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10 Best Music Apps in India

From the time of human evolution, music has been the best mode of entertainment. We are presently experiencing a digital revolution in the country and individuals have steadily grown acquainted to not bringing their bulk of media content on their phones and explicitly accessing content from the cloud. As a consequence, content and streaming platforms for music are thriving, and you can select from various choices. So, below is a list of the best 10 streaming music applications, with no further ado.

10 Best Music Apps in India

1. Spotify


Thanks to its massive library of music and a phenomenal collection of applications on different platforms, Spotify is probably the best music streaming service in the world. It also supports the free tier of ad-supported songs. This streaming music service also provides an extensive selection of playlists that fit the style, genre, mood, or artists of your preferred music. Spotify, currently providing its premium experience at INR 119 per month and INR 1,189 per year, announced a 30 percent Y-o-Y rise in Q3 2019, hitting a worldwide mark of 248 Million.

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2. Jio Saavn

Jio Saavn

Ad-supported music consumption is provided by Jio Saavn, which was formerly known as Saavn until it was acquired by Reliance Jio. And, for various purposes, it is among our top picks. First, thousands of songs are available, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, Urdu, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Oriya, and Assamese, that is, most of the music from all the regional languages from our country. Plus, if you are a Jio user, you get complimentary access to JioSaavn Pro for three months. JioSaavn also adds the newest music songs, playlists of songs, renews playlists, and provides access to the exclusive podcasts.

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3. Wynk


Wynk is Airtel’s very own music streaming site, and for Android, iOS, and the web, its applications are available. There are over 30 million songs in different languages in its music collection: Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Telugu, Tamil. Android consumers are turning to Airtel Wynk Plus free of charge, but if you don’t want music advertisements, you can pay up to 320kbps for high-quality, ad-free entertainment as low as Rs 29. iOS customers, at Rs 60 a month, would have to spend marginally more.

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4. Gaana


Introduced in 2010, Gaana’s indigenous music streaming app was the industry leader in India including a 150 million user record in February 2020. Gaana launched video stories on its website in a bid to overthrow its rivals, highlighting the artists and influencers and encouraging users in seeing short-video episodes. Gaana also centered, in addition to the functionality, on growing its collection of exclusive podcasts and shows. Gaana’s premium upgrade provides an annual INR 399 membership and a monthly INR 99 membership.

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5. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music

As part of the annual or monthly membership, Amazon Prime Music entered The indian market in February 2018 primarily for Amazon Prime members. In 2016, Amazon launched its Prime Video platform in India, that gives its consumers preferential access to films, the original Amazon series, as well as unique content outside territories. Presently, Amazon Prime offers its membership costs at INR 129/month and INR 999/year.

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6. Youtube Music

Youtube Music

In terms of obtaining rapid fame in the Indian industry, YouTube Music surpassed Spotify after coming To India in March 2019. Within three weeks of its debut, the streaming music service reported 3 million app downloads that surpassed the 1 million user mark achieved in a week by Spotify. The Google-owned YouTube video streaming platform followed in the footsteps of the premium launch of Spotify in India and planned in November 2019 to bring out its premium upgrade experience. The premium membership to YouTube Music presently comes at a rate of INR 129/month.

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7. Hungama Music

Hungama Music

In the streaming industry, another pioneer is Hungama Music. In Hungama Music, you can find some old Hindi gems to various foreign jams all in one location. For distinct music styles and feelings, it has curated content. siYou have access to lyrics and a built-in music player that allows the user to access music offline. You have music material from various languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi and other regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Oriya, Assamese and Haryanavi. You can check out their various plans for you here.

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8. Apple Music

Apple Music

If you’re an Apple user, you may well be knowledgeable that Apple Music is an in-house app. This app offers a subscription fee for membership and lets you download songs from all over the world. This is completely ad-free and allows you to download your preferred tracks, but it’s what a charged membership is supposed to do. You could opt for a premium subscription of Rs 60 per month if you’re a student. Other people can have the same per month for Rs 120, although it is Rs 190 monthly for a family pack. To evaluate whether you want to stay, this one also provides a free 3-month trial (that you can terminate at any moment).

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9. SoundCloud


Gaining momentum and operating globally, SoundCloud is a significant player with the largest foreign record collection. People around the world depend mostly on SoundCloud to release their soundtracks, aiming to gain exposure so that new material can always be recognized. It uses algorithms for machine learning to fine-tune recommendations for you when you use the app. 2The platform has 2 charged memberships of SoundCloud GO ($4.99/month) and SoundCloud GO+ ($9.99/month) subscription plans, the previous of which allows users to access ad-free downloadable content from new and existing artists, whereas the latter enables you to access a completely extended catalog featuring superstars from big labels.

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10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

In November 2011, Google launched its own streaming music service, and it has been available as a pre-installed application on each and every Smartphone ever since. Google’s technology giant has equipped itself with daily inventions and improvements over and over again. Intriguingly, without constantly worrying about their disk space, users can add up to 50,000 of their very own tracks and maintain a backup. It is likely that the paid edition of Google’s streaming music service will soon be merged into YouTube Music. The Google Play music ad-free edition is presently priced at INR 99/month.

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These are all the ranked top for streaming mobile music presently available in the market. Obviously it depends on your language preferences and cellular services, but you can choose something that suits you the best. toAs they give you access to high-quality content without occupying a room on your smartphone, a majority of folks have indeed made the transition to audio streaming apps. And now that the charges for their premium upgrade are notably cheaper, we recommend you try these.

Anamika Kalwan
Anamika Kalwan
I am a logophile who loves to write. With an experience of 3+ years, I have passionately contributed my expertise and knowledge to create content in the field of Technical and E-learning based Content Writing.I am a logophile who loves to write. With an experience of 3+ years, I have passionately contributed my expertise and knowledge to create content in the field of Technical and E-learning based Content Writing.

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