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Best Political Science Research Topics for 2023

So, you are looking for political science research topics. Well, let Duniakagyan offer you a detailed list of topics. We also provide tips on how to write a project, what to write, and more.

Political science is a broad and dynamic subject. So, you have plenty of scope for research. Whether you are a student or a research scholar, the subject offers so much to explore, analyze, and discuss. Before we jump into the best political science project ideas, let’s first discuss how to write a political science project. These tips will help you score well regardless of the topic you choose.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create a Political Science Project

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a political science project.

Choose the Topic Wisely:

As a political science student, you know how vast the subject is. You might have difficulty choosing a suitable topic with so many options available. But you have to take up the challenge, as the choice of your topic will decide the quality of the project. Here’re a few tips for choosing the topic.

  • Your chosen topic should be extensive enough to offer ample material for you to research.
  • If the topic interests you, working on it becomes easier. So, choose something interesting.
  • You can quickly complete the project with prior knowledge of the topic. Keep this in mind.
  • Choose a topic related to your course. This will allow you to fare well in the written exam as well.
  • It’s wise to go for a unique topic. This helps you attract attention & good grades in the viva-voce.
  • At all costs, do not opt for a lengthy or complicated topic. It will eat up your precious time.

Research, Research & Research:

Now that you have chosen the political science research topics, it’s time to focus on research. It’s wise to go for intensive research to uncover as much information as possible on the chosen topic. This will not just make your project stand out but also keep you prepared for the viva voce.

To gather sufficient information, you have to rely on books, journals, articles, online resources, and government publications. Mind you, the more sources you research, the wider perspective you will develop on the topic. This will help you draw a logical conclusion based on verifiable facts.

Tips: Ensure the source is credible to avoid presenting faulty information. Also, keep track of the sources you consult. You will need it to populate the bibliography section.

Analyze Data & Develop a Thesis:

Upon gathering information, you need to put your thinking cap on. Go through the information to identify key trends, patterns, and relationships. Next, analyze your findings to develop an evidence-based, clear, and concise thesis statement, which sums up your argument. You are free to share the statement with friends and teachers and ask for feedback. This will help you refine the statement.

Tips: Feel free to use statistics, graphs, pie charts, tables, and other tools to organize the data at hand. Mind you, and organized information is easier to analyze and draw conclusions from.

Best Political Science Research Topics

1. Youth Parliament

Youth ParliamentThe Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (India) has introduced the National Youth Parliament Competition Scheme for schools and universities. The idea is to strengthen the roots of democracy and educate the student community about Parliament and its functions. Political science topics can be chosen for the ruling and opposition parties, such as the vaccine distribution process, health sector, technology development, petroleum hike, regional disputes, etc.


The competition requirements include:

  • A hall
  • Seats, banners, proper lighting
  • Stationery items
  • Refreshments

If you follow some do’s and don’t this can be the most engaging and hands-on project idea. It’s a platform to create awareness and enable young people to communicate their ideas and opinions.

2. Security in the Contemporary World

Security in the Contemporary WorldThe country must protect itself and its citizens from all external and internal threats. Otherwise, it will have to deal with an existential crisis. As a result, every country, big or little, makes security a top priority. But, in this context, what does security imply? “Freedom from threats,” to be precise. Physical, financial, medical, or emotional harm could be posed. Because of the broad breadth of research, it is one of the most popular political science research topics.

You can choose sub-topics under this project like:

  • Epidemics & Pandemic (Example: Covid-19)
  • Terrorism
  • Threats to Human Security (Global Poverty, etc.)
  • External Threats from Neighboring Countries

3. Globalization

GlobalizationGlobalization is a reality with headways in IT, transportation, and trade. Like any other phenomenon, it has its benefits and its disadvantages. Why not consider globalization as one of your political science topics? It’s a diverse and engaging topic with research potential. You can discuss globalization in the 21st century, movements against globalization, the impact of globalization, and more.

Don’t forget to mention the:

  • Positive effects: job opportunities, trade increase, etc.
  • Adverse effects: Terrorism, COVID-19, depletion of flora and fauna.

