practo that is known as Practo Prime, where doctors and hospitals need to take a minimal subscription, and with that, they can connect to many patients and provide the best of their medical services.

For further details, you can also look at their website.

2. Doctors On Demand

Doctors On DemandIt is a popular telemedicine app that believes in providing 24*7 virtual healthcare for the mind and the body. They have a panel of certified psychiatrists and physicians. Their services include:

  • Investigate wide varieties of health categories like- Urgent care ( cold & flu, headache, allergies, skin conditions, etc.), Behavioral health ( depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, etc. ), Preventive health ( wellness visits, diet & nutrition, family medication, etc. ), Chronic care ( asthma, diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, etc. )
  • Trusted lab testing
  • Online consultation
  • Quick access to doctors
  • Insurance schemes

They have a reasonable fee structure too. For further details, you can also look at their website.

3. Amwell

AmwellAmwell is a medical software that connects you to your desired doctors. Their principal is to provide one of the finest healthcare services sitting at home without compromising on the quality of the services. Their services include-

  • Online urgent care
  • Online therapy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Pregnancy and postpartum therapy
  • Menopause care
  • Online prescription

The availability of many insurance plans, EHR integration, telemedicine carts, etc., is some of this app’s highlights. In addition, they aim to decrease the patients’ waiting time almost by 70-80%.

For further details, you can also look at their website.

4. Netmeds


Netmeds is one of the biggest online medical stores. They aim to care for your health by offering high-quality, affordable, and authentic prescription medicine.

Its services include:

  • All forms of medicine and healthcare products are available online
  • Delivery of vital medicines across the country
  • A wide range of medical services is available
  • A team of highly qualified pharmacists and healthcare professionals is available.

For the users’ convenience, Netmeds also schedules online lab tests and health checkup packages from certified and well-reputed diagnostic labs at affordable rates.

For further details, you can also look at their website.

5. MD Live

MD LiveIt is a telemedicine application that allows online doctor visits. Their main aim is to make healthcare services simple, convenient, and fast without compromising quality. Their services include:

  • Addresses urgent care, primary care, mental health, and dermatology
  • Connects to the local pharmacy store
  • Book an appointment with certified doctors, pediatricians, dermatologists, therapists, and psychiatrists
  • Video consultations

MD Live doctors are board-certified and state licensed with 15+ years of experience. They are specially trained in telehealth. MD Live has two national committees for quality assurance certification and is accredited by American Telemedicine Association.

For further details, visit the website.

6. Teladoc

TeladocIt is a US-based telemedicine application that provides affordable and reasonable medical services. They have board-certified doctors, physicians, dermatologists, therapists, and psychiatrists who provide specialty care. Their services include:

  • They deal in primary care, mental health, specialty, and wellness care
  • Round-the-clock medical assistance
  • Provides various insurance schemes to ease things for their patients

They have a global network of leading specialists who can advise on complex conditions, treatment plans, and surgeries.

You can also look at their website for further details.

7. Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid HealthIt is a telemedicine software that serves as an online doctor’s office. It has a panel of expert licensed doctors. To avail of the best services at Lemonaid health, you need to tell them your medical history and symptoms, and they will provide you with the best medical services. Some of their best services are as follows:

  • They address mental health, general health, men’s health, skin problems, and women’s health
  • Lab testing facility
  • Medicine delivery at your doorsteps

They charge you a minimal consultation fee and save time and money by making all kinds of medical services available at your place. In addition, they coordinate with the patients through an online questionnaire and doctor reviews.

For further details, you can also look at their website.

7 Best Fitness and Wellness Apps

1. Sworkit

SworkitThe word Sworkit stands for “simply work it.” It is a fitness app. Their goal is to make fitness and nutrition simple. Sworkit makes your workout simple, enjoyable, and flexible by designing your workout schedule according to your need and time. Its main features are as follows:

  • It has more than 500 unique workouts and 900 exercises.
  • One can choose the time one wants to workout
  • Recommend a workout plan according to your goal
  • Customizes the exercises according to your needs
  • Certified trainers to answer your fitness and nutrition questions

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android. For further details, you can also look at their website.

