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10 Best Washing Machine Brands to Buy Today

Semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines make up the majority of the market for washing machines. In the last few years, leading washing machine companies have developed new and innovative technology, making washing clothes a whole new experience. You should consider more than just the price when purchasing a washing machine; you should also consider its design, features, capacity, mobility, and technology.

Consumer durable companies have responded to the fact that washing machines are no longer a luxury and now come in a wide variety of models and configurations. However, this complicates the process of shopping for a washing machine. Listed here are some of the top washing machine brands, along with some pointers to assist you in making an educated pick.

10 Best Washing Machine Brands

1. LG


To make your life easier, LG offers a variety of semi-automatic, fully automated and front-loading washing machines to choose from. LG is one of the top washing machine brands in the world because of its cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and first-rate customer service. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, LG has a product for you in this category.

LG employs a variety of cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your clothes come out clean and fresh. LG washing machines have it all: smart inverter technology, 6-motion control technology, auto restart, child-lock, a variety of wash cycles, and hygienic washes.

  • Market share: 29%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 20.4 Lakh Units

2. Samsung


Samsung washing machines have also released a few models with new artificial intelligence technology that claims to reduce the wash time by half. Samsung’s top-loading and front-loading washing machines are equipped with a variety of useful features, including Wobble Technology, Eco Bubble, and Smartphone Troubleshooting Facility, Gentle Fabric Care, and Electricity Savings.

Rustproof bodies, air-drying turbo, soak, and an EZ wash tray for hand washing are all included in Samsung’s semi-automatic washing machines. Samsung is a household name when it comes to long-lasting consumer goods, and the company’s washing machine business has a long history.

  • Market share: 18%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 12.6 Lakh Units

3. IFB

IFBIFB was most likely your family’s fully automatic front-loading washing machine when you were a kid. India’s leading brand of fully automated washing machines, IFB, has a loyal following of customers who have stuck with it for decades. In order to keep up with the competition, IFB has implemented a number of cutting-edge and creative technological solutions.

If you’re washing delicates, you may use the cradle wash cycle instead. Some of these innovations include ball valve technology and air bubble wash; crescent moon drum; 3D washing system; filter water treatment; and filtration of detergent for faster dissolving.

IFB is well known for its front-loading washing machines, but it also makes top-loading fully automated washing machines with a slew of interesting features. This is why many older homes still have them – they are extremely durable and efficient!

  • Market share: 16%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 10.8 Lakh Units

4. Bosch

BoschThey are renowned for their cutting-edge, simple, sleek, and superior design and their effective washing. Top-load and front-load washing machines are available from Bosch, which is based in Germany. It offers anti-vibration features, an eco-silence drive motor, shorter wash times, reload functions, and the largest drum diameters in the market, as well as a duotronic dryer and a hard water filter. Its front-load variants can work even with low water pressure in certain cases.

Additionally, it has allergy-friendly functions to ensure that your garments are always thoroughly cleaned and sanitary. It’s built to last thanks to German engineering, making it both sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Market share: 6%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 4.1 Lakh Units

5. Whirlpool


Whirlpool has become a household brand because of its catchy TV commercials. Not only that, but Whirlpool also offers several cutting-edge washing technologies in its front-loading and top-loading washing machines. As a result, the company offers a wide selection of semi-automatic washing machines that are both beautiful and powerful.

Sixth Sense SoftMove, SteamCare, and IntelliSense inverter motors are just a few of the innovative features included in Whirlpool’s front-loading washing machines. The top-load models include ZPF Technology, Power Scrub Technology, and the Catalytic Soak mechanism.

With the Whirlpool line of washing machines, you can wash your clothing in the comfort of your own home and have them come out looking like new.

  • Market share: 17%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 11.8 Lakh Units

6. Haier

HaierChina-based consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturer Haier has a wide variety of washing machines, including front-loading fully automated, top-loading fully automated, and semi-automatic models. Because it is less expensive than most other manufacturers, Haier’s washing machines include a number of useful features that make laundry day less of a hassle.

Many wash programs, quadra flow pulsator, fuzzy logic control, rapid wash, laser seamless welding technology, antibacterial technology, and NZP (near zero pressure) technology make washing garments more pleasant than ever before.

  • Market share: 8.3%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 5.8 Lakh Units

7. Onida

OnidaThe semi-automatic, fully automated front-load and top-load washing machines from Onida are aimed at budget-conscious customer who wants to wash their clothing more easily. With the semi-automatic Onida washers, you get the same level of cleanliness as hand-washed clothing at a fraction of the cost of a fully automated machine.

Additionally, Onida washing machines have kid locks, unbalance control systems, and foam protection systems, in addition to several wash settings. There are stainless steel drums and a rust-proof body. In conclusion, Onida washing machines are a good choice for households on a tight budget.

  • Market share: 2%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 1.3 Lakh Units

8. Panasonic

PanasonicYou may get high-end features at reasonable prices with Panasonic washing machines, such as energy efficiency, water conservation, pre-programmed wash courses, double-layer doors, and long-lasting durability. Fully automated top-load, front-load, and semi-automatic washing machines are all available in a range of models at reasonable rates.

Panasonic claims that their front-load fully automated machines have features including the option to pause and add garments at any point throughout the cycle, as well as a natural iron. Panasonic washing machines are known for delivering consistent washing results year after year, thanks to features like Active Foam Wash and A+++.

  • Market share: 3%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 4.3 Lakh Units

9. Godrej

GodrejKnown as a brand in India for using steel drums in washing machines, Godrej has a strong following since it is an Indian company. All of Godrej’s fully automated machines are powered by eco-balance technology and meet A++ European energy efficiency criteria. Another cutting-edge innovation that makes ironing garments after they’ve been washed a little simpler is anti-crease technology.

Allergy prevention and pre-soak functions are also included in this model. These advantages make Godrej washing machines a suitable alternative for Indian families. The firm is well-known for providing its customers with cutting-edge products that are both useful and environmentally friendly.

  • Market share: 11%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 7.7 Lakh Units

10. BPL

BPLBPL washers claim to provide a high-quality washing experience at an affordable price. , automated imbalance correction, auto shutoff, specific wash programs, water-saving features, HG drive copper motor, 180-degree hinge, and a digital LED display are all features of BPL washing machines.

  • Market share: 3%
  • Units Sold in Recent Year: 1.3 Lakh Units


So, here is a list of the greatest washing machine brands in the world. If you want to acquire one, you may do some more research online to find a brand that fits within your price range. Despite the importance of features, remember that a washing machine’s continuous use necessitates that it be durable. You may also save money by purchasing a washing machine online from their official websites.

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