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Best Javascript Books

Javascript is the high-level programming language that is essential for web development. It enables users to create attractive web pages for their website and corresponds to ECMAScript specifications. This is one of the basic programming languages for students to learn and earn. If you are probably looking for books on Javascript, no worries!! We have prepared a list for you which you might find helpful before you purchase the best Javascript books:

Best Javascript Books

Here we are giving you the best Javascript books with the proper specifications.

1. JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett

JavaScript & JQueryIf you are curious to learn JavaScript and JQuery for web development, this is the ideal book. The book is well organized and structured and helps you understand the two major concepts: Javascript and JQuery. The author of this book teaches students through visual ways showcasing how to create more interactive and innovative web pages through code, infographics, and photography.

Through this book, you will learn techniques such as adding animation, tabbed panels, content sliders, sorting data, etc. You will learn how to create scripts from scratch and to comprehend what Javascripts are Javascripts API, and Jquery Plugins are available on the web. This handbook gives a definite clarification of the idea with simple-to-follow diagrams.

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2. Learn JavaScript Visually With Interactive Exercises: The Beautiful New Way To Learn a Programming Language by Eveline Dimitrov

Learn JavaScript Visually With Interactive ExercisesIf you are a beginner and searching for a book to study JavaScript, then go for this book which will help you understand basic principles of JS through the means of visual approach. This handbook is fully colored and explains the essential concepts of Javascript through metaphors, analogies, and easy interactive exercises.

The author wants students to learn through visual aids and clear their basics first. This volume is beneficial for those who know a little bit of HTML and CSS and can’t read long technical books and find programming books boring.

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3. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The New Approach That Uses Technology To Cut Your Efforts in Half by Mark Myers

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScriptThe author of this book addressed two important issues that he thinks students may find difficult while learning JavaScript: retention and comprehension. This book will address those two issues and help them learn JavaScript easily. This handbook is primarily written for beginners, but it is helpful for experienced developers who want to brush up on their concepts and sharpen their skills. Through this book, you will learn the fundamentals of JS through a step-by-step approach and also learn about advanced concepts such as constructors and prototypes.

You can pursue this book, regardless of whether you have or don’t have any programming experience. The best thing about this book is that it is free and easily available online. Every chapter consists of interactive exercises that help learners retain information that they have read better. Learners can perform those exercises again and again until they get their answers correctly.

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4. Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric Elliott

Programming JavaScript Applications by Eric ElliottThis book is beneficial for advanced learners who can learn how to build a web scale or enterprise through the power of JavaScript. Advanced developers can learn how to write flexible and resilient code by applying patterns and techniques underlined in this book. This handbook will examine the anatomy of large-scale JavaScript Applications and how to build modern web apps with desktop capabilities.

Through this book, you can learn the practices for code organization, modularity, and build efficient and self-descriptive hypermedia APIs with Node. Js. You will learn how to separate the application into different layers of responsibility, test, integrate, and deploy software in development cycles.

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5. Beginning JavaScript by Jeremy McPeak

Beginning JavaScript by Jeremy McPeakThis book is composed from a beginner’s point of view, permitting students to work successfully with JavaScript systems, capacities, and present-day programs. This handbook will teach you how to use effective technologies using HTML5 and introduce you to the latest tools and techniques which JavaScript developers use. The volume covers concepts such as HTML5 markup, the JSON data format, DOM APIs, jQuery Framework, etc.

The book will make you understand JavaScript by using data coding style and learning new concepts such as geolocation, local storage, and much more. It is organized into understandable lessons and plenty of exercises for learners to practice what they have understood from the lesson.

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6. You Don’t Know JS-ES6 & Beyond by Kyle Simpson

You Don’t Know JS-ES6 & Beyond by Kyle SimpsonThis book is a part of the series “ You don’t know JS,” written by Kyle Simpson in a similar style and scope and to make readers learn the concepts of JavaScript beautifully. In this book, the author will explain JavaScript, built on the latest version available in ECMAScript 6[ES6].

This volume will teach you the trickier parts of the language that most Javascript developers tend to avoid. You will learn the new ES6 syntax and organize code with generators, modules, and classes. Through this book, you will learn new API helpers such as Array, Object, Maths, Number, String, etc., and how to expand your program capabilities through metaprogramming.

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7. Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript by David Herman

Effective JavaScriptThis book is ideal for advanced learners who have basic knowledge of JavaScript and want to learn how to choose the right programming style for their project. You will gain proficiency with each part of JavaScript programming, from data constructions to concurrency. You will explore best practices while operating on API design, arrays, concurrency, functions, and much more.

You will figure out how to utilize prototype-based object-oriented programming. The precise and practical learning of JavaScript functions and JavaScript programming patterns and variables. This book will help you gain an in-depth understanding of concurrency and how to work with arrays and dictionary objects.

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8. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 6e: Activate Your Web Pages by David Flanagan

JavaScriptAnother book for beginners in our list is JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan. This book navigates various features of JavaScript and API features for web development applications. This handbook will provide you with a detailed explanation of graphs, closure, and prototyping and covers HTML5 and ECMAScript 5. It is prescribed for experienced developers who want to dominate the JavaScript programming language.

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9. High-Performance Browser Networking: What Every Web Developer Should Know About Networking and Browser Performance by Ilya Grigorik

High-Performance Browser NetworkingIf you want to build efficient and fast-developing web applications, then this book is ideal for you. Through this book, the web developer will learn about networks, build successful JavaScript applications with highly optimized performance, and learn about those limitations that affect the building of major innovations and how to build powerful browser applications that include HTTP 2.0, Server-Sent Events, WebRTC, and so on.

The book discusses the best acts of performance optimization for TCP, UDP, and TLS conventions and clarifies portable mobile network optimization requirements. The Web developers will learn how to speed up network performance over 3G/4G mobile networks and enable efficient real-time streaming in the browser.

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10. JavaScript: The Good Parts by D Crockford

JavaScript: The Good Parts by D CrockfordThe author Douglas Crockford discusses the basic aspects of JavaScript. The book explores ideas that make JavaScript an outstanding programming language, such as functions, loose typing, dynamic objects, literal notions, etc. The book elegantly explains the parts of JavaScript-like syntax, objects, functions, arrays, regular expressions, methods, etc. This book will make you explore how the language of JavaScript is a beautiful, effective, and highly expressive language that enables you to build effective code.

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So, that’s all for the list of Best JavaScript Books that web developers should know and that they can read this year. Besides this, you can explore other ranges of social mediums to enhance your knowledge of JavaScript and learn it effectively.

Happy Learning JavaScript Language!!

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