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10 Best Umbrella Brands In The World: A Complete Buying Guide

Looking for the best umbrella brands? Here’re your top ten options to stay dry and stylish in 2023.

You don’t realize how much you need an umbrella until you’re soaked by driving rain. At this point, you resolve to never again leave the house without one. Then you completely forget about it until the next time those gloomy clouds arrive. Well, take heart, as you are not alone in this situation.

Many fly by the seat of their trousers, rejecting predictions and putting caution to the wind. Even if that means getting wet. However, some have their lives in order. You might spot them confidently wandering the streets with an umbrella while remaining bone-dry. Whom would you choose to be?

The Best Umbrella Brands: A Historical Context

Umbrellas are your first line of defense against rain and the sun. These simple tools have their roots in ancient Egypt, about 1000 BC. Made of feathers and leaves, they were a status symbol reserved for noblemen and gods. Call them a prototype of parasols meant for protection against the sun.

By 200 BC, we find evidence of parasols used by Chinese monarchs. They were made of silk and embellished with flowers, feathers, and artwork. However, it went mainstream in Europe only by the end of the 18th century. The credit goes to a philanthropist, Jonas Hanway, who was always seen flaunting an umbrella. In 1830, the 1st umbrella brand, James Smith & Sons came up in London.

In 1852, Samuel Fox tweaked the overall design by including a ribbed steel frame. That gave umbrellas more stability, strength, and reliability. Guess what? The design is still in use. A few decades later, novelty umbrellas burst onto the scene, thanks to Robert W. Patten. By 1885, umbrella stands made their way into homes, restaurants, pubs, and other public places.

Over the years, umbrellas have evolved in parallel with technology. We have everything from smart umbrellas that alert you to rain to drone-controlled umbrellas. What started as a status symbol is now necessary to beat the vagaries of weather. They are even in our drinks and also a symbol of protest.

Parts of an Umbrella

Umbrellas feature a flatteringly simple design. Well, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Specifications may vary from model to model, but here’re the parts a typical umbrella includes.

1. Canopy

CanopyUsually dome-shaped, it’s the cover that hedges you against rain and sun. The shape, size, design, style, and material of a canopy decide the umbrella type. Plus, you can customize it.

2. Shaft

ShaftThe canopy needs something to stay attached to the handle. That “something” is the shaft. If your umbrella is stable, it’s because of the shaft. It comes in various materials like steel, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. While steel brings durability, aluminum ensures cost-effectiveness.

3. Runner

RunnerThe plastic or metal piece goes from one end of the shaft to the other when you open or close the umbrella. You need to press the T-shaped runner to get it operational gently.

4. Ribs

RibsThe umbrella ribs give the canopy its characteristic shape and keep it stable. Think of them as flexible, lean wires that are stitched into the interior of an umbrella’s canopy.

5. Handle

HandleYou use it to hold an umbrella. Handles come in crook and straight shapes. The former ensures a better grip and allows you to rest the umbrella on your arms. The latter lacks a hook but may have a nylon loop instead.

6. Stretchers

StretchersAs the name says, they allow the canopy to stretch open. One end of these short yet sturdy wires is attached to the runner, while the other is to the ribs. As the runner slides up, they start stretching.

7. Springs

SpringsYou can find springs in two places. The one between the shaft and handle supports the opening & closing action. The other lies between the runner and the shaft, helping the canopy stay open.

8. Ferrule

FerruleIt’s the tip of your umbrella that sticks out of the canopy. Depending on the model, it can be simple or decorative, blunt or sharp. Interestingly, the pointed ones can even help you in self-defense.

9. Tube

TubeOpen your umbrella and look between the shaft and the runner. That little open space is your tube.

Types of Umbrellas: What the Best Umbrella Brands Have on Offer

Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your taste, requirements, or budget, there’s an umbrella for you. Let’s walk you through a few popular categories. While an umbrella will always be an umbrella, knowing its types will help you buy something that fits your personality and pocket.

1. Straight Umbrella

Straight UmbrellaAny umbrella that doesn’t fold falls into this category. Its inability to fold makes them a perfect alternative to a walking stick. It typically comprises a bigger canopy and a sturdy shaft.

