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10 Best Music Apps in the World

Well, everyone likes music, don’t they? Well, with over 400 million music streamers worldwide till 2020. We have pretty evident proof that music is quite popular worldwide. Its significant demand is growing and decreasing slowly as per users’ needs. In this blog, we will learn more about the best music app in the world.

10 Best Music Apps in World,

which is the best streaming app out there? Not an easy question to answer.

Let’s explore various leading Music platforms globally and see which one’s the best out of the lot.

1. Spotify


The top contender is a majority shareholder of the music industry. It has over 36% of the music world. It operates on a freemium model (ads in the free version), which appeals to people. Spotify began in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, with Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Spotify has over 286 million active monthly users. Out of 286 million users, 130 million are premium members. Spotify has a staggering library of over 50 million tracks. Spotify has a very intuitive AI that recommends songs that are well received by the audience. Also, it has a cool Dark UI theme since beginning in 2006. Another thing Spotify is great at is Playlists; nobody does it better, period.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is the 2nd most popular music streaming service worldwide. It has a market cap of around & about 25 %. It has very diverse features ranging from offline listening to a good carousel of podcasts. Apple Music has over 60 million paid subscribers as it does not allow streaming without a plan. It is available on all Android and iOS devices ranging from watch to Mac. It has a 99 INR per month subscription fee after a 3 month free trial period. It has a unique student pack for INR 49 per month.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is part of all-encompassing Amazon prime membership. It has over 55 million users. It has over 2 million songs and allows unlimited skips without ads in between. As it comes with amazon prime, it is very convenient for people to use it as they don’t have to pay. Also, it has the feature of saving songs and playlists for offline listening.

4. Youtube Music

Youtube music has over 1 billion users; although that figure is shady and outdated, youtube music has over 20 million paying users. Users have joined youtube music for ad-free music, background play, audio-only mode, and offline listening. The Great feature of youtube music is that it automatically extracts playable music content from your already created playlist on youtube without the hassle of manually adding music to it.

5. Deezer


Deezer is another streaming service app that has over 16 million users and 7 million premium users. It has personalized recommendations in the “ Made for you” section & Songcatcher listening tools to help you find your favorite tune and save them for later. It has lyrics to share the lyrics you find interesting with your friends and family. It has unlimited skips on a daily select playlist and on a number of editorial playlists too.

6. Pandora


This US-based company has over 75 million users worldwide, but only 6.2 million paid users. It is owned by Sirius XM and recommends music based on the Music Genome Project, which classifies users based on their musical habits and traits. It displays ads after some songs, which is its revenue model. It launched its premium in 2017 and was a leading music streaming platform before Spotify took off.

7. JioSaavan


It’s an Indian music streaming platform that has acquired over 50 million songs in over 15 languages, major ones being Hindi, English, and Tamil. It has over 104 million users. It’s famous as a major telecom company. Jio had a merger contact whereby caller tunes and official streaming partner was designated to be Saavan and was rebranded as JioSavaan. The acquisition by Reliance Industries has been on the rise.

8. Gaana


Gaana is India’s largest music streaming platform with over 200 million active monthly users. It has music in 21 languages and has features such as immersive content and better recommendations. It has a better mobile app and provides customizable playlists that can be shared with family and friends. It has a song database of over 45 million songs. Gaana recently added a vertical video story feature that allows you to view snippets or anecdotes about the song to compete in the global market.

9. Tencent Music

Tencent MusicChinese Music streaming service provider Tencent has over 657 million active monthly users, out of which 45 million are paying users. It is rather a collection of apps that collectively provide music. It has very innovative features such as built- in lyrics and karaoke. Also, it allows micropayment allowing to support the artist outside of music streaming royalties. It recently launched a song recognition app that rivals the likes of Shazam. It holds 70- 80% of the local music industry.

10. Soundcloud


Although Soundcloud hadn’t released a public monthly user data count since 2014, its database was 175 million monthly active users. Sound cloud is very informal in that sense as it gives bands and artists freedom to drop whichever kind of music they like. Soundcloud is the go-to place for mixtapes and demos. Soundcloud is one of the best and conducive places to upload tracks, and it has a very avid musical community giving their reviews on your music.


Back to the same question again, Which is the best streaming app? Well, it depends on what you want. If you want Playlists and a huge library of songs, choose Spotify; if you want innovative and fun features, choose Tencent, If you want music in many different languages, go for JioSaavan or Gaana, If you want fun and innovative features like karaoke and lyrics go for Tencent, If you want great recommendations Apple music is goto place and if you a mixtape person, Soundcloud awaits you.

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