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10 Best Knife Brands In The World

Don’t waste your money on blenders and spiralizers. Do you know what is the most important tool in the kitchen toolbox of every chef or home cook? A high-quality kitchen knife. This essential tool can make or break a dish. Try cutting a tomato with a dull knife and you’ll see what we mean. It’s the fastest way to ruin a Caprese salad.

It’s not just about the presentation of your meal or the speed with which you serve it. You might harm yourself by using a dull knife. Cutting butternut squash with a dull knife is a fight that no inexperienced cook should face.

So let us look at the best knife brands in the world that can take your cooking experience to a different level. 

10 Best Knife Brands In The World

1. Oishya Sakai Kyuba Knife

Oishya Sakai Kyuba KnifeThese Japanese knives will elevate the joy of cooking to new heights. Skilled Japanese blacksmiths handcraft the blades from quality Japanese VG10, which blends the toughness of carbon steel with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. They also deliver the razor sharpness that all cooks desire, with a Rockwell Hardness rating of 62.

The handles are crafted from premium-cut European Maple Burl that has been colored blue, brown, or olive green. They’re completely waterproof to prevent germ development and feature an octagonal shape for a secure grip. They are neither too hefty nor too light, allowing for optimal accuracy and control.

Oishya’s stunning design extends to the packaging, which is a handmade, minimalist wooden box with a traditional Japanese picture showing ancient Onna Bugeisha female warriors.

2. Wüsthof Classic

Wüsthof ClassicWüsthof is all a typical German cooking knife should be, and then some. Their 20cm (8-inch) cook’s knife is robust, strong, and very well made, and will exceed the highest expectations of any top chef.

Each knife is handcrafted in Solingen, Germany, from durable, razor-sharp chromium-vanadium steel and blends precise attention to detail with the robust force of a Western blade. It has a complete tang (the blade extends through the handle) and bolsters for superb balance and control. It can handle the rigours of a professional kitchen but is also appropriate for more casual usage in the house due to its comfort and ease of use. In addition, each knife is professionally rubbed and polished by hand for that added touch. The Wüsthof 20cm (8-inch) Cook’s Knife has a lifetime guarantee.

3. Global G-2 Classic

Global G-2 ClassicIf you’re searching for a good kitchen knife at a reasonable price, go no farther than the Global G-2 20cm (8-inch) Chef’s Knife. This ultra-lightweight multi-purpose blade weighs just 170 grammes (6 ounces). Although the handle and blade seem to be one piece, they are really composed of two different metals that are then welded together. The spherical form of the handle is common in Japanese knife manufacture, but the G-2’s handle is hollowed out and filled with precisely the correct amount of sand to keep it perfectly balanced. Instead of a bolster, there is a little finger indentation for added grip and control.

Since its debut, the Global G-2 Classic knife has received hundreds of accolades and has been tested by various reputable cooking journals.

4. MAC Professional Hollow Edge

MAC Professional Hollow EdgeThe MAC knives are made in Japan with exceptional craftsmanship, which results in exceptional accuracy. The 20cm (8-inch) Hollow Edge chef’s knife is a great choice for both residential and commercial kitchens and will undoubtedly meet any chef’s standards. It can handle practically anything, from carefully mincing a garlic clove to cutting through obstinate chicken bones. The strong Pakkawood resin handle includes a bolster for weight and balance.

High-quality, tempered steel that is resistant to rust makes up the blade. This makes it possible for the knife to effortlessly cut through food, and its superb balance makes it enjoyable to use. Additionally, a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty is included.

5. Made In Cookware

Made In CookwareIf you just need one knife in your kitchen and want a premium chef’s knife, choose Made-In Cookware’s 20cm (8-inch) blade. The knife, made of extraordinarily strong steel and nitrogen-treated, is a joy to use. The nitrogen protects the edge, and when combined with its lightweight, robust, and well-designed exterior, it is ideal for a commercial or residential kitchen.

