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10 Best Password Manager for 2022

A password manager is an application to safeguard your password. It is like a vault where you can store all your important credentials and only need to remember one code to retrieve them all. The password manager creates and stores passwords automatically.

With a password manager, you can create strong passwords that even the most powerful computers cannot break. In addition, you only need to remember one password instead of many. Today, every website demands you to create a profile and access it via a password. A password manager makes it easier and quicker.

If you don’t use a password manager, read on. Here, we elaborate on the password manager advantage, the 10 best password managers of 2021, and how they made it to this list. It’s your chance to know everything you need to know about password managers.

Best Password Managers For 2022: How Did We Test The Quality?

With such a variety of options out there, it isn’t easy to choose the best ones. Thus, we tested more than 30 password managers on key parameters to come up with the best 10 for 2021. The parameters include:

1. Security

You trust an application with all your credentials. It must have all the required security features to keep your passwords safe. Some password managers are equipped with basic features, such as weak password warning, dual authentication, strong password creation, etc. But is that enough? You deserve better protection against sophisticated attacks.

An ideal password manager should offer state-of-the-art security features, such as secure syncing that spans over your laptop, mobile, iPad, and other devices. Secure password creation should be there to create complex passwords instantly. Plus, the password manager must save passwords for sites, apps and also send you a data breach warning for enhanced protection.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

Gone are the days when “enter the password and access” was a strong feature. It’s outdated now. When you are choosing the password manager, ensure it has multi-factor authentication. This will ensure that only authorized users get access upon proving their right to access. The user needs to provide two kinds of evidence that fall into three categories- something they are, something they know, and something they have.

The ‘something they are’ can be proved through the visitor’s fingerprint or retinal scan while for ‘something they know’, they need to furnish their PIN or password. Likewise, ‘something they have’ can be proved by using a code sent on the mobile. Wonder why the best password managers use multi-factor authentication to allow access?

3. Usability

Everyone has a different purpose for using a password manager. While some use it for strong password generation, others only need it for storing passwords. The password manager must have a usability feature that serves all the different needs. In addition, it must be simple. The user should be able to use it without any scruples.

A good password management tool allows the availability of browser extensions as well as cross-platform syncing. Different password managers have different usability features. You can choose one suiting your specific requirements.

4. Digital Wallet Feature

A password exists for virtually every digital transaction mode, think debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, net banking and more. You require memorizing each of them or else, you may get locked out of your account. The best password manager includes a digital wallet feature to facilitate easy and secure transactions.

You cannot send and receive money using these wallets though. It can be used to store your payment methods safely. A good password manager allows easy checkout from e-commerce websites. You only need to enter a website using a password manager and make a payment. The required details would be filled in automatically.

5. Emergency Third-Party Access

What if there is an emergency and your family or friends need to access your account? In that case, your privacy can be counterproductive. Breathe easy, as the password managers allow emergency third-party access. Your trusted family members or friends can access your vault in dire situations. They allow for adding authorised emergency contacts. There are family plans as well where you can share your credentials with anyone you trust.

Your family or friends must use the same password manager, though. The best password manager does not allow ready access by your contacts but waits for a while to release information. As such, if an attacker tries to access your vault, the breach can be stopped.

10 Best Password Manager Apps

Based on the five factors mentioned above, we tested several password manager applications and handpicked the best on the market for 2021. You can match them against your needs and arrive at educated decisions minus much due diligence.

1. Dashlane

DashlaneDashlane is the best password manager in terms of security features. The feature-rich application has been preferred by millions of users the world over after its debut in 2009. It supports various platforms and allows easy syncing between your devices.

With a premium plan, you get dark web monitoring, unlimited devices, passwords, VPN, and personalized alerts if your stored credentials appear in a data breach. For all this, you’ll be paying $59 a year. Plus, it has separate plans for individuals, businesses, and families, so you can avail Premium features at $89 for five users. In addition, the password changer option is the best, allowing you to change all your passwords with a single click.


  • Allows changing hundreds of passwords with a single click.
  • Features VPN, dark web monitoring, personalized alerts, etc.
  • Comes with secure file storage to store important documents.
  • Quick and easy syncing between all your devices.


  • A bit pricier than other password managers on our list.
  • The free account has a limit of 50 passwords and is meant for one device only.

2. LastPass

LastPassLastPass has made it into this list of best password managers of 2021 for its feature-rich plans. Its free plan is perhaps the best-in-class. It allows for saving unlimited passwords, individual sharing, multi-factor authentication, and password generation on a single device. That’s simply too much for a free account.

Then there are family and business plans. The premium plans build on the free plan to offer some exciting features, such as dark web monitoring, emergency third-party access, access across multiple devices, encrypted storage space, and more. The family plan is very affordable, providing 6 licensed premium accounts at only $4. With 30 million users’ trust and a 4.5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store, LastPass is worth trying.


