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10 Best Social Media Apps in 2022

Wondering what are the best social media apps? Let’s figure it out.

Did you see your cousin’s new watch he flaunted on Instagram? Did you see your father’s new profile picture he uploaded on Facebook? We’re sure you must have. After all, you follow them both on social media.

With technology connecting people virtually, social media platforms have become the most favored form of communication. You count on them to find like-minded people, share stories, stay connected, and more. In times when the communication gap with our loved ones is widening, these social media applications come across as a boon. From what they like to what they do, we know virtually everything about them through their uploaded stories, pictures and videos on the best social media apps.

Social media have also become a coveted aspiration for digital marketers as well, with 4.48 billion people using social media worldwide. Let’s take a brisk walk through the top 10 social media applications across the world. Their lure is strong among both everyday users and digital marketers.

10 Best Social Media Apps in 2022

1. Facebook


Headquarters Menlo Park, CA
Launched 2004
Monthly active users 2.7 billion
Founders Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes
Revenue (2020) $86 billion

Facebook is hands-down the leading social media app, with about 2.7 billion monthly active users (MAU). The numbers nearly guarantee that at least a portion of your audience utilizes the platform daily. However, it is rapidly losing younger users who are rapidly turning to other in-trend social media applications like Instagram. Older generations still find Facebook as their best companion.

With 2.74 billion active users, Facebook is heaven for digital marketing and promotions. Finance, e-commerce solutions, retailing, entertainment, news, technology, consumer products, and auto are among the top industries that use Facebook for marketing.

2. Youtube


Headquarters San Bruno, CA
Launched 2005
Monthly active users 2.29 billion
Founders Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley
Revenue (2020) $19.8 billion

The video-sharing culture in the social-media world started with Youtube. It has over 2.2 billion MAU, and it has a rock-solid base in the industry as one of the leading video-sharing apps.

The video-sharing network, which debuted in 2005, was originally meant to be a dating service. It gradually gained popularity, more so since its takeover by Google.

YouTube attracts a crowd consisting of all age groups. This includes the hard-to-reach 65+. The platform has everything a user wishes to watch. From sports to entertainment, from food to animals, you just name it. Most firms are investing in YouTube videos, as video content has exploded in popularity, thus making it an excellent source for digital marketing.

3. WhatsApp


Headquarters Menlo Park, California
Launched 2009
Monthly active users 2 billion
Founders Brian Acton, Jan Koum
Revenue (2020) $5 billion

WhatsApp is one of just 3 social media networks with a user base of more than 2 billion people, a milestone it accomplished in 2020. The application’s current growth has been incredible, with the last billion subscribers joining in less than four years.

Think of it as one of the best messaging apps. It is a platform, which has cut down phone calls and increased texting culture. From texting to your loved ones to receiving updates in your office groups, Whatsapp has revolutionized the art of texting.

WhatsApp may not appear to be an appropriate arena for digital marketing. However, if you use WhatsApp for customer support and engagement, you’ll quickly learn that the potential for companies on this neglected medium is enormous.

4. Instagram


Headquarters Menlo Park, CA
Launched 2010
Monthly active users 1.22 billion
Founders Kevin Systrom,Mike Krieger
Revenue (2020) $6.8 billion

The photo-sharing culture and posting selfies on Instagram have made it the app of the hour for the young generation. Founded by former Google employees, Instagram is the product of a diligently analyzing landscape of social media. With the introduction of Instagram Reels, it has gained immense popularity.

Instagram is one of those social media platforms where influencers, product-based businesses, and teachers can thrive. If you are targeting audiences below 35 for your product, then Instagram is your best bet.

5. TikTok


Headquarters Culver City, California
Launched 2016
Monthly active users 689 million
Founders ByteDance Ltd, Zhang Yiming, Toutiao
Revenue (2020) $35 billion

We have heard that success comes to those who struggle. But then there’s TikTok, an application, which became an overnight success. Launched in 2017, the video-sharing app amassed millions of users within a year making it an instant success. TikTok with its range has helped thousands of influencers and artists showcase their skills around the world through their short videos.

Despite attempts to prohibit TikTok in the United States and its suspension in India, the app had been downloaded 2 billion times worldwide by 2020. It was one of the leading social media apps in India before the ban. TikTok is the app to use if you want to communicate with Gen Z. It had surpassed Facebook in terms of time spent per user as of Jan 2021.

6. Snapchat


Headquarters Los Angeles
Launched 2011
Monthly active users 433 million
Founders Bobby Murphy, Daniel Smith, David Kravitz, Leo Noah Katz, Evan Spiegel,
Revenue (2020) $911 million

Users’ uploads on the photo and video-sharing site were notable for only being visible for a short period before being erased forever. This added a sense of immediacy to each Snapchat encounter, which appealed to a young generation of smartphone users.

Snapchat has a lot to offer to its users. From unique digital filters for selfies to building your own emojis for fun, you can spend hours using this app without getting bored. E-commerce and product-based businesses targeting age groups between 12 to 30 rely on Snapchat to send their message across.

7. Reddit


Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Launched 2005
Monthly active users 430 million
Founders Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, Aaron Swartz
Revenue (2020) $212.5 million

Reddit, founded in 2005, is one of the earliest and the best social media apps on our list, as indicated by its eerie resemblance to old-school discussion groups.

Reddit now has over 2 million Subreddits. These are generally self-contained groups with little moderation or involvement from the platform. Reddit is successful largely due to its autonomy. Users may build vibrant communities around some quite obscure issues, which generates fervent commitment to the social media networking site.

8. Pinterest


Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Launched 2010
Monthly active users 416 million
Founders Ben Silbermann,Paul Sciarra,Evan Sharp
Revenue (2020) $1693 million

Searching for an idea on how to decorate your new room, Pinterest is your ideal buddy. From wedding dresses to quotes to impress your loved ones, Pinterest has everything you wish to seek suggestions. Between January and December of 2020, the image-sharing app enjoyed record growth, attracting more than 100 million new monthly active subscribers. It happened due to international market adoption.

The majority of Pinterest users are females. With more than eighty percent females on this app, female brands are more likely to flourish in this application’s advertising arena. However, post-2019, the number of men users has increased.

9. Twitter


Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Launched 2006
Monthly active users 353 million
Founders Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass
Revenue (2020) $3.72 billion

Twitter has grown in popularity as a means of disseminating breaking news, digesting bite-sized material, and communicating with people in real time. Videos and photos stand out the most, but if you’re leaping on popular subjects and are extremely clever, a well-timed textual tweet might still work wonders.

Twitter is used in a more professional way for sharing information and notices. Various Government authorities across the world use Twitter to share news and updates with the world.

10. LinkedIn


Headquarters Sunnyvale, CA
Launched 2003
Monthly active users 310 million
Founders Reid Hoffman,Konstantin Guericke,Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vaillant,Eric Ly
Revenue (2020) $8.05 billion

LinkedIn is the site to be if you’re seeking decision-makers who can hire your firm, stock your brand, or collaborate with you. LinkedIn has more than 61 million members in high positions within its huge network of experts and professionals.

LinkedIn is a specialized social networking application, and as a result, it offers limitless possibilities for connecting with a select set of people that can help your company succeed. LinkedIn has grown dramatically in the previous two years, with roughly 30 new users joining every minute.


Thus, we have the top 10 social media apps for internet users. Certain platforms target a certain age group, industry, or niche while others are helpful for all. We bet! You must be familiar with a lot of these social media apps and might be using them regularly.

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