It’s a vast topic, and you can get loads of information. If you are a student, you can get good grades by choosing this topic. And, as a teacher, you can understand your student’s skills and knowledge.

4. Regional Aspirations

Regional AspirationsRegional aspirations are understandable in a country as diverse as India. India had to deal with various challenges after independence, including partition, state organization, displacement, linguistic disputes, etc. The Punjab Crisis and Operation Blue Star brought regional aspirations to the fore in the 1980s.

Following this, there were movements for autonomy in the North East and terrorism in Kashmir. Because it is so comprehensive, it is an excellent pick for your political science project. With a wealth of online and offline information, you may cover a wide range of issues with this project.

5. Corruption


“Corruption” is an umbrella term for multiple conduct patterns. A community’s socioeconomic and polity decide a country’s corruption levels. In recent times, almost the whole world has been facing this never-ending issue. Think of it as social cancer, spreading like wildfire and killing the country slowly. When using “corruption” as one of the political science topics, you can check the content on the internet.

6. United Nations Organizations

United Nations OrganizationsThe United Nations Organisation (UNO) could be one of the best political science topics for the project. After all, there’s much to research and discuss on this topic. The global inter-governmental organization existed in 1945 to promote peace, resolve issues between member countries, and ensure everyone receives social justice and fundamental human rights. You can begin by explaining the principal organs of the UN, such as UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, ILO, veto power, the General Assembly, and more.

7. Voting Survey

Voting SurveyJohn Lewis once famously stated, “The vote is precious. It is our most potent non-violent tool in a democratic society, and we must use it. It gives you the power to choose your representatives and transform your society and nation. You can survey your colony or society to find out the voting patterns. It includes what people consider before voting and what they expect from their winning candidate. Also, you can guide the public regarding their voting rights, why they should vote, etc.

8. Party System in India

Party System in IndiaIndia embraces a multi-party system at the national, state, and local level. This could be one of your next project’s best political science topics. The Congress system, the rise of the BJP, the emergence of a multi-party system in India, and other subtopics can be explored. This diversified project will make you understand your polity better.

9. New Social Movements in India

New Social Movements in IndiaHistory is full of examples where people have taken to the streets whenever they found that a problem was not being addressed adequately. You name it, from the Satyagraha and Swadeshi movements in India to the Nirbhaya Movement and the CAA and NRC Protest in 2019. You can include various movements, like ecology, women, workers, etc., in your project outline.

10. Where do you see the Nation in the next ten years?

Where do you see the Nation in the next ten years“Where do you want to see ourselves in ten years?” is a question we’re frequently asked. Simply rephrase the question: “Where do you envision the country in ten years?” It’s a crucial question since you are the country’s future. Choosing it as your political science topic makes you more likely to understand the current situation thoroughly.

11. Role of Media in Politics

Role of Media in PoliticsThe media is shaping the whole political scenario as it remarkably impacts politics. It can make or break anyone’s political career, leading to electoral success or failure. The news spreads like fire, as nowadays, the news is just a click away (24*7). You can explore the net for further details on the role of the media in politics. And you can conclude the project with a subtopic: Democracy’s Fourth Pillar: Real or Myth?

How we are governed is greatly influenced by political science. Political Science topics are a great way to delve deeper into and better understand the subject. You can complete your assignment and improve your grades by choosing these topics.

10 Political Science Projects for Class 10

Political Science or commonly called by students as ‘Civics’, is one of the most important subjects to be taught in schools. It teaches a kid everything about how a political body works. The function of the judiciary, legislature, democracy, leaders, and much more is political science. Projects on such topics enhance one’s knowledge and help one engage more in learning the content. The article hereby provides a list of project ideas for high schoolers that are also fun and scholarly.

1. (Based on Federalism) Comparative Study of Two Countries

Based on Federalism) Comparative study of 2 countries

As defined by textbooks for high schoolers, the federal government is a form of government in which the central government shares its powers with various constituent units of the country. Several countries follow federalism, such as Brazil, India, Russia, etc., while others don’t, such as China, Sri Lanka, etc.