  • A feature-rich password manager.
  • Perfect integration of MFA and password management service.
  • Interface and performance are amazing.
  • Quite affordable.


  • Desktop apps are useless.
  • No auto-filling for some personal data fields.

3. 1Password

1PasswordMeet the best password manager for both personal and family needs. 1Password does not offer a free plan, but you get a 14-day free trial with any paid plan. When billed annually, the personal subscription plan comes to $2.99 a month. That’s quite competitive. It offers unlimited password storage, 1 GB secure storage, apps for all the major OS and extensions for most browsers, travel mode, and two-factor authentication, among other features.

The premium plan is $4.99 a month when billed annually. This is for 5 members initially, but you can add a new member at $1 each. Feel free to set different permissions for different members. Another salient feature is restoring deleted passwords up to 365 days later. 1Password Watchtower keeps an eye on potential security breaches. The travel mode ensures all the sensitive data is deleted before travel and is restored once you are back.


  • Best affordable family password manager.
  • Travel mode for enhanced security.
  • A 14-day free trial is available across paid plans.
  • A digital wallet and 24/7 email support are available.


  • Lacks a free version.
  • Outdated desktop version.

4. Bitwarden

BitwardenBitwarden makes it to the list for its diverse features and a free plan. It is open-source software, and even the free plan offers secure notes, multi-factor authentication, multiple syncing across devices, unlimited online storage, the option to store passwords offline, etc. This is perhaps better than any free password manager version out there.

Besides, its team and business plans are also impressive. The family organization plan for up to 6 members starts at only $3.33 a month while the enterprise organization plan starts at just $5 a month. The features include 1 GB of file storage, password generator, two-step login, password sharing, MFA, and more. Being open-source software, its code is available for testing and fixing. If you are qualified, you can tweak it to suit your specific needs.


  • The free version is feature-rich.
  • It is very affordable. Its individual premium plan is only $10/year.
  • No need to wait for developer upgrades.
  • BitWarden complies with HPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 security standards.


  • It is feature-rich, but you may not even need those features.
  • Doesn’t work properly with the Edge extension.

5. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnceLogMeOnce enables you to log in through any device on any browser via any means of authentication such as fingerprint, PIN, or photo. You don’t need to remember your master password thanks to its additional security settings. It is the best cross-platform software out there designed for multi-device platform users. LogMeOnce boasts about its 50 impressive features that can be personalized to your exact requirements.

LogMeOnce offers military-grade security features. You get encrypted storage using AES 256-bit encryption, autofill, dark web monitoring, and other useful features. Its free ad-supported plan is impressive with unlimited devices and passwords, secured notes, shared passwords, etc. The paid plans range from $2.5 to $4.99 per month. You can add up to six family members.


  • The best cross-platform software.
  • Over 50 features with a customized dashboard.
  • Encrypted storage for military-grade protection.
  • Biometric options for secure login.


  • Requires you to pay extra for add-ons, which can get expensive.
  • Not suitable for new users due to numerous features.

6. Keeper

KeeperCourtesy enhanced security features, Keeper is right there among the best password managers for 2021. You don’t get a free plan, but you can try out its Business and Enterprise accounts on a free 14-day trial basis. It features a single sign-on, two-factor authentication and also allows role-based access, secure storage, admin console, etc.

Feel free to access the basic personal account for $2.91 a month or upgrade to a premium plan at $4.87. Upon upgrade, you get unlimited passwords, devices, secured file storage, dark web monitoring, Autofill, and an array of other features. Then there are family vaults with 5 private vaults at only $6.24 for the basic account. Both business and Enterprise level plans are better than others, making it the best password manager in its category.


  • Plugin for all the major browsers.
  • Impressive Security measures with SALM 2.0 single sign-on.
  • Only biometric authentication.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.


  • If you use an old phone without fingerprint or face recognition support, you must remember your master key by heart.
  • Lacks a free version.

7. Roboform

RoboformIf you are looking for a basic password manager, Roboform would exceed your expectations. It has a ‘Basic’ version and an ‘Everywhere’ version. The Everywhere version is equipped with all features you require in a password manager, from secure cloud storage, two-factor authentication, and secure syncing to emergency access, 24/7 support, and more. It is the least expensive premium account, priced at only $1.399 a month.

Then there are business plans that offer password generators, data breach alarm, two-factor authentication, and other useful functions. You not only get a secure place for your credentials but access an auditing tool, which is handy against weak passwords. The strong encryption and its inability to obtain authentication via a USB drive ensure better safety. Also, you can connect nine devices to one account, which are sufficient for a normal user but a constraint for larger organizations.


  • Amazing form-filling capabilities.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Strong encryption, secure notes app, and credential alarm to alert you to a weak password.


