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10 Best RO Water Purifiers [RO Water Filters] To Buy In 2023

So, you are in the market for the best RO water purifier. Let’s help you choose well with a detailed list of top 10 brand recommendations, alongside other useful information.

An RO purifier is more than a luxury. It’s, rather, existentially useful. Per WHO, contaminated water accounts for over 80 percent of diseases and 50 percent of child deaths globally. Think Hepatitis A, Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, Amoebic Dysentery, and the list of waterborne diseases goes on.

Wondering how an RO water purifier can help? Well, to comprehend that, you need to know what RO is. Read on, as we walk you through the nitty-gritty of RO, from history to applications and more.

What is RO technology in the best RO water purifier? 

Well, RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. Herein, the contaminated water is bombarded on a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure. The pores of the membrane are just wide enough to allow the entry of water molecules while restricting that of the contaminants. Simply put, the pure water passes through the membrane, and the dissolved solutes are held back and eliminated.

Although Jean-Antoine Nollet discovered the osmosis phenomenon in 1748, it took the University of California to apply osmosis to desalinate seawater in 1950 for the first time. However, it was only with the improvements in the membrane that RO became commercially viable. Come 1977, Cape Coral adopted the technology for filtration at scale, becoming the first municipality to do so.

Wondering why they call it reverse osmosis? Well, the answer lies in the concentration gradient. In osmosis, the water molecules go with the concentration gradient while in reverse osmosis, they go against it. Guess what? Osmosis is a natural process associated with the movement of water within plants and animals. Rather, they rely on the phenomenon to achieve homeostasis.

How does the Best RO Water Purifier work?

The best RO water purifier forces water through a thin-film composite membrane. However, brands incorporate multiple filters to increase effectiveness and draw attention. Specifications may vary, but any decent RO purifier features the following steps, not in the same order though.

  1. Sediment Filter 1: Captures heavy pollutants, such as rust
  2. Sediment Filter 2: With smaller pores, it traps medium-sized pollutants
  3. Activated Carbon Filter: It eliminates chlorine and other chemicals that impart odor.
  4. Ultraviolet Lamp: The chamber exposes water to UV radiations to eliminate microbes.
  5. RO Membrane: Reverse osmosis happens here, getting rid of any impurities left in the water.

Mind you, certain steps are optional, meaning they might not feature in a standard RO purifier system. Also, some brands prefer cellulose triacetate (CTA)r the Sediment Filter 2 to prevent bacterial growth. Obviously, the prices tendtendincrease with the number of filtration steps. Some even have a mechanism to add minerals in water that are eliminated during reverse osmosis.

Why does the best RO water purifier matters? 

With nitty-gritty of reverse osmosis out of the way, it’s time to know why an RO purifier matters.

  • Complete Filtration: No other filtration system can match RO technology when it comes to effectiveness. It can eliminate almost all types of contaminants, from pesticides, viruses, and bacteria to fluorides and other heavy metals. On the other hand, water pitchers and filtration bottles feature filters made up of granular activated carbon. The filter soaks up contaminants that give water a bad taste or odor but is ineffective against disease-causing microbes.
  • A feasible option: The municipal water supply and underground water are both polluted. You cannot trust them for your and your loved one’s health. Likewise, packaged mineral water is not an option due to a variety of variables, such as availability and cost. On the other hand, portable reverse osmosis systems are ideal for home use, whether it’s tap water or fresh water from streams and rivers. Expensive though, they are a one-time investment for all filtration needs.

However, choosing a proper filter will be influenced by your budget and water purification requirements.

We have rounded up the top 10 purifiers from the best water purifier brands. Let’s explore their features:

10 Best RO Water Purifiers [ RO Water Filters ]

1. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System

Compact and placeable under the sink, it is hands-down the best RO water purifier for homes. The product provides exceptional performance for years, thanks to the superior composite membrane filters. The tankless design reduces its occupying space while ensuring quick water flow.

Superior Filters: The product features an activated carbon block and PP membrane in the CF filter. It gets rid of sediments, rusts, colloids, chlorine, fluoride, scale, and other sizeable contaminants.

Innovative Design: The tankless design saves more than 70% space, which makes this RO water purifier perfect for cramped kitchens. Plus, with the tank out of the way, it looks compact and futuristic.

Quick Access to Drinking Water: It provides a flow rate of up to 400 GPD by combining an effective filter and an internal pump. So, you can expto drinkking water in just 12 seconds.

Convenient to Use: The design eliminates leaking issues while the airtight container decreases sound. Even installation and replacement of the filter are more convenient than conventional filters. The twist-and-pull system of the filters enables replacement in just 3 seconds.