2. Foldable Umbrella

Foldable UmbrellaTrue to their name, they fold nicely. That makes them compact and easy to carry around. You can classify these umbrellas further based on the number of folds. Your options include two-fold, three-fold, four-fold, and five-fold. The 3-fold umbrellas are the most common, while the 5-fold ones are the shortest.

3. Classic Umbrella

Classic UmbrellaIt’s perhaps the commonest umbrella style, with every third person seen carrying them. Classic umbrellas usually feature a simple design with wood handles, metal shafts, and a microfiber canopy. They can be automatic or manual or straight or foldable. Also, they can boost your style quotient.

4. Automatic Umbrella

Automatic UmbrellaSome umbrellas come with an automatic open feature. Just press the button attached to the runner and the canopy will open or collapse. They justify their higher costs by relieving you of manual opening and closing hassle. These umbrellas can be straight or foldable.

5. Windproof Umbrella

Windproof UmbrellaThese umbrellas can keep you dry and safe even when it’s pouring or wind speed exceeds 80 kilometers per hour. They neither fold nor flip inside out in extreme rains and winds. The best umbrella brands use reinforced fabrics and steel & fiberglass shafts in windproof umbrellas.

6. Bubble Umbrella

Bubble UmbrellaThis umbrella comes with a bubble-shaped canopy, hence the name. It is transparent, allowing you to see the world around you from the comfort of your personal bubble. A bubble umbrella is also stylish, helping you deliver a statement wherever you carry it.

7. Golf Umbrella

Golf UmbrellaInvesting in a golf umbrella makes sense if you are a golf enthusiast. It is usually wider than normal umbrellas (over 62 inches in diameter) to protect you and your golfing gear from the elements.

8. Parasol

ParasolYou use a parasol primarily to protect against the blazing sun on a beach or a patio. However, it can shield you from rain as well. Made of durable materials, parasols are expansive and bulky. As carrying it around is hard, you better have it fixed at your chosen place.

9. Wedding Umbrella

Wedding UmbrellaSo, you are ready to walk the aisle but worried about those threatening clouds. Well, let a wedding umbrella save the day for you. From lace parasols to bubble-shaped transparent umbrellas, they come in all shapes and sizes. You are even free to customize them to your exact specifications.

10. Paper Umbrella

Paper UmbrellaStrange but true, some umbrellas use paper instead of fabric for the canopy. Well, that’s no ordinary paper but soaked in oil to make it water-repellent. With roots in ancient China, paper umbrellas are pleasing to the eye and have religious significance in many cultures worldwide.

11. Doorman Umbrella

Doorman UmbrellaThese umbrellas are exactly what they mean. Used by doormen and hotel attendants, they are larger, more elegant, and more robust than normal umbrellas. After all, they have to protect high-profile guests alongside the doorman. Their other hallmark is the curved handle.

12. Travel Umbrella

Travel UmbrellaYou guessed it right! They are travel-friendly umbrellas. You will find them lightweight and compact enough to fit into your handbag or briefcase. Some options might even fit in your back pocket as well. The travel umbrellas are stylish, foldable, and can withstand mild rains and wind speeds.

13. Artistic Umbrella

Artistic UmbrellaMake way for the most expensive, rare, and visually-pleasing umbrellas. These are designer models crafted to perfection by some of the leading designers. Don’t be fooled by their pretty artwork, rare materials, and slick designs. They aren’t novelty items but can perform well and last long.

14. Children’s Umbrella

Children’s UmbrellaEven children are prone to rain and sun. That’s where the children’s umbrellas step in. They are miniature versions of umbrellas that stand out for their bright colors and attractive images. From superheroes to animals, they feature attractive imagery to attract attraction. Usually, you will find them in a doom shape that helps keep kids dry even when it’s pouring. Also, they are safer.

How to Choose the Best Umbrella Brand for Your Unique Needs 

Choosing an umbrella for your unique needs is a challenge. You need to factor in several factors like the climate in the region you live in, along with your budget and taste. Here’s your checklist.

