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Best Weight Loss Drinks

If you are a clothes lover and for some reason, you have to increase your weight. You might be missing yourself so much. Here, we have come up with some best ways for reducing your weight just by drinking, weight loss drinks. By drinking some of these detox and metabolism-boosting drinks. We all have gained excessive fats in our bodies during the lockdown and the holiday season, and that’s due to the lethargic lifestyle. So here are some of the home remedies to solve this problem.

Best Weight Loss Drinks

1. Green tea

It is packed with beneficial antioxidants and other powerful nutrients, so it becomes one of the most effective drinks for weight loss. Therefore, it is associated with health for good reasons. The green tea preparations contain high amounts of catechins, antioxidants that may increase fat burning and boost metabolism. And the more important thing is people who drink green tea tend to have lower blood pressure and a lower risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. So try to intake a cup of green tea in the mornings and in the evenings too. 

Green tea

2. Coffee

The main thing in coffee is caffeine, it acts as a stimulant in the body and can have benefits in weight loss. Coffee is used by people around the world to boost energy levels, uplift mood, and get rid of sleepiness. Coffee boosts the metabolism, which may help you lose weight. But more intake of coffee has its downfalls, taking excess coffee tends to have breakouts and insomnia, it also has an effect on the menstrual cycle and a person can feel painful cramps. Coffee drinkers may find it easy to reduce weight in the long run but try not to be a coffee addicted person.


3. Ginger tea 

It is popularly used as an herbal remedy for the treatment of many conditions such as nausea, colds, cough, throat infection, and arthritis. Studies have shown that this thing has a beneficial effect on weight loss. The study in humans found that ginger tea also helps in reducing appetite and increasing calorie expenditure. Try to drink two grams of ginger powder dissolved in hot water during the breakfast hours, you will experience fullness and decreased hunger compared to days when no ginger tea was consumed. Ginger tea increases the thermic effect of food.

Ginger tea 

4. Water

Simply drinking a good amount of water or drinking water mixed with other ingredients like Fennel, Jeera, Ajwain, or lemon can help in weight loss. It is the simplest to improve overall health. It can make you feel full and also help you in the digestion process. Drinking cold water increases resting energy expenditure, which is the number of calories you burn while resting. And drinking lukewarm water is good for the body and or the throat.


5. Black tea

Like green tea and ginger tea, black tea contains compounds that may stimulate weight loss. Black tea is a type of tea that has undergone more oxidation (exposure to air) than other types of teas. Black tea is high in polyphenols, including a group of polyphenolic compounds called flavonoids. Polyphenols are antioxidants that can help in reducing body weight. It is observed that the polyphenols found in black tea help in weight loss by reducing calorie intake, stimulating fat breakdown, and boosting the growth of friendly gut bacteria.

Black tea

6. Apple cider vinegar drink

It contains acetic acid, a compound that may stimulate weight loss by decreasing insulin levels, improving metabolism, suppressing appetite, and burning fat. Acetic acid can prevent weight gain and decrease fat accumulation near the belly area. It slows down the stomach emptying capacity, which helps in feeling fuller for a longer time and may reduce overeating. But the major disadvantage is acidic beverages like apple cider vinegar can erode teeth, which is why it should be consumed sparingly and always followed by rinsing with water. 

Apple cider vinegar drink

7. Vegetable and Fresh fruit juices

Pineapple Juice, Raspberry, grapefruit, cucumber drink, Celery Juice, etc are some of the healthiest juices. Drinking vegetable and fruit juice can provide fiber and roughage required for the body. An increase in fruits and veggies in the diet significantly decreases the carb intake, two factors that are important for weight loss. But having veggies and fruits directly can give you a high amount of fiber that is lost in the juicing process. Adding low-calorie vegetable juice to your diet can increase your vegetable intake and may even help you lose weight. 

Vegetable and Fresh fruit juices

8. Lemon, ginger, and honey

Lemon has got a wonderful effect on weight loss, it helps in eliminating toxins from your body. Honey has multiple benefits as we all know, it helps us to cut down extra fats and it has been found faster for weight loss. Ginger has the most beneficial medicinal property; it helps to stimulate your body’s fat-burning mechanism so it burns calories faster. So by taking three teaspoons of lemon juice, a teaspoon of fresh ginger, and a teaspoon of honey and mixing it all well in one glass of lukewarm water can be effective. Two glasses of this detox drink every day will give you the best result. 

Lemon, ginger, and honey


While drinking these healthy detox drinks, don’t forget to exercise regularly to increase metabolism and to stay active. Try to stick to a healthy diet while avoiding junk food, the most important thing is not to cut down on rice as it provides the source of energy for our day-to-day work. Try to eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Certain drinks may help boost metabolism, minimize hunger, and increase satiety, all of which can provide weight loss. These also contain beneficial nutrients like antioxidants that can be highly beneficial for health. Avoiding high-calorie beverages like soda is one of the smart ways to cut down calories and help you fit in those old but fancy clothes.

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