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10 Best Luggage Brands in the World for 2022

To keep up with the ease of travel, luggage alternatives have expanded significantly. Many luggage brands are now available, and it might be difficult to choose the best one for you. Some companies produce baggage that is both fashionable and functional, while others focus on making luggage that is easy to carry through the airport. Different companies also provide baggage with smart functions, such as the ability to charge your phone while you’re on the move. On the other hand, choosing the correct baggage brand depends on a few things. Before making a purchase, take into account your budget, the features you value most, and the size of your intended carrying case.

10 Best Luggage Brands in the World

So, here are the best luggage brands in the world:

1. Away

AwayOne of the most well-funded female-backed businesses Away was founded in New York City in 2015 and has already made a name for itself in the worldwide baggage market. First and foremost, the company’s direct-to-consumer sales strategy eliminates markups, allowing it to keep prices low. That it offers just one product — a fashionable hardshell suitcase — in up to ten different colors and four different sizes — is the brand’s second strength.

Small to large, the bags are composed of lightweight polycarbonate and include a compression mechanism inside, a separate wash bag, a TSA-approved lock, and four spinning wheels for easy transportation. An additional option from Away is a carry-on for children, one with an inside nylon pocket, and several other accessories, such as daypacks and clothes bags. Peace Direct, a foundation that works to end war throughout the world, is one reason to support this company’s products.

2. Samsonite

SamsoniteSince its inception in Denver in 1910, Samsonite has been at the forefront of the luggage market. If you’re looking to save money while still getting high-quality construction and design, this is the best option. Samsonite provides a wide selection of softshell and hardshell luggage in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Spinner wheels are standard on most of their carry-on and checked luggage. There are several sets of matching baggage available.

Even though the company has been around for more than a century, it continues to stay on top of emerging technologies, such as USB charging compartments in its carry-on bags. GeoTrakR (a smartphone app that allows real-time tracking of your baggage) and Curv are two examples of patented technologies. In order to keep them looking new for as long as possible, SamGuard is applied to all softshell luggage. Also available are duffels, backpacks, and laptop cases from the brand.

3. Eagle Creek

Eagle CreekAn expedition-style journey necessitates Eagle Creek luggage. All of its goods are designed to be used on the road, with each and every buckle, zipper, and fabric piece extensively evaluated for long-term durability. If a piece of luggage fails at any point throughout its lifespan, the brand’s “No Matter What” guarantee provides repair or replacement, regardless of the reason. Because of the company’s low return rate, the quality of its baggage may be judged.

Backpacks are a standout feature, with ingenious features like cushioned laptop sleeves and a book-style opening mechanism that make them ideal for both men and women. Do you want to stick to the tried-and-true? Two and four-wheeled luggage are also available from Eagle Creek.

4. Amazon Basics

Amazon BasicsYou’re paying a lot of money for the nameplate on a lot of bags. AmazonBasics, Amazon’s in-house brand, is a low-cost choice that may save you a lot of money. The company was founded in 2009 and specializes in selling a wide range of daily items at low rates. These may be done by avoiding or minimizing the use of ostentatious packaging in the design process. In addition, the quality is greater than expected.

Style, size, and color options are all available from the company. Accessorize with matching clothing bags, packing cubes, and travel backpacks based on your choice of hardshell or softshell. All Amazon Basics goods are eligible for free delivery for Amazon Prime members.

5. Tumi


In 1975, Charlie Clifford, the creator of luxury travel company Tumi, started selling leather bags from South America. The majority of the company’s luggage is now made of polycarbonate alloy or softshell ballistic nylon, despite the company still selling a few high-end leather bags. Prior to coming on sale, each choice undergoes 30 different tests to ensure its quality and durability. In addition to abrasion resistance and color fastness, these tests examine zipper pull strength.

Tumi is also well-known for its ingenuities. Pass through airport security with your laptop still in your Tumi T-Pass backpack thanks to the Add-a-Bag strap, which connects two or three baggage items so you can carry them all in one hand. In addition to free monogramming and same-day in-store assistance for minor repairs, the company provides great customer service. Tumi Tracer may even be used to find your baggage if it goes missing.