1. Quality:

Compromising on quality means bleeding money on frequent repairs and replacements. It’s that simple. Wondering how to determine quality? Well, let’s walk you through a few proven tips.

  • Frame Material: Go for frame materials like steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. They are sturdy enough to endure strong winds and heavy outpours.
  • Ribs: The umbrella’s canopy gets the desired support from ribs. As such, a high-quality umbrella should have a higher number of ribs to perform well and last long.
  • Canopy Material: You are better off choosing an umbrella with a thick, sturdy, and waterproof canopy. Your go-to canopy material options include nylon, polyester, and Pongee.
  • Wind Vents: Umbrellas are prone to being blown inside out by gushing winds. However, cleverly placed wind vents can prevent the situation by allowing air to flow through the canopy.
  • Handle: You can easily find umbrellas with ergonomic handles that are strong and easy to grip.
2. Factor in your Needs:

What works for someone else might not work for you. So, it’s wise to factor in your individual needs before buying an umbrella. Some of these include:

  • Size: If you need an umbrella for yourself, go for a compact and lightweight one. If you need an umbrella for two people or to protect yourself and your backpack, consider a larger umbrella.
  • Portability: Consider the umbrella’s weight and size if you are always on the move. In that case, a compact, lightweight, and foldable umbrella makes sense as it can fit in your bag and suitcase.
  • Purpose: Different umbrellas serve different purposes. UV-coated umbrellas are ideal for sun protection while waterproof ones help keep rain and wind at bay. Likewise, bubble umbrellas are for style, and printed umbrellas help take the word out. So, take your pick, carefully.
  • Style: With so many brands and types to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. It’s tough but important to choose the style, color, and design to suit your personal style and preferences.
  • Budget: From budget-friendly to high-end options, umbrellas come at different price points. So, considering how much you are willing to spend is important. At all costs, avoid overspending.
3. Brand Reputation:

Last but not least, consider the umbrella brand. It is crucial for informed decisions, as a reputable brand will likely offer a great product and efficient service, and vice versa. These brands even stand by their products with lifetime warranties and easy returns. So, it’s wise to do some due diligence on the brand’s reputation. Look for customer reviews and ratings to determine how satisfied customers are with the brand. Also, feel free to call the brand’s customer service to know how good it is.

Best Umbrella Brands in 2023

Now that the nitty-gritty of umbrellas is over, it’s time to get a sturdy and trustworthy umbrella that will protect you whenever the weather chooses to play games. So, here are the top 10 best umbrella brands in the world. Note that the rankings are not in any particular order. We leave that to you.


DAVEKBased in New York City, DAVEK has been around since 2005. In an eventful 18-year journey, it has established a strong presence in the umbrella niche segment. The brand uses the finest materials, leading-edge technology, and the latest designs to deliver umbrellas that look good, perform well, and last long. Each umbrella is a result of a 96-step production process and 12-step inspection.

Davek’s epic focus on quality and customer satisfaction places it in the league of the best umbrella brands in the world. The brand keeps an eye on every aspect, from the flexibility and wind resistance to how it will furl and unfurl. It backs each purchase with a “loss protection” serial number. If the umbrella goes missing, you can use the number for a flat 50% off on a new Davek purchase.

Davek stands by its product, offering an unconditional lifetime guarantee on each umbrella. If the product fails, breaks, or malfunctions, the brand repairs or replaces it for free. However, shipping costs are on you. With all bases covered, you cannot go wrong with Davek. Besides umbrellas, Davek rolls out bags, wallets, corporate gifts, and accessories, such as loss alert sensors.

  • Variety

Davek offers umbrellas in compact, full-length, travel, golf, and other options. You have 7 series to choose from: The Solo, The Commuter, The Duet, The Elite, The Golf, The Mini, and The Savile. Davek is a premium brand, and hence, the high prices. You would spend anywhere from $59 to $350 to own a Davek. But then, it’s better to “buy once and buy well.”


