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10 Best Sports in the World

We all have been playing different sports since childhood. You may be a player in your school/college team, or you might be playing any outdoor game as an amateur or simply for passing the time. Games & Sports teach us innumerable things such as team management, leadership skills, never giving up attitude, etc. Sports are an integral part of our lives. One should always try to take out time for enjoying the outdoor games. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Sports in the World and the rules of the sport, their viewership, fanbase, etc.

10 Best Sports in the World

1. Football

Also known as Soccer, Football is the game played and watched by billions. In this, two games each of 11 players are made. Players can use any part of their bodies and navigate football into the opposing team’s goal. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to use hands, and he/she has to prevent the goal from happening. The team that scores more goals wins the game. You must have heard the name of Leonel Messi and Ronaldo, the great football legends. It is the most popular game in the World in the number of participants & spectators.Football

2. Cricket

Cricket is a game played between two teams of 11 players each. The runs are scored by striking the ball against the bat.   The other teams try to prevent the first team from gaining more runs by fielding and balling. The baller tries to hit the wicket. In international matches, the game is judged by two umpires, aided by the third umpire and a referee. They conduct the game & make sure the rules are followed. In addition to that, they take decisions in case of any dispute. In India, Australia, South Africa, etc., there’s so much craze for this adventurous sport.Cricket

3. Volleyball

Volleyball is yet another team sport of two teams consisting of 6 players segregated by a net. You score a point in this game by grounding the ball on the other team’s court with your hands under the set rules. It came first as an indoor game for business people, who found basketball too vigorous. It is also a famous recreational sport enjoyed by millions out there. It was introduced in the Olympics in 1964 in Tokyo.Volleyball

4. Hockey

There are two teams in hockey, and the teams try to put the ball into the opponent team’s goal using a hockey stick. There are many types of hockey- bandy, ice hockey, field hockey, rink hockey, etc. Hockey is the national game of India and Pakistan. Hockey has a fanbase of more than 2 billion. Hockey is popular in over 80 countries.


5. Basketball

With an estimated fanbase of 2.2 Billion, basketball is immensely popular in the US, Canada, Japan, China, etc. It is a team sport in which there are two teams, and each team has normally 5 players. The aim here is to direct the basketball into the opposite team’s hoop, meanwhile protecting their own. NBA, United States’ National basketball league, is the most famous league in the World. The great players of the game Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant, etc., are followed by millions of people worldwide. 



Tennis is a game played with racquet individually against a single person or in between 2 teams consisting of two players in each. It is more famous in developed countries than in developing nations. Wimbledon, US Open, and French Open gather and other tennis tournaments and events are watched by many and gross millions of dollars. Tennis has got huge fame on the Internet. 


Millions are following the Shining stars of tennis like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Andy Murray. Both the men and women are indulged highly in this game.

7. Golf

Golf is one of my favorite light games. Many people play this game for small recreation and as a pastime. Golf needs you to be patient and watchful. The game aims to put the golf ball into the hole in the minimum strokes possible. There are 18 holes commonly. A large number of spectators also watch golf. The Master’s Tournament, The US Open, etc., are the largest golf competitions. 


8. Baseball

Baseball is a bat and ball game played between two teams, each having 9 players. It is played in innings. Professional games include 9 innings. Baseball is quite popular in the United States, Canada, Iraq, Dominican Republic, etc. Some of the greatest baseball players are- Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, etc. 


9.Table Tennis

It is also called Ping Pong. In this game, players hit the lightweight ball with the table tennis racket. It has a solid fanbase of more than 900 million. Table Tennis is quite prominent in almost the entire world as a hobby. Many amateurs play this game. It is enjoyed by both men and women greatly. World Table Tennis Championship is a remarkable event, taking place every 2 years.

Table Tennis

10. Badminton

Badminton is a profusely popular racquet sport played by millions in which players have to hit a shuttlecock across the net, and two teams are formed with an equal number of players. You earn a point when you hit the ‘cock with your racquet, and it lands in your opponent team’s area of the court, i.e., when they miss a shot. It is a simple and amusing game with fewer requirements. You can play this on your yard or terrace with just one person needed and 2 racquets & a shuttlecock.



The year 2020 has taught us several lessons. One of them is taking care of our health & immunity. The 10 sports listed above are some of the best sports that you should definitely try. In this mobile world, where all of us are glued to our androids and P.C.s, doing some physical exercise is necessary. Also, watching these sports with our family and friends is always bliss. We enjoy it a lot. Sports release stress, boost confidence & energy and keep us agile and fit.

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