  • Capacity: 400.00 gallons
  • Price: $299.99
  • Buy here:

2. Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Frizzlife Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

The system boasts a 0.0001 micron RO membrane that separates over a thousand variations of impurities from water. These include fluoride, TDS, chloramine, chlorine, limescale, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals. Thanks to the pre-filter (ASR311) in the purifier, the RO membrane can last longer, while the post-alkaline filter (ASR313-A) adds minerals to the clean water.

Tank Capacity: Count on the system for storing 500 Gallons of water with a water flow of up to 0.4 GPM @ 60 psi. Feel free to connect it to your fridge using the IMC-1 ice maker kit to access pure ice cubes, anytime.

Easy Installation: It’s an integrated system, featuring pre-loaded filters while lacking a conventional tank or numerous connection ports. So, there are fewer leakage concerns. Also, it is simple to install, as all you need is to follow a step-by-step installation video and detailed instructional user manual.

Filter Life Reminder: The filter life monitor on the operating panel indicates filter’s health. When it’s blue, the filter is performing well but when it turns red, it’s time to change it. It will even beep when a change is inevitable. Plus, replacing the filter is a breeze, as all it takes is a single twist.

Reintroduces Minerals: While RO purifiers have disrepute for eliminating minerals, PX500-A reintroduces them to keep you healthy. Also, it ensures the water’s pH stays over 7.5 while restricting water wastage to the bare minimum. That’s one more reason why we rate it so highly.

  • Capacity: 500.00 gallons
  • Price: $479.99
  • Buy here:

3. AquaTru – Countertop Water Filtration Purification System


Feast your eyes on this remarkable offering from AquaTru, one of the world’s leading RO water purifier brands. You can trust the product for performance, functionality, stunning looks, and everything else that drives purchase decisions. It comes with IAPMO certification for eliminating poisons, hormones, carcinogens, and other toxins, alongside all common pollutants.

IAPMO Tested: IAPMO certifies this pitcher to eliminate 82 pollutants, which exceeds the competitors by a staggering 15 times. The elimination rate is high across the board – Lead 99.1%, Chromium 97.2%, Copper 95.2%, Fluoride 93.5%, Radium 96.4%, and Chlorine 96.6%.

Hassle-Free Installations & Quick Change: It only takes a few minutes to set up minus the need for plumbing. It comes with “Twist and Seal” filter, which is not only easy to change but durable as well.

Costs: An underrated aspect of this system is its cost-effectiveness. At $426, it rivals any fully installed under-the-counter RO system in performance but comes at a fraction of the cost.

Stunning Performance: You can expect 1 gallon of filtered water in 12-15 minutes. And, if that fails to impress you, an unconditional 30-day satisfaction guarantee will.

  • Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Price: $426.00
  • Buy here:

4. Bluevua RO 100ROPOT RO System Water Filter

Bluevua RO 100ROPOT RO System Water Filter

With an uncanny resemblance to a coffee machine, it’s a capable RO purifier to fit any need or décor. It’s a feature-rich product that can clean itself automatically, and reduce power and water usage while delivering healthy, pleasant-smelling water. As the best RO water purifier, the product features PP, CTO, RO, and PCF filters for the purest possible water in four stages.

Self-Cleaning: Activating the 6-minute self-cleaning cycle to clear out any remaining pollutants is easy-  just plug it into the power source. When the water volume button and the round water-making button flash together, press them both at the same time to start self-cleaning. A user manual is there to help you get a handle on the flushing functions and system maintenance.

Power & Water Saver: Breathe easy, if power and water bills are troubling you. The product comes equipped with an in-built automatic power-saving standby mode to bring down your power bills. Also, you can use the leftover water from a cycle for various domestic applications.

Filter Life Monitor: The filter can last for 12 and 24 months while saving water with a remarkable Pure to Drain ratio of 2:1. And, when it times to replace the filter, the monitor will alert you to that.

Warranty: One-year warranty comes by default with each purchase. To register, just scan the QR code and enter your details. If you need assistance, online customer service will be happy to help. In case you are not happy with the purifier, a 30-day full refund is available for confident purchases.

  • Capacity: 1700.00 milliliters
  • Price: $389.00
  • Buy here:

5. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

This filtration pitcher for a fridge is a simple space-saver gravity water filter system jug ideal for families and fits perfectly on fridge shelves. This solid carbon block purifier pitcher with a filter will provide your household with clean, purified water for many years.

WATER FLUORIDATION: Fluoride removal using a proprietary designed carbon block water filter. Specifically designed and tested to eliminate chlorine.

