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10 Best Hockey Players in the World

Hockey is an international, in which two teams play on a specific ground and both times try to put the hockey ball into each other’s goal to score opponents. This type of world-class game has created many legends, so in this article, we will provide complete information about the best hockey players in the world according to their accomplishments and popularity among fans. 

10 Best Hockey Players in the World

1. Dhyan Chand 

Dhyan Chand is the Greatest player of hockey, and fans are also regarded as the most outstanding Olympic athlete. He was a central part of the Indian national organ team who won three consecutive Olympic gold medals from 1928 to 1936. He also scored more than a thousand goals in his career from 1926 to 1948. Dhyan Chand was nicknamed the wizard for his magical stick with audiences from other venues to the Olympic Hockey field. A German newspaper covered him with a headline that stated:” the Olympic complex now has a magic show too”. Hitler was so impressed by Dhyan Chand’s skills that he offered him a post of color directly in a Nazi army. Dhyan Chand’s skills were so excellent that Netherlands authorities broke his stick before the game to check if there was no magnet inside even though the rules changed a lot. It is clear to see that he was most definitely the greatest player of all time. Dhyan Chand 

2. Sohil Abbas

Sohil Abbas is regarded as one of the most significant drag flickers ever, even before the 65% drag-flick conversion rate. He was the first player in field hockey to reach 300 goals, and also the 400 goals and 200 goals in international hockey fuels the record for the most goals scored in a single calendar year at 60 goals and the record for the most hat tricks at 21 hat tricks and even a double achieved in the in hockey. Sohil Abbas

3. Ric Charlesworth

With childbirth, He received the progressive Australian award in 1984 for his fantastic contribution to field hockey. Ric completed and represented Australia in five Olympics. He captained them from 1972 to 1988. He also led Australia to victory at the world cup in London in 1986. He was named Western Australian sportsman of the year three times, and in 1987, he became only the second player to be named in Australia hockey Hall of fame. Ric Charlesworth

4. Hassan Sardar 

He is regarded as the base Pakistan hockey player of all time. Sardar is also considered to be one of the most skillful and most glossy players of all time. He won the 1982 Hockey World Cup, where he was named man of the tournament for scoring 11 goals. He also won the 1984 summer Olympic Games. Hassan Sardar 

5. Shahbaz Ahmed

Shahbaz Ahmed earned the nickname Maradona of field hockey for his amazing dribbling skills. Shahbaz captained the Pakistan national hockey team to a victory at the 1994 men’s hockey World Cup. He is also the only player in history to achieve the tournament two consecutive World Cup gamesṣ at the 1990 and 1994 hockey World Cup. Shahbaz Ahmed

6. Teun de Nooijer

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest field hockey players of modern times. Nooijer played four hundred and fifty-three games for the Netherlands while scoring 219 goals this time, and he was named an FIH player of the year in 2003,2005, and 2006. He won the gold medals at the 1996 Olympic Games and 2000 Olympic Games while leading his team to the final of the 2004 and 2012 Olympic Games. He also won gold medals at the 1998 World Cup and two bronze medals at the 2002 and 2010 Hockey world cup. Teun de Nooijer

7. Ties Kruize

He is crazy, widely regarded as the best penalty taker in the history of field hockey. He won the gold medal in 1973  and a silver medal at the 1978 Hockey World Cup. He also won the gold medal at the hockey champions trophy for two consecutive years in 1981 and 1982. Kruize was also a crucial member of the hockey club Caine Switzerland. He won the Dutch title eight straight times from 1977 to 1984. Ties Kruize

8. Jamie Dwyer

He has been a pioneer of the Australian Men’s team from 2001 to 2016. He scored more than 200  goals in his career. Dwyer won the gold medal at the 2010 hockey World Cup as well as the 2014 hockey World Cup. He also won silver medals at the 2002  and 2006 hockey World cups. He also has been named FIH player of the year for a record five times 2004, 2007,2009, from 10 and 2011.

9. Dhanraj Pillay

He is the only field hockey player in history who participated in four Olympics from 1992 to 2004, four world cups from 1990  to 2002, four champions trophies from 1995 to 2003, and four Asian Games from 1990 to 2002. He scored more than 70 goals in 393 international games for India and captained them to gold medals at the 1998 Asian Games and 2003 Asian Cup. Dhanraj Pillay

10. Fergus Kavanagh

He has been regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time. He has won the world cup twice with Australia in 2010 and 2014. He also led the national team to a gold medal in at winning team Daley Commonwealth games and two bronze Olympic medals while Fergus was a defender, he also scored 14 goals in 191 appearances for Australia, and he also won the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Fergus Kavanagh


Here is a complete list of the best hockey players in the world, and we have included the best hockey players of all time. We hope that you get full details through our article and if you find our article informative, then visit other articles because we provide in-depth information in multiple categories.

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