2. MYFitnessPal

MYFitnessPalIt is a fitness and wellness software that ensures you log your meal as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is an online food diary. Its main features are as follows:

  • It is an online food diary of over 300,000,000 items.
  • Allows users to share their personal experiences and tips
  • It has an exciting feature where you need to type the food items you have had, and the app will quickly tell you the amount of calories intake, fats, carbs, and protein separately. Based on that, it will also suggest the exercises you need to cut out those extra calories and fats from your diet.
  • It also keeps track of calories burnt.
  • It provides various nutritious and healthy food recipes.

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android.

For further details, you can also look at their website by clicking the link below.

3. Peloton

PelotonPeloton is a cycling app. It uses technology and design to connect to the world through fitness. This digital app allows you to access workouts from strength training to outdoor running and yoga. Its main features include:

  • It provides cycling and treadmill classes by expert instructors.
  • Curated music playlist
  • Classes ranging from 5-75 mins long
  • Modification provided during workouts

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android. For further details, you can also look at their website.

4. FeelBetter

FeelBetterIt is a plant-based food and wellness platform. It provides resources to improve your exercise routine, diet, and more. Its main features include:

  • It provides 800+ plant-based recipes
  • 300+ home-based exercises, including pilates, cardio, yoga, stretching, etc.
  • It provides nutritionally balanced meal plans
  • Suggest tools to improve your sleep
  • It has a tracker that tracks the overall health of a person.

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android. For further details, you can also look at their website.

5. Healthify Me

Healthify MeIt is a digital health and wellness company that provides calorie-tracking services and nutrition advice. Here users can chat with an actual nutritionist and health coach and get the best advice for their wellness goals. Its main features include:

  • Provide nutritional and fitness advice from a nutritionist and fitness coaches
  • It has a calorie counter for the food.
  • It also has an exercise tracker to track physical activities.
  • Creates personalized diet plans and workout routines for the users.
  • It also has some advanced features & tracking options that can be activated as paid services.

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android. You can also look at their website for further details.

6. GLO

GLOGLO is an online yoga application that promotes the healthy development of your mind and body. This app includes 5000+ on-demand classes followed by daily live sessions. Its main features include:

  • Classes for all skill levels
  • This app can be integrated with the apple watch
  • Along with yoga, it provides online classes for meditation and pilates.
  • You can even download the classes and use them whenever possible.

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android. For further details, you can also look at their website.


NOOMIt is a subscription-based app tracking a person’s food intake and exercise habits. With the combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching, NOOM has helped millions of users to meet their personal and wellness goals. Its main features are as follows:

  • Logging and tracking your food and portion sizes
  • Keeps a record of water intake
  • Tracking your exercises
  • Recording health metrics like blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.
  • Communication with health coaches

One of the exciting aspects of this app is that they don’t rely on a typical diet and exercise plan; according to them, the psychological approach is the best approach to maintaining a healthy weight by bringing changes in your lifestyle and thought process.

It is compatible with both iPhones and Android. For further details, you can also look at their website.

Wrapping it up

In today’s world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become very important. However, health is not just about avoiding a disease or an illness. Regular workouts, having healthy and balanced meals, getting routine checkups done, and, most importantly, checking vitals are necessary to lead a healthy life.

With the introduction of the healthcare app ecosystem, it has become effortless and comfortable. These apps provide you with the best hassle-free medical services and act as a guide for your workout sessions to help keep your body fit and active.

The most impressive feature of these apps is their seamless integration with wearable tech, which has led to immense advances in remote checkups. In addition, they have built-in sensors that automatically send alerts as soon as they sense any unwarranted changes in your body parameters, saving you from sudden mishappenings.

All these healthcare apps have been designed so that they can help you achieve your fitness goals in a much easier way.

We hope this information helps you in the best way possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.1 How beneficial are healthcare apps?

Ans. Healthcare apps are beneficial for patients to keep track of their medical records, book appointments, and more.

Ques.2 Are healthcare apps free?

Ans. To have premium features, you must go for paid versions of the apps. They come with additional features that help patients manage medical records easily.

Ques.3 Which is the best healthcare app available?

Ans. Various fitness apps are available such as Teladoc, MyFitnessPak, FeelBetter, GLO, and many more. Take a look at the article for complete details.

Ques.4 Is Practo a good healthcare app?

Ans. Practo is one of the best healthcare apps available today. It has a network of millions of doctors online from across the globe. You can choose from different packages (payment packages) and book appointments.

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