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Bhakra Dam

The panoramic view from the top of the second tallest dam of Asia will mystify your mind with the heavenly beauty of the region. Bhakra Dam is situated on the river Sutlej and situated at the border of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, North India. The length of the dam is 1700ft with the width of the base 625ft. The nearest city to the dam is Nangal city which is about 15km away and also the nearest railway station. You can hire a taxi from there to reach the dam. The closest airport is about 75km away in Chandigarh. You can take a bus for Nangal from Delhi or Chandigarh. It is also holding the title of highest straight gravity dam in the world.

Bhakra Dam


The dam was constructed in 1963, for the purpose of irrigation and hydroelectric intention. The Bhakra Dam is about 226m high and 518m long. Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) is always active in the maintenance and care of the dam. There are four radial gates in Bhakra Dam. Sir Chhotu Ram is called the father of the Bhakra Dam as he played a great role to conceive the dam back in 1923. The dam is always seen as a multipurpose project.

Why is Bhakra Dam famous in India?

Why is Bhakra Dam famous in IndiaBhakra Dam was entitled as the second-highest dam in Asia and the tallest straight gravity dam in the world. Also, it has the third-largest reservoir in our country after Indira Sagar Dam and Nagarjunsagar Dam. As the dam is used for irrigation and producing electricity, it is one of the most useful dams in the nation. All this inimitability makes the dam more popular.

Best place to see at Bhakra Dam

Best place to see at Bhakra DamIf your soul is a beauty seeker, the Nangal Wetlands is the best place for you. Come with your camera and take eye-catching pictures of the migratory birds in their season. The beauty here will spell your heart with nature around. Additionally, spend some time here and be filled with the peace of nature. People come here to relax their busy souls.

Best Hotels near Bhakra dam

Best Hotels near Bhakra damHotels here are established in the lap of nature. The stunning beauty and eye-melting views will always welcome you at any time of the year. The Kikar Lodge, Hotