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Discover the 10 Best Yarn Brands from Around the World

Choosing yarn for your next crochet project might be challenging at times! The knitting aisle (or aisles!) may be thrilling and intimidating. Several yarn companies have innumerable color possibilities, varying weights, and various pricing ranges.

Next time you visit a yarn shop, avoid feeling like a deer in headlights. We have narrowed down our top 10 yarn brands to facilitate decision-making. These are some of the most popular crochet yarn brands available. From diversity to quality to price to the selection, these yarns are worth a closer look! Below is a list of prominent yarn brands in no particular order of significance.

10 Best Yarn Brands from Around the World

1. Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd.Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co.Ltd., founded in 2006 and based in YaQianTown Xiaoshan Hangzhou, is one of China’s foremost centers for making polyester yarn. It is built on 120 thousand square meters of land and has 150 thousand square meters of building space.

It removed 6 branch companies with a total worth of $150 million and a staff of 1000. Hengyun is their Group Brand name. Their Branch Companies are Winnertex Group Limited and Hangzhou Henghang Import & Export Co., Ltd. They have two companies that make polyester yarn and two that make fabric textiles. They can make 150 thousand tonnes of polyester yarn and 50 million m/yr of pure and T/R elastic fabrics.

They specialize in polyester yarn FDY POY DTY, from 30D to 600D, in both raw white and dope-dyed colours. This yarn is used in many fabrics, like upholstery cloth, blanket carpets, and more.

2. Zhejiang Jinxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Jinxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

The company Zhejiang Jinxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. It was started in 1998, and its two subsidiaries, Shanghai Jinxia and Jiaxing Jinxu, are in Tongyuan City, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, within the Shanghai Economic Zone. Their company has been researching, making, and selling different kinds of chemical fibres for a long time.

They can make 30,000 tonnes of fibres each year. Their products include dope-dyed polyester multifilament yarn FDY 30D-1000D and DTY 50D-600D, as well as monofilament yarn 15D-60D.

They are known and well-known for their high-tech functional yarns, such as “dope dyed negative oxygen ion polyester yarn,” “dope dyed fine denier cooling polyester yarn,” and “dope dyed fancy multi-colour polyester yarn,” “dope dyed fire retardant polyester yarn,” etc. Their products are used a lot in textile fabrics, embroidery, labels, decorations, braids, jacquard, knitting, home textiles, clothes, shoes, hats, carpets, and curtains.

3. Yixing Yongye Linen Textile Co., Ltd.

Yixing Yongye Linen Textile Co., Ltd.

We’ve been in the linen series fabric business since 1988, when Yixing Yongye Linen Textile Co., Ltd was founded. Their philosophy is based on decades of professional expertise and emphasises high-quality goods and great service to suit their global clients’ needs.

More than 580 sets of the rapier loom from Italy and Germany have been bought for use in the factories; the flow line comprises ready-made machines, spinning gear, dyeing machinery, weaving machinery, and finishing machines, and the majority of the machinery is imported.

Approximately 42 million metres of yarn are produced each year, and 40 tonnes of yarn may be produced in a single day at their plant. Their goods are ready for the global market, which includes 25% Europe, 35% USA, 15% Asia, and 10% South Africa. The remainder is destined only for domestic consumption.

As a result, they’re among the most competitive manufacturers, yet their commitment and honesty make them the most trustworthy suppliers. Their worldwide client base comprises of tens of thousands of pleased consumers. At the heart of downtown Xizhu’s flourishing economy and the easy transit system is the company’s headquarters, which is situated in the city’s Economic Development Zone.

4. Badsha Textile Ltd.

Badsha Textile Ltd.

With a revenue of $258 million, Badsha Textile Ltd. is one of Bangladesh’s most successful textile businesses. In addition to their charitable contributions and dedication to advancing society and the economy, they provide a wide range of goods and services to companies in the textile and apparel sectors. Since its start over a decade ago, the organization has established several benchmarks and milestones that will guide future generations.

They can make high-quality cotton yarn with a capacity of 160 tonnes per day because to the equipment that they import from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Japan. These machines are marketed under Seema-Saki, Rieter, Savio Polar, Texparts, and Uster, amongst many others.

5. Mrs Moon

Mrs Moon

It sells gorgeous chunky yarns that are created from the best quality, ethically sourced, superfine merino and baby alpaca. As a result, these yarns are very soft for all of the reasons that should be considered. Choose from the “Plump DK,” “Plump Super Chunky,” or “Fluff” varieties, each of which is available in a beautiful assortment of colours, ranging from contemporary, subtle tones like peppermint cream, earl grey, and sugared almond to vibrant brights like raspberry ripple, marmalade, and angelica.

6. Love Knitting

Love Knitting

You can’t go wrong with Love Knitting if you’re seeking for a little bit more variety in the types of yarn, colours, and prices that are available to you. Rowan yarns are distinctly British and come in earthy colours; Cascade and Paintbox yarns are bright and brilliant; and there is much more.

Their extensive collection includes the ever-popular Debbie Bliss yarns, which feature beautiful textures and colours; Rowan yarns are uniquely British and come in earthy colours, and Cascade and Paintbox yarns are bright and brilliant. It doesn’t matter what you want to make, how experienced you are in knitting or crocheting, or how much money you have to spend; this assortment will surely include a yarn that will work for you.

7. Mahalakhmi Yarns Private Limited

Mahalakhmi Yarns Private Limited

With a manufacturing capacity of more than 400 tonnes per month, Mahalakhmi Yarns Private Limited is one of the major producers of polyester-colored yarns in India. The company is also dedicated to improving public welfare and socio-environmental conditions.

They are a diverse organization that supplies a variety of goods and services to the carpeting, apparel, and textile sectors. Since its beginning more than a decade ago, the firm has established several benchmarks and guidelines that will guide the subsequent generation.

8. Blue Sky Fibers

Blue Sky Fibers

It takes knitting and crocheting to a new level of mystique and gloominess with their stunning lifestyle photos and refined yarn choices. In the same way as Wool and the Gang makes knitting and crocheting a cool and fashionable hobby, Blue Sky Fibers does the same thing.

When you see those photographs, you may want to jump right in and put on one of those chic knitted sweaters. Blue Sky provides customers with an extensive selection of fibres, including organic cotton, premium pure Peruvian wool, and even their very own exquisite baby alpaca yarn, all of which come in a variety of gorgeous solid and multicoloured options.

9. Deramores

DeramoresYou might have previously purchased from the most reputable and award-winning online knitting and crochet store, but you can not miss this brand. There are a vast variety of yarn brands on Deramores, including some of those that have previously been featured in the list.

The website comes highly recommended as a provider in the majority of knitting and crochet books. They also sell over one hundred yarns under their own brand, which vary in price from $1.99 to $10.75 and are available in a beautiful assortment of bright colours.

10. Anoud Textile Mills Limited

The Anoud Textile Mills Limited spinning plant has about 37,368 spindles at its disposal. On the assumption that the factory operates in three shifts per day, producing high-quality yarn, and that there are 360 working days in a year, the average annual production capacity of the facility is 7,700,000 kg. The project’s machinery and equipment came from various countries, including Japan, Germany, China, and Switzerland.

For the purpose of manufacturing yarn of the highest possible quality suitable for sale on both the domestic and the global market, a machine combination has been thoughtfully chosen considering international quality requirements. Produced by ATML, the product known by its well-known brand name “KAPAS” is of excellent quality.


Choosing yarn for a crochet project may be challenging at times. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Refer to our recommendations if you want to choose the best brand according to your needs

Purchase the polyester yarn from Zhejiang Hengyuan Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd. as they are on top in this category and Love Knitting is the best for choosing different types of colors varieties in yarn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most popular yarn?

Red Heart Supersaver is the yarn used in most projects on Ravelry. It is made of 100% acrylic and comes in jumbo 364-yd skeins. Red Heart Supersaver has been used for 199,316 projects, 116,598 of which are crocheted.

2. What type of yarn is softest?

Cashmere is the yarn that is the fluffiest, the softest, and the most costly; yet, it is not particularly sturdy.

3. What yarn brand has the most colors?

Dove Heather, Coal, and Cloud are three of the most colourful yarn brands. With 35 designs in Dove Heather, it’s no surprise that it’s also popular with designers as well!

4. Which yarn is best for sweaters?

Acrylic yarn is great for sweaters because it doesn’t shrink when you wash it, it comes in a huge range of colours, and it’s not too expensive. Acrylic is of high quality, which can feel as soft as natural fibers and is a great choice for sweaters.

5. Which yarn is best for a crochet bag?

Cotton yarn is a good choice for crochet bags because it is strong and flexible enough to make sure you won’t need a new one soon. Cotton also usually does best in tests of how well it stretches.

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