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10 Best Video Editing Software for 2022

In this article, we are going to share with you the best video editing software of 2022. There is various software we will discuss. We show you some features like operating system, system requirements, costs, editing level, etc. There are serval editing tools or software available in the market for editing videos. So, in this post, we will show you the ten best video editing software.

Best Video Editing Software 


FCPXThe Final Cut Pro (FCPX) is recommended for beginners and advanced both. In which you can do basic and advanced level editing. It is available only for Mac operating systems. The learning process is easy, simple, and has a forward interface.


  • Crop, trim, cut our video clips and photos.
  • Refine our clips by adjusting saturation, contrast, exposure, contrast, and more.
  • Event browser, magnetic timeline, Synchronous clips, compound clips, Multicam editing, closed caption, advanced color grading, etc., .are available.

2. Davinci Resolve

Davinci ResolveIt is incredible editing software. It is used for color graphics and is recommended in both Windows and Mac. The system was incorporated in 2003. It is used in film, television, and others. The developer of this Editing tool is black magic design. Its color grading and fusion modules are world-class components used by thousands of people.


  • System requirements are very high (32GB RAM, 4 GB Graphic Card required).
  • Mask
  • It is available in 7 languages.
  • Color editing software available.
  • It is cost-free software.

3. VN Video Editor

VN Video EditorVN Video Editor is a full-featured video editing software package. If you are a beginner then we recommend you to use VN Video Editor and it is available for both Windows or Mac. It is helpful for beginners for editing. It is also called color correction software.


  • Multi-layer timeline.
  • Curve speed.
  • Green Screen/Chroma key.
  • Keyframe animation & curve.
  • Support for Project Sharing.

4. Premiere Pro

Premiere ProPremiere Pro is known as an industry-standard video editing software. The editing level of this software is advanced. This video editing software is available for both Mac OS and Windows. The advantage of this Editing software is the paid free version. Premiere Pro best

  • System requirements if high (minimum requirement is 8GB RAM and 2GB graphic cards).
  • Learn every industry-leading design software
  • Best handpicked videos online
  • Watch videos with no distractions
  • Learn from experts of the industry
  • Videos with examples and walkthroughs


IMOVIEIMovie is a fantastic software for video editing in the current market. It is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, not on PC. It is entirely free software—IMovie video editing software offered by Vuo Tu studio. Synchronize your data from TMDb; play a movie trailer with TMDb in this software.

  • Features are trim video, split one clip to another, add music, add transition and filters.
  • Users can easily export the videos on social media accounts including YouTube.
  • It has amazing movie-style video filters as well as FX effects for video panorama.
  • There is a search option to find the content.

6. Invideo

InvideoInVideo editing software is available only for computers. It has a lot of advanced features. It is paid editing software and offers a paid plan for pro-level editing. There are times of categories and items for editing. There are unlimited team members and one million-plus premium video library.


  • Add video from the video tab or upload.
  • Create tutorials, GIFs, slideshows, and stop motions like a PRO.
  • Add any images at any time from all these available images.
  • The tutorial system is also easy.

7. Alive – Movie Maker

Alive - Movie MakerAlive movie maker is one the best video editor which is best for both professionals and beginners. It works only on the iPhone and iMac. This video editing software has a short video editing & creative community app which is best suitable for young people around the globe.


  • It has a noise cancellation feature.
  • 3D animated features are also provided.
  • Interface and learning process is easy.
  • No watermark
  • No ASI needed

8. Shot Cut

Shot CutIt is fantastic software for creating and editing videos. Available for PC, Windows, iMac, and Apple laptops. The owner of this Editing software is Charlie Yates. It is operated in Linux, macOS, MS Windows, FreeBSD. This video editing software is easy-to-use that offers multiple effects & VHS effects for videos.


  • It has all professional tools, equipment, effects available like chroma, background changing option, audio cutter, filters, etc.
  • Shot Cut offers to share the video easily on many social media platforms.
  • Aesthetic video filters & photo filters are available in it.
  • This application provides dust, Point, Star, Bubble, Flower, Love, and more bling effects.

9. Window Movie Maker

Window Movie MakerIt is available only for PC and laptop devices. It is a free Editing software and available on the Google play store. It has all the fancy transitions and effects available. This video editing software has retro & vintage effects and so on so that you can create incredible and unique videos with simple steps.


  • All tools and features are there like 3D animation, square, and landscape, both formats.
  • To create a video in a minute, Window Movie Maker provides fast performance.
  • Render time or speed is very far less than to others.

10. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video EditorIt is an entirely free video editing software. Available for Windows, laptop, and PC only. It is offered by video inc. They offer slideshow maker and statue-maker features. Vdc is one of the best and fastest process software for video editing as well as voice editing.


  • There are many features such as green screen editing, combining objects, audio editing features, adding texts, changing speed as slow or fast, etc.
  • Using brushes to personalize your project.
  • Additional transition.
  • Add text elements, add titles and captions.


So in this article, we share with you the best video editing software for 2021. Here you know about the ten editing software. Suppose you are a content creator, filmmaker, or even a YouTube video creator. In that case, this article helps you to choose the right software easily. If you have any queries about these, share them with us.

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