6. TravelPro

TravelProBob Plath, a Northwest Airlines pilot, invented TravelPro after seeing firsthand the damage that regular, two-wheeled bags produced. These bags are perfect for frequent business travelers since they are built to endure and do a lot of different things all at the same time.

Each suitcase is subjected to a series of 15 separate tests that exceed the maximum weight allowed for checked luggage. Professional black, gray, navy, or deep red suiters are available in most cases to guarantee that your garments arrive wrinkle-free. TravelPro’s nylon-coated nylon luggage aren’t the only ones available; there are also hardshell choices. A matching briefcase or laptop backpack may help you achieve a polished business image when paired with your carry-on or checked luggage.

7. Delsey

DelseyDelsey, a French camera case manufacturer, was established in 1946. Founded in 1970, they have been adding a dash of Parisian elegance to people’s vacations ever since with their first hard shell luggage. Hardshell luggage is still the brand’s main focus, although there are a few soft-sided versions as well. The luggage has clean lines and timeless colors. The Chatelet Air, a four-wheeled spinning suitcase available in three sizes and four luxurious colors – including Angora, Terracotta, Chocolate, and Silver, is one of the most popular and immediately identifiable fashion symbols.

More than half of Delsey’s awards and patents are in recognition of the company’s inventiveness as well as its attention to aesthetics. Regular travel zips are 40 times more prone to breaking than the SecuriTech Zip. Bags, brief bags, and children’s luggage are all available from the company. Nobody does it better than your whole family showing up at the airport with identical bags.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole ReactionHigh-end apparel and accessories from Kenneth Cole may be found in their baggage collection. Brand’s socially-conscious advertising includes support for HIV/AIDS awareness; gun control; women’s rights; LGBTQ+ rights; and more. It was founded in 1982 with a shoe line belonging to a woman.

All of Kenneth Cole’s bags, most of which are part of the Kenneth Cole REACTION line, maintain the brand’s contemporary and sophisticated look. With their hardside suitcases, they’re well-known, and the Reverb Expandable Hardside Spinner is one of the most popular — a lightweight and capacious spinner that’s available in cool hues like Ice Blue or Rose Gold. Even yet, the majority of the high-quality luggage sold by this company is priced under $100.

9. Briggs and Riley

Briggs and RileyThe ‘Simple as That’ lifetime warranty was a game-changer for upmarket travel company Briggs & Riley when they launched in 1993. As long as your luggage is broken, they’ll fix it for free, no questions asked. To get warranty coverage, you don’t need to provide evidence of purchase. Because of Briggs & Riley’s unwavering dedication, even if their luggage is on the more expensive side, it may be considered an investment.

They provide a wide choice of carry-on and checked luggage, many of which may be expanded. Briefcases, backpacks, duffel bags, and garment bags are also available. There are a wide variety of hues to pick from, ranging from neutral blacks and olive greens to the attention-grabbing Fire. The Outsider handle (which keeps the trolley handlebars outside the luggage and creates a level packing space) and the CX Expansion Compression system were both developed by the company.

10. Victorinox

VictorinoxThe Swiss Army Knife firm has created a style of baggage noted for its sturdiness. Polycarbonate hard shell suitcases and nylon softshell suitcases are the two options you have when it comes to luggage. Victorinox, like Tumi, puts its baggage through 30 quality checks before it leaves the factory, but they charge less. All cases include reinforced seams, puncture-resistant YKK zippers, and telescopic handles made of aircraft-grade aluminum that are both sturdy and light.

As a last bonus, each luggage comes with a TSA-approved lock, four spinner wheels, and a unique tracking id. With the latter, you’ll be able to move freely in all directions while reducing stress on your arm and shoulder. The Spectra Expandable line, which can expand capacity by as much as 47%, is ideal for travelers who value their packing space. For a variety of situations, the Pack More System’s five space-saving options come into play.


So this was all about the top 10 luggage brands in the world. We hope that you liked these luggage brands that we have rounded up here to help you choose the best luggage brand. The baggage can make or break your vacation. Therefore, choosing the best luggage for your trip should include considering many important things like space, organization, and durability. If you feel we missed any best luggage brands, do mention them in the comments section.

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