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10 Best Sanitary Napkins for Women

Menstruation was considered taboo for a large fraction of the population around the World for a long time. There was a time when women were treated to be impure or unclean during those days of the month. But, now with so much awareness and people discussing menstruation freely, it is getting acknowledged as a normal bodily function, which it truly is. Handling periods is a bit tough, you need to be cautious and change sanitary pads regularly.

In addition to that, the sanitary napkin should be comfortable, long-lasting, a good absorbent, etc. So, today we have jotted down the names of the 10 best sanitary napkins for Women.

1. Whisper


Whisper is one of the most popular Sanitary pad brands. It is used by millions of women and girls. It makes sure that you remain comfortable and provides you long-lasting protection from any sort of leakage. With its long wings & ultra- absorbing property, it ensures that you remain tension-free throughout the day. The brand offers numerous types of sanitary pads.

2. Stayfree

StayfreeStayfree is another most used and most demanded sanitary pad. It has been serving females for a very long time. This sanitary napkin gives you complete protection from leakage and also confers long-lasting dryness. It absorbs all the fluid and has wings that guarantee that the pad remains in its place. It comes in gel-lock technology and offers maxi pads, ultra-thin pads, and female wipes.

3. Sofy


Sofy has been the favorite sanitary companion of many females. Its antibacterial long pad protects you from all the bacteria and guarantees absolute leakage protection during those 5-6 tough days of the month. Its fragrance makes you feel fresh, worry-free, safe, hygienic, and self-assured. It offers sanitary pads, pantyliners, and tampons.

4. V Wash Wow

V Wash Wow

This sanitary pad ensures that you remain comfortable, confident, irritation-free, and hygienic. It has a dual absorbent core that converts liquid into gel and corroborates stain-free protection. They have got pads of different sizes to cater to different kinds of flows. They manufacture their napkins with the best quality products and use high-end technology.

5. Carefree


Carefree is yet another, old and reliable sanitary napkin American brand that is known for its high quality. It provides unique moisture-proof shields that prevent staining entirely. It has got adjustable tab ends for a comfortable fit and ensures a tension-free night. They also manufacture party-liners and different types of pads.

6. Always Sanitary Napkins

Always Sanitary Napkins

‘Always’ is an American brand that deals in Feminine hygiene products and manufactures maxi pads, ultra-thin pads, cleansing vaginal wipes, and pantyliners, etc. The pad keeps you clean, dry, and safe all day long and its leak guard core pulls away fluid pretty fast. It is used by a good deal of women in the United States as the pads are reliable.

7. Bella


It offers a large number of products ranging from sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons to cosmetics for intimate hygiene. It provides classic sanitary napkins, ultra-thin sanitary napkins, etc. It is the only breathable sanitary napkins brand in India. They also conduct a Bella training knowledge that spreads awareness about hygiene and menstruation in the nation.

8. She


She is one of the best sanitary napkins and hygiene material making companies. Its cover is made up of cotton that helps you have a rash-free, allergy-free and comfortable period. It is skin-friendly and goes well for every skin type including soft and sensitive skin too. The pads prevent side leakage and possess the quick-absorbing ability.

9. Don’t Worry

Dont't worry

The sanitary pads of this company are a bit pocket-friendly i.e. economical in comparison to the other brands. They have an absorbent funnel that locks fluid and prevents it from retreating. ‘Don’t Worry’ offers several products and as the name says keeps you away from worrying about leakage and makes you go all fresh, dry,rash-free and comfortable during your menstruation days.

10. Nua


This brand is known for its soft, rash-free and comfortable sanitary napkins. They provide chemical free pads and wipe out itching for all the females. They also make ultra thin pads with wings with disposal covers. It will certainly make your periods a little easier. Disposal cover is provided for each individual pad by the brand.


So, this was the list of the 10 best sanitary napkins brands for women. They make your periods easy to endure by providing the best features. Menstruation is natural. Choose the sanitary pad that makes you feel comfortable, confident, irritation-free, and safe.

Sameeksha Medewar
Sameeksha Medewar
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