BLUNTWhat happens when superior engineering meets stunning designs? Of course, you get a BLUNT umbrella. Conceptualized in London and incorporated in New Zealand, the brand has been creating some of the finest umbrellas money can buy. From everyday fashionistas to celebs, everyone likes the unique trademarked Blunt™ shape and Blunt™ tips. They are simply a show-stopper.

Blunt handpicks materials for their quality, durability, and sustainability. The real deal, however, is how it makes each component perform two or more tasks simultaneously. All that translates to sturdy and aerodynamic umbrellas that can withstand a Category 1 Hurricane (115km/h). The unique Blunt shape delivers an iconic style while offering enough coverage to protect you.

  • Variety

Blunt umbrellas are available in compact, full-length series like Metro, Coupe, Classic, Executive, Sport, Metro Melon Check, and more. The brand is open to creating customized options with your logos for promotions and corporate gifting. It also collaborates with leading designers to release limited runs. Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Forty-One-Hundred, and Studio Jasmine, you name it. You can expect a lifetime repair warranty and free shipping with each purchase.

3. Weatherman

WeathermanWeatherman blends modern technology, elite craftsmanship, and inspiring designs to deliver truly remarkable umbrellas. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Weatherman is a foundation of an acclaimed meteorologist, Rick Reichmuth. Rick chose to design his own umbrella after failing to find one that could live up to his expectations. What was born out of Rick’s passion for perfection in 2017 is now one of the best umbrella brands in the world, with a diverse and growing customer base.

Weatherman umbrellas fare well against rough weather thanks to their efficient design and sturdy construction. While the larger canopies ensure more coverage, the ergonomic handles make for a firm grip and easy handling. You can even rely on the canopy for better water repellence and quick drying. The reflective trim on the canopy’s edge is also there for extra safety at night. For a few extra bucks, you can even opt for Bluetooth technology to keep track of your umbrella.

Weatherman spoils you for choice with a vast selection of collapsable umbrellas, travel umbrellas, stick umbrellas, and golf umbrellas. A range of limited-edition umbrellas is also there for the taking. The price ranges from $50 to $499.99, with free shipping available on orders above $125. The brand is confident enough to offer lifetime warranties on each purchase. So, breathe easy.

4. Repel

If you are looking for sturdy, windproof umbrellas, don’t go any further than Repel. Upper Echelon Products, a consumer goods company with a global footprint, own one of the best umbrella brands, Repel. While other brands use up to 8 aluminum ribs, Repel prefers 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs. So, Repel umbrellas can endure strong winds without turning inside out.

The brand utilizes Teflon Technology in its canopies to repel raindrops and dry quickly. That’s where the brand derives its name from. The workmanship is superior and so are the materials used. The three-fold chrome-plated black metal shaft and sturdy metal frame are there for additional stability and long life. The rubberized grip and protective travel sleeve are also a part of Repel umbrellas that make them travel-friendly. Also, every Repel umbrella comes with a lifetime warranty.

Repel boasts a wide range of travel, golf, and reversible umbrellas to protect you in all seasons. However, the best thing about these umbrellas is their cost-effectiveness. With prices starting from USD 25, Repel umbrellas won’t burn a hole in your pocket like other brands on the list. The 30-day returns and lifetime warranty also inspire confidence in Repel umbrellas.

Top 10 Options Offered by the World’s Best Umbrella Brands 

1. Davek: Overall Best Umbrella

Davek Overall best umbrellaExpertly made and slick, the Davek Elite blends style and substance to deliver lasting value. Its frame is made of high-quality steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy, and aluminum, so it’s strong enough to withstand anything.

Also, it opens itself. So, even if you’re carrying a lot of stuff, you can get the Davek Elite Umbrella up and over your head in seconds, protecting you and your perfect hair from the weather. It has a classic look because we don’t want our umbrellas to steal the show from our outfits.

Price: $18.36

2. Burberry: Best Luxury Umbrella

Burberry Best luxury umbrellaThere is no better way to show your devotion to high fashion than by carrying this designer umbrella with you. This umbrella will keep you looking chic even if it is pouring rain outside.

The designer umbrella from Burberry has a circumference of 92 centimeters, which provides substantially more coverage than a folding umbrella would. The checkered pattern, often known as the famed Scottish tartan, is a hallmark of elegance that is recognized all over the globe.