  • Outdated desktop app.
  • Does not allow free device syncing. Only available on premium subscription.

8. NordPass

NordPassNordPass is a product from Nord Suite. Users with a NordVPN can go ahead with this password manager as a part of the deal. As the best password manager in its class, it has everything the basic password managers should have. It allows secure syncing for up to 6 devices per subscription, which is less than any other password manager. However, it’s versatile with plug-ins available for all the major browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc., and desktop apps for iOS, Linux, Windows, and macOS.

You can save an unlimited number of passwords with NordPass while also getting assistance in creating strong passwords. Sharing passwords is easy as you can sort them into folders. Plus, it is reasonably priced. There is a free account as well, but it only allows one device per sign up. The premium edition comes at a monthly subscription cost of $4.99. However, it comes down to $4.49/month if you subscribe for one year. The subscription price plummets to $2.99/month with a two-year subscription.


  • High security with XChaCha20 encryption, end-to-end encryption, secure syncing, biometric security features, etc.
  • Smooth and polished interface.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Import plug-ins available for all the major browsers


  • Allows syncing for up to only six devices per subscription.
  • You can only use one device at a time with the free version.

9. Enpass

EnpassEnpass believes in handing over control to the users. It does not provide cloud storage and lets users decide whether they want to store their passwords on the cloud or online. Enpass is the best password manager if you have one device and wish to save your credentials locally. For multiple devices, you need third-party cloud storage for syncing.

It is the best fit if you like to access their accounts via desktop. Though, its mobile apps have a limit of 25 passwords on its free version. It is recommended for its weak password flagging, strong password creation, storing credit cards and ID cards, etc. You can get it for $15.99 for six months, a yearly subscription of $23.99, or a lifetime purchase for $55.99.


  • Allows for keeping data offline.
  • Basic password manager for those who don’t need a flashy and expensive one.
  • 256-bit encryption, which is sufficient as the data is saved offline.
  • A functional desktop app, autofill, weak password flagging, password generator


  • Limited features.
  • No two-factor authentication or easy multiple syncing.

10. Zoho Vault

Zoho VaultZoho Vault is a business-oriented password manager. The password manager’s popularity rests on its robust and feature-rich free version. Rely on the free version for easy password generation, secure notes, offline access, two-factor authentication, multiple device syncing, auto-login, browser extensions, and a plethora of interesting functions.

Zoho Vault is reasonably priced. You can get a family plan at $1 per month only. Zoho has a host-proof hosting model, which is responsible for strong encryption. Plus, users have a public/private key pair to decrypt a password when shared. It offers single sign-on, bulk password changes, and robust browser extensions. For a $4 per month subscription, Zoho offers many features irrelevant for individuals or families but essential for professionals.


  • A string of features at a meager price.
  • Robust, feature-rich free version.
  • Third-party integrations with Dropbox, Gmail, Microsoft 365, etc.
  • A five-member family plan is available at only $1/ month.


  • No form filling feature.
  • Most features are irrelevant to individual and family users.

5 Benefits Of Using A Password Manager In 2021

Keeping your data and passwords safe is paramount in present times. You may not have experience with using a password manager, but it can keep your passwords safe for you. Let’s zero in on the best password manager advantage.

  • Memorize The Master Password

A master password seals a password manager. Instead of remembering multiple passwords for different sites, you only need to remember the master password required to open your vault.

  • Password Creation

Password creation may sound like child’s play. But if you end up creating a random password, there is still a great chance that it can be guessed by someone. Password managers come equipped with a password creation feature that assists you in creating strong, unbreakable passwords.

  • Simple Login

The best password manager app allows for autofill options. With your browser extension, you can easily fill in the data and make secure login.

  • Bulk Password Change

Changing your passwords regularly is a standard security practice. But it is not feasible to create and change hundreds of passwords manually. Here too, password managers kick in, helping you change passwords in bulk with a single click.

  • Multiple Device Syncing

You access websites via multiple devices, think a laptop, mobile, desktop, iPad, and Mac. Password managers allow multiple devices syncing, so you can use your password manager on multiple devices under a single subscription.


When it comes to password manager features, there’s an evident overlap. A majority of them offer two-factor authentication, a free version, password creation, secure syncing, and so on. But when you are choosing the password manager, you must determine why you need it. Whether it is for personal use, family use, or business use? What are the features that you are looking for? That would help you make need-based buying decisions.

You can opt for a free version for personal use. Your best bets include Bitwarden and Zoho Vault. If you are looking for a military-grade secure password manager, LastPass, Dashlane, and 1Password is worth trying. Also, have a look at the costs. The price of a password manager must not outweigh its features.

Opting for a password manager is an intelligent decision. Thus, we have chosen the 10 best password managers for 2021 for you to choose from. Spell your needs, compare the products, and see which one aligns with your needs.

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