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10 Best Sweet Dishes and Deserts Available in Srilanka

Along with its rich cultural heritage, cinnamon, and spicy food, the Country of Sri Lanka is also widely known for its sweet dishes and desserts. The place has many mesmerizing sweet dishes to offer. Sri Lanka is home to a large number of Sinhalese and Tamils. So, if you are planning a tour to “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean” i.e. Sri Lanka with your loved ones, then you must try the 10 best sweet dishes & desserts that we are about to brief you on.

10 Best Sweet Dishes & Desserts in Srilanka

1. Aluwa

Also known as Sinhala, “Aluwa” is one of the mouth-watering and traditional sweet dishes of Sri Lanka. It is usually made from rice flour and potatoes with cashew nuts and cardamom and is loved by the locals. It is served in diamond and square shapes. It is mostly eaten during the Sinhalese New Year, which is celebrated in April. It takes around 35 minutes to get ready. You can visit Lakpahana, or Foodie Colombo in Sri Lanka to satiate your taste buds with “Aluwa”.

2. Kokis

This is yet another dessert that is served during festive and celebration times. With a Dutch origin, Kokis is a light, deep-fried crispy snack or dessert made with coconut milk, beaten eggs, and rice flour. Made in unique molds, this is again one of the major sweet dishes consumed by Sri Lanka’s people during the Sinhala, or their new year in mid-April. 

3. Kalu Dodol

Next on the list of best sweet dishes and desserts is “Kalu Dodol”. It is made with rice flour, jaggery, coconut oil, raisins, and nuts. It is mostly found in the local streets of the great country’s southern regions. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare the dark, thick, and sticky dish. Popular food outlets where you can find these are Lakpahana and The Dadol House.

4. Helapa

Helapa is yet another popular and lip-smacking traditional sweet dish of Sri Lanka that is wrapped in a kenda leaf. It is prepared with kurakkan flour, rice flour, spices, treacle, grated coconut, cardamom, etc. Ingredients are cooked with each other till a doughy form is obtained. This sweet dish is healthy. 

5. Bibikkan

Bibikkan is the most famous Sri-Lankan coconut cake. Its main ingredients include coconut, jaggery, winter melon, crushed fennel, semolina, and spices. It is commonly eaten during Christmas, New Year’s eve, or during Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Famous eateries that serve Bibbikan are Tammy’s and Food Colombo. The amazing taste of Bibbikian will surely lighten your mood.

6. Kevum 

Also known as “Oil Cake”, “Kevum” is a deep-fried, delicious Sri-Lankan treat that is prepared from rice flour, Kithul treacle, coconut milk, fennel seed, sugar, salt, etc. It is mostly relished by the Sri Lankans during the celebration of their New Year. Making kevum is no easy task. It takes plenty of time, but yeah, it’s surely worth it. There are 18 kinds of Kevum. It is popular in Colombo and Lakpahana.

7. Wattalappam 

Wattalappam, also known as watalappan or vattalappam by many, is a famous pudding in Sri Lanka. Once eaten, you will crave so much of this incomparable sweet treat. It is made up of coconut milk, jaggery, cashew, eggs, cardamom, vanilla pods, etc. Popular eateries to find this wonderful delight dessert classic, “Wattalappam,” are Apali and Al-Mass Indian family restaurants. 

8. Peni or the “Undu Walalu”

This treat will undoubtedly increase your calorie consumption. But it’s so delicious to eat that you’ll forget about everything else and remember only the incredible flavor. It’s both sweet and crunchy. Because the actual name is difficult to say, many people, particularly youngsters, refer to it as “honey rings.” Urad seeds, rice flour, regular flour, vanilla essence, Kithul treacle, coconut oil, and other ingredients are used to make this delicacy.

9. Aggala 

It is a traditional, lip-smacking sweet of Sri Lanka. It is made from rice, desiccated coconut, shaved jaggery, honey, treacle, salt, and pepper, and is served as a snack in addition to afternoon or evening tea. They look like tiny, delicious, sweet brown balls from heaven. Places to find Aggala are Natural Eats and several inns and eateries. Try this one to satisfy your taste buds. You will love the sweetness.

10. Aasmi 

“Aasmi” or “Aasmee” is a renowned deep-fried sweet dish/snack of Sri Lanka served on special occasions such as birthdays, marriages, and the Tamil New Year celebrated in April. It is made from coconut milk, rice flour, sugar, cinnamon leaves, okra juice, water, etc. Before serving, Aasmi is showered with sugar syrup. Famous outlets to eat Asmi are Mount Lavinia Hotel, Food Colombo, etc.


These delicious dishes and sweets will undoubtedly make you have a gala time with your family, friends, or beloved, thanks to their unforgettable taste and a pleasurable time. With such delectable delicacies, your taste buds will be delighted. A journey to a destination isn’t complete without sampling the greatest foods or sweet dishes the place has to offer, so if you or a friend are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, don’t forget to sample the 10 best sweet dishes and desserts listed above.

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