This rain umbrella has a timeless and traditional appearance thanks to its sweeping canopy arch and curved leather handle. It is 87 cm long when folded, which means it is not compact enough to fit inside a bag; nevertheless, why would you want to hide it when it’s Burberry?

Price: $250

3. Magitec: Best Value Umbrella

Magitec Best value umbrellaYou receive a reliable design despite the alluringly affordable price tag. This umbrella has ribs that are strengthened with resin, making it capable of withstanding winds of up to 88 kilometers per hour (55 miles per hour). It is made of non-corrosive stainless steel and is 33 centimeters (13 inches), making it an acceptable size for traveling.

This umbrella for the rain has been put through a durability test of up to 5,000 times. Therefore, you may feel secure knowing this one will not abandon you to weather the storm on your own. In addition, since it has an auto-open and auto-close feature, it opens without any effort, and you won’t have to battle to put it back down again afterward.

Price: $10

4. GustBuster: Best Compact Umbrella

GustBuster Best compact umbrellaThe term “GustBuster” instantly inspires confidence, and the company’s Metro umbrella certainly stands up to its brand name. It is the most dependable and durable small umbrella on the list.

When folded, the Metro is about 40 cm (16 inches) long and fits easily into a backpack or travel bag. Alternatively, the sheath also functions as a backpack. Carry it with you, and you will never be caught short again.

And, despite its small size, this umbrella’s usefulness is not compromised. It has an automated opening mechanism and the brand’s distinctive patented double canopy design that never flips or breaks, assuring you’ll remain warm and dry regardless of the weather.

GustBuster says that their Metro umbrella, tested by the College of Aeronautics and shown to resist gusts of up to 55 mph, is unflippable, unflappable, and leak-proof. Put on a decent coat for chilly weather and let winter do its worst.

Price: $54.95

5. LifeTek: Best Large Umbrella

LifeTek: Best large umbrellaThe enormous LifeTek New Yorker umbrella is a very dependable rain shelter. With a vast coverage area of 137 cm (54 inches), this umbrella is the next best thing to having a tent.

Even the most intense downpours will have difficulty reaching you beneath that canopy, as its arc is 137 centimeters (54 inches) and covering diameter is 120 centimeters (47 inches).

Because its structure has been reinforced to include 8 wind-tech ribs, even strong gusts of wind won’t be able to bring this enormous umbrella crashing to the ground. In addition, it has an automatic opening mechanism that will simplify your life, and an ergonomic handle carved for a pleasant grip.

Aesthetically speaking, the LifeTek New Yorker umbrella is streamlined and contemporary, making it an ideal choice for city dwellers.

Price: $40.90

6. Repel: Best Umbrella for Windy Weather

Repel Best umbrella for windy weatherWinds so strong they turn your umbrella inside out are just as bad, if not worse. Repel’s Windproof Umbrella is the finest windproof umbrella on the list since it can withstand everything from a strong breeze to severe gusts.

The days of struggling to get your umbrella back to its original form or attempting to repair it after a strong wind has destroyed it are over. The regular tiny umbrella has 6 or 8 ribs, but this one has a robust 9-rib canopy, making it wind-defying. The strengthened fiberglass ribs allow the umbrella to remain upright in the wind by flexing slightly.

Additionally, it has a wrist strap and a slip-proof rubberized grip handle. A travel sleeve is also supplied to keep your work bag dry when transporting the brolly. The canopy of Repel’s wind-resistant umbrella is made of Teflon, a waterproof cutting-edge material that dries quickly.

Price: $38.49

7. Siepasa: Best Umbrella for Heavy Rain

Siepasa Best umbrella for heavy rainOnly the double-layer inverted umbrella from Siepasa has been fully optimized for heavy downpours.

The traditional rain umbrella is elevated by this inventive design. In addition to being made of water-resistant poly pongee, the umbrella’s unique design allows you to fold the wet layer beneath the dry layer to prevent leaks once you reach your destination.