LEAD WATER FILTER: A 6mm thick carbon block eliminates lead from the water. Forever Chemical PFOA PFOS PFC Water Filter: Designed and proven to remove the Forever Chemical PFOA PFOS PFC.1,4-Dioxane Water Filter: This filter has recently been evaluated for the removal of 1,4-Dioxane from drinking water.

TAP WATER FILTER: The solid carbon block filter separates 2000% more toxins than the leading water filter pitcher. Solid carbon block water filters with a thickness of 6mm protect you from toxins that other filters overlook. Healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium are kept in trace amounts in your water by smart filter media.

Timer LED: It has an embedded LED timer that counts down from 90 days and informs you when it is time to change the filter.

HIGH-CAPACITY PITCHER PURIFIER: Each water filter generates 150 gallons of clean, contaminant-free drinking water (lasting four times longer than other water filter pitchers). Plus, it removes 99.99% of all pollutants from tap water.

  • Capacity: 150 Gallon lifetime capacity of a filter
  • Price: $60.00
  • Buy here:

6. SimPure Y7 UV RO Water Filter Purification System

SimPure Y7 UV RO Water Filter Purification System

REVERSE OSMOSIS OUTPERFORMS CONTAMINANTS: It processes well water or tap water (TDS 500 ppm) into clean and healthy drinkable water by removing 99.99% of the 1,000+ pollutants & harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals (PFOA/PFOS, Pharmaceuticals), heavy metals (Lead, Arsenic, etc.), chlorine, TDS (fluoride, nitrates/nitrites, etc.).

UV PURIFICATION SYSTEM: Uses no chemicals and produces no by-products, successfully eradicating 99.9 % of microorganisms, bacteria, and germs in your water for more thorough sterilization. The SimPure UV purification system, when paired with the three-Stages RO Filtration System, may take water purification to the next level.

INSTALLATION IS NOT REQUIRED: It has a full set of quick-changing twist-and-seal filters. In comparison to other Under-Sink Filters, SimPure Y7 is not confined to the water supply area; you may set and relocate the SimPure water purifier anywhere where there is a power supply.

HIGH-WATER PURIFYING EFFICIENCY: 5:1 pure to drain, the greatest water consumption rate of any RO system on the market. The quicker Dispense flow rate will provide you with a cup of purified water in just 15 seconds (418 GPD). No more squandering money on bottled water, plus you’ll be contributing to a clean planet.

SERVING THE UNITED STATES SINCE 2006: Based in Seattle, Washington, SimPure is committed to offering world-class water filtering systems. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact the company’s water experts.

  • Capacity: 1.30 gallons
  • Price: $359.99
  • Buy here:

7. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage RO Filtration System

iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage RO Filtration System

6-STAGE ALKALINE REMINERALIZATION: This dependable and ultra-safe RO water filtration system converts your water into healthy, pure, and clean drinking water by removing up to 99% of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, sodium, lead, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, fluoride, and others.

MINERAL WATER WITH GREAT TASTE: The RO membrane not only removes harmful substances but also a few beneficial minerals. Therefore, a conventional 5-stage RO system produces mildly acidic water with a pH of 7.0 or lower. The iSpring RO water filter features a 6th stage – an Alkaline Remineralization filter that adds vital minerals and provides balanced alkalinity, giving your water a more neutral taste than a standard 5-stage RO water filter.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Transparent first-stage housing allows for simple visual inspection. Three extra-long-life pre-filters eliminate big pollutants while also protecting the RO membrane. The three filters provided for providing the best quality water are the Ultrafine (RO) filter to eliminate impurities as small as 0. 0001 microns, the fine GAC filter for utmost cleaning of the filtered water, and (the AK) filter to restore the proper amount of essential minerals and natural alkaline pH.

EASY TO INSTALL: It comes with a package including an installation manual, instructional videos, and lifetime technical support for an easy-to-do setup at home by yourself. The full alkaline RO filter is perfect enough to fit under a kitchen countertop. No threading pipes are required, you just have to push tubing 12 inches deep into a quick-fitting connection and lock it for a leak-free installation.

100% SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: The highly rated reverse osmosis system comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and lifetime customized assistance from GA, USA, and is designed to give limitless bottled quality drinking water directly in your house for many years to come, avoiding plastic waste.

  • Capacity: 75 Gallons
  • Price: $216.74
  • Buy here:

8. ICEPURE Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

ICEPURE Tankless Reverse Osmosis System

TANKLESS, POLLUTION-FREE, AND AUTO FLUSHING DESIGN: After a period of operation, the Icepure UTR400A reverse osmosis system avoids dirt and other dangerous substances contained in the tank. When combined with the Icepure RO system’s auto-flushing function, every drop of water you drink is healthy and pure. The package includes two filters (a PPC filter and a RO filter). If you require replacement filters, you can contact their customer care.