This project aims to help students distinguish between a federal and a non-federal government by creating a study report. The report may include the types of governing bodies each ‘chosen’ country (one being a federal country) has and then a brief comparison between the governments in each country.

2. (Based on Judicial Activism) News Report Case Study

(Based on Judicial Activism) News Report Case StudyJudicial activism is the judiciary’s active role in upholding citizens’ rights and preserving the country’s constitutional and legal systems. The subject matter is highlighted well in school textbooks and needs an example for better understanding. This example can be set by none other than the news articles challenging and following the judiciary system published regularly in the newspapers.

The student may choose one such set of news articles from the print, perform a case study and write a report in their own words. This will help students understand the challenges faced by the judicial system and how a government works for it.

3. (Based on Political Parties) Political Parties – A Review

(Based on Political Parties) Political parties- a review Everyone is well aware of the political parties in a country, but only a grown-up kid may understand their reason for existence because that is when a school teaches them so. Since the students are well aware of a political party’s functioning, a review of political parties will help them with their general knowledge. This project requires a student to make a report on the political parties functioning in their country. The report may include the party’s aim, formation history, leaders, and current situation in the country.

4. (Based on Role of Media) Fair Media

(Based on Role of Media) Fair MediaIn the case of political issues, the media is supposed to provide information to the public by its reporting of and commentary on the proceedings within the Parliament, the operations of the Government, and the views and alternate policies of the Opposition. But the media these days is so-called ‘sold’. News channels, rather than providing the facts, work on spreading false information. This project is supposed to elaborate on the function of media in today’s world, and students are meant to write their views on ‘What is Fair Media?’.

5. (Based on Challenges Facing the Democratic System) Reality Check

(Based on Challenges facing the democratic system) Reality CheckThe chapter in the study describes the challenges faced by a democratic system and how to reform them. A student may learn everything about the democratic system and its challenges but hardly gets to know them from the real world. This project aims to make the student a reality check on the current system. The student may pick any challenge (Poverty, Literacy, Religionism, etc.) and write a report on:

  • Steps by the government to tackle the challenge
  • The success achieved through the steps
  • Is the success satisfactory?
  • Suggestions for enhancement

6. Leaping onto the Past

Leaping onto the pastEach country today has a type of government that didn’t exist hundreds of years ago in that place. For example, India was under British rule before its independence in 1947. This project report aims to make students aware of the country’s past government system/rule and compare both systems. A report will describe the political system that existed before the current government.

7. Election Replica

Election ReplicaThe students may be distributed in a group, and each group will stand for a political party of its own. The group will create a name for their party, choose a leader, and do the procedures exactly that of a real election. Some students will be left out (not in any group) and act as common citizens. The parties will promote and campaign for votes in any manner they need, and then an election will be held where students will be required to cast their votes on the ballots. This project will help students understand how an election process works.

8. Reaching Out to Government Officials

Reach-out government officialsThe project can either be performed in a group or individually. Students may search for the problems in their areas regarding anything and then email or mail out the issue to government officials. This will help students recognise the problems and reach out to help society.

9. Interview

InterviewThis project is quite productive and makes a student familiar with a commoner’s views on political systems. The student can interview someone lesser known to him on a personal level. The choice of person to be interviewed should be such that he/she has personally encountered any political area. For example, a person who has visited court for some case can be interviewed for his/her reviews on the judicial system, an elderly neighbor can be interviewed for his views on how the politics changed over the years, or a family member or neighbor who serves any electrical board can be interviewed on his experience at the place.

10. Chart Making on Foreign Political System

Chart making on Foreign political systemWhile in school, a student learns a lot about the political system in their own country but less about another country’s political system. The project aims at providing students with knowledge of foreign political systems. The student may create a chart describing a foreign country’s political system unlike his own. The chart may include the type of government alongside its role, functioning, and leaders.


So these were some easy-to-try Political Science project ideas for students of class 10th. If you have any such interesting Political Science (Civics) project ideas that you think should be a part of this list, do share them with us in the comments section. Till then, happy learning!

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