One of the best umbrellas for sun protection, this one offers wind, rain, and UV protection. When the umbrella is collapsed, its eight steel ribs become eight legs, allowing it to be set in a corner. Additionally, you can cross the C-shaped handle over your arm to free up your hands for other duties.

Finally, the inside of this Siepasa umbrella is available in various unique designs, ranging from flowers and tartan to flamingos in pink.

Price: $16.76

8. EEZ-Y: Best Umbrella for Travel

EEZ-Y Best umbrella for travelWhether you’re going on a business trip or a romantic getaway, you should always bring an umbrella. The best umbrella to take on a trip? This wind-proof EEZ-Y umbrella is small and folds up to only 28 cm (11 inches), so it’s easy to put in your carry-on luggage, backpack, or bag.

And even though it’s not very big, it still gives you strong and reliable coverage. The umbrella’s frame is made of fiberglass and stainless steel so it won’t rust or break, and the double-vented canopy keeps the wind from turning it inside out.

Price: $22.70

9. G4FREE: Best Umbrella for Golf

G4FREE Best umbrella for golfWhen the skies open up on the course, you only want to have one umbrella with you. This golf umbrella is from G4Free. It is the finest golf umbrella we have encountered.

This extra-large umbrella offers a selection of canopy sizes—137, 157, or 173 cm (54, 62, or 68 inches)—providing you with rain protection. The 210T pongee fabric is water-resistant, extremely lightweight, and has an SPF of 50+, making it one of the finest umbrellas for sun protection.

The sturdy fiberglass structure can withstand high gusts, and the double canopy design enables the wind to flow through, so you won’t have to struggle to keep the umbrella under control. The EVA handle is pleasant to grasp, and the automatic opening mechanism saves time while opening the umbrella.

Price: $41.15

10. Paul Smith: Best Classic Umbrella

Paul Smith: Best classic umbrellaWhile the primary purpose of our umbrellas is to provide shelter from rain and wind, we also aim to preserve our aesthetic standards. Thankfully, this exquisite umbrella by British designer Paul Smith is available.

It is a conventional design in all the best ways. In a subtle and classy black, it will complement all of your outfits, and its better quality will become apparent when your peers have discarded their inferior versions while yours is still in good condition.

The handle is constructed of finely polished wood and has a hand strap for portability. A waterproof case is an additional benefit. When not in use, conceal the umbrella to avoid wetting anything in sight.

Price: $78


Although it might not seem important, quality, durability, and price are some of the most important factors to consider before purchasing an umbrella. Have you ever considered choosing an umbrella based on the weather conditions, such as heavy rains or windy days? If you haven’t, consider our recommendations for purchasing the best umbrella.

Undoubtedly, Davek is one of the best umbrella manufacturers in the world because of its performance to look. Purchase Burberry if you are a more style-looking person, as this has the best design and a circumference of 92 cm. The third one is the Repel umbrella, which is best for windstorms and protects you in windy weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by umbrella brand?

An umbrella brand is a single brand name used to sell more than one product. Most of the time, these products are linked in some way.

2. Why do my umbrellas always break?

During the rainy season, umbrellas get hurt in many different ways. First, the metal ribs that hold the umbrella fabric together aren’t always strong enough. They are put together with complicated metal pieces that deal with a lot of wear and tear from the weather. Not much is needed for things to get tense and fall apart.

3. How long do outdoor umbrellas last?

The high-end standard for umbrella fabric is eight oz. of polyester. This umbrella will last about 200 UV hours, which means it will keep its bright colors for at least 200 hours of direct sunlight. We suggest you avoid umbrellas with less than 100 UV hours.

4. Are umbrellas with more ribs better?

Always check how many ribs an umbrella has. The more ribs there are, the tighter and stronger the fabric will be against strong winds. Overall, eight ribs are plenty.

5. How heavy should an umbrella base be?

Multiplying the width of your umbrella canopy by 10 is an excellent way to figure out the minimum weight for your umbrella stand. For example, we recommend a 75-pound umbrella stand for a 7.5-foot umbrella. A 9-foot umbrella will need at least a 90-pound umbrella stand.

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