Aside from that, Made In’s knife has a complete tang (a single piece of high-quality stainless steel runs from handle to needle-sharp tip) and is entirely forged. This makes it very flexible and capable of handling any culinary activity, from delicate slicing to vigorous chopping, mincing, and even deboning. When it comes to a well-rounded top kitchen knife, this is without a doubt the best option.

6. Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Zwilling J.A. HenckelsHenckels actually leads the knife chart when it comes to the finest of the best. Their 20cm (8-inch) Chef’s Knife features a great multi-purpose blade that can cube a pineapple as effortlessly as it can turn fresh basil leaves into ribbons. The knife’s high carbon steel is ideal for a professional chef (whether at home or in a restaurant), but due to the kind of steel used to produce the edge, it takes more expertise and care to maintain.

Nonetheless, users will benefit from the precision and sharpness that only high-carbon steel can provide. This knife’s capabilities will astound you, with a full tang for balance, a bolster for support, and a comfortable polymer three-rivet handle that matches the form of your palm.

7. Mercer Culinary Wavy Edge

Mercer Culinary Wavy EdgeIf you’ve ever attempted to cut a fresh loaf of crusty bread with a chef’s knife, you’ll understand why bread knives are essential in every kitchen. Bread knives contain a serrated blade that is suitable for items with a hard outer and a soft inner, such as a French baguette, a crusty tiger loaf, or soft dinner rolls.

The Mercer Culinary Wavy Edge Bread Knife is a lightweight, well-balanced, and ingeniously designed bread knife. The high-carbon Japanese steel blade resists corrosion and staining. Furthermore, the handle is comprised of a slip-resistant polypropylene and Santoprene blend, making it simple to grasp and pleasant to carry. What more could you want from a bread knife?

8. Victorinox Spear Point

Victorinox Spear PointAfter the chef’s knife, a paring knife might be the best blade in a chef’s block. This Victorinox knife is perfect for smaller and slightly trickier tasks since it effortlessly cuts through cherry tomatoes, sliced strawberries, and sliced shallots.

A helpful tool for both residential and business kitchens is the Victorinox Spear Point paring knife. In fact, it’s rather common in both because of how widely available it is in traditional home stores, and, to be really honest, it actually excels at what it does! It’s also not overly expensive! Therefore, Victorinox would always be our first choice for the perfect little paring knife!

9. Shun Classic

Shun ClassicThe utility knife is ideal for items with a firm outer and a soft or juicy inner, such as tomatoes, sausages, or avocadoes. This Shun knife’s serrated edge will slide through these meals with minimum pressure and will not ruin their wonderful, delicate innards. It’s also ideal for more delicate activities that need a more accurate slice to get the desired result. This makes it very handy in a commercial kitchen.

The Shun Classic has an eye-catching woodgrain pattern on the 34 layers of its Damascus encased stainless steel blade, as well as a sturdy, ebony PakkaWood handle. The resulting knife is razor-sharp, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and a joy to handle and use.

10. Mercer Culinary Granton

Mercer Culinary GrantonIt is true that carving knives are not strictly necessary, but there is no disputing their brilliance. It’s perfect for cutting and slicing tender slivers of your favourite meat. Technically, unless you’re frequently cooking roasts, you can probably get away with using a chef’s knife for these duties; nonetheless, it’s still a handy tool to have in your arsenal.

Mercer Culinary’s slicer is handcrafted in the United States, yet it has a sharp, rust-resistant edge made of high-quality Japanese steel. The blade is quite well-made and allows you to follow the contours of the flesh. It’s also dimpled, which prevents the slices from sticking to the blade after they’ve been sliced. The handle is also of professional quality, composed of Santoprene and polypropylene for optimal balance and with textured finger protection.


Our kitchen would not be complete without knives. A good knife can make or break our culinary experience. We’ve discussed the best global brands of knives above. I hope these tips help you when you go about purchasing a knife for your kitchen.

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