ICEPURE RO System has a high flow rate of 600 GPD and a low drain ratio of 1.5:1. 1 Cup / 7.6s, When producing 1.5G pure water, less than 1G wastewater is discharged. More pure water means less waste. Economical and environmentally friendly.

EASY INSTALLATION AND QUICK FILTER CHANGING: The Icepure RO Water Filter System’s plug-in installation and filter replacement design makes it simple for anybody to use and enjoy fresh water.

EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE FILTRATION: With a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 m, the RO Water System Filtration can successfully remove up to 99.99% of impurities such as silt, rust, big particles, organic matter, sand, chlorine, lead, cadmium, arsenic, benzene, sodium, chromium, mercury, nitrates, and PFAS. The smart faucet is composed of lead-free materials, and the built-in LED light will indicate to you the real-time TDS value and remind you to replace filters as needed.

MORE REASONABLE FILTER DESIGN: Icepure RO Water Filter is divided between pre-filtration and fine RO filtration, resulting in substantially longer life of the two filters (membrane) than a single composite filter. You also spend a lot less money on filters.

INTEGRATED WATERWAY DESIGN AND LEAK PROTECTION: The scientific waterway design of the RO Filter System reduces the chance of water leakage. When the system detects a possible water leak, it will automatically shut down. The human-centered design prevents unanticipated leakage. Icepure is a professional brand with a 20-year history in the water treatment sector.

  • Capacity: 600 Gallons
  • Price: $299.99
  • Buy here:

9. Waterdrop WD-CTF-01 Countertop Filter System

Waterdrop WD-CTF-01 Countertop Filter System

5-STAGE FILTERING SYSTEM: This filtering system successfully reduces contaminants usually present in tap water, such as colloid, silt, and up to 99% chlorine. It may also remove heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and fluoride from water, making it safe, pleasant, and fresh.

EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HEALTH: The filtration process restores minerals that are beneficial to your health, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which is why you have a higher TDS score. If you prefer the best drinking water TDS level, go with the Waterdrop RO system. The system is composed of 304 food-grade stainless steel and has a fine sleek finish design. It is also fingerprint- and BPA-free. The use of only safe materials assures clean and healthful drinking water.

ONE YEAR OF SERVICE LIFE: When you connect the purifier to municipal tap water, you can get up to 12 months of filter life or 8,000 gallons of purified water. The water flow rate can go up to as high as 1.6 gallons per minute by utilizing modern filtering technologies.

STRAIGHTFORWARD INSTALLATION: This filtration system is simple to install, with all necessary hardware (wrench and adapters) provided. It also readily connects to most conventional kitchen taps and faucets. Tap water and purified water can be swapped quickly by turning the switch.

VARIOUS APPLICATION SCENARIOS: The user-friendly design facilitates installation and use. There is no need to drill holes or call a plumber. It is designed for a variety of applications, such as residences, rental accommodations, and RVs.

  • Capacity: 8000 Gallons lifetime capacity
  • Price: $82.99
  • Buy here:

10. Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis System

Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis System

WATER-SAVING SMART TECHNOLOGY: By eliminating back pressure, the Circle is up to ten times more efficient than typical RO systems, which helps save both water and money. Furthermore, the tank is entirely rechargeable in under an hour.

COMPACT DESIGN: The reservoir and water filters are housed in a compact casing that takes up less space under your sink. This non-electric design’s twist and seal filters make filter replacement a snap. There is no need for pumps or electricity!

FAUCET DESIGNER: This sleek chrome kitchen faucet exudes quality and efficiency. The integrated LED filter change indication tells you when it’s time to replace your filters.

FOUR-STAGE PURIFICATION: The Circle reverse osmosis water filter system employs four distinct modern water filters to significantly reduce industrial and dangerous pollutants. It achieves maximum water efficiency through the innovative Smart Valve and flexible water tank.

A RO YOU CAN BELIEVE IN: The Water Quality Association has Gold Seal-certified this Brondello filter system for dependable performance, and it meets NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, 58, and 372.

  • Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Price: $449.99
  • Buy here:


People choose water purifiers to get a constant supply of clean, odorless, and tasty water at home. The best RO water purifier works on the reverse osmosis phenomenon to remove chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities that can cause some serious diseases and even deaths.

A water purifier is not only good for your health, but it also helps to keep the environment clean by reducing the amount of plastic trash produced by mineral water bottles.

So, that was our take on the best RO water purifiers in the world, which hopefully, you find useful. For more such informative content, keep visiting Duniakagyan, which is your one-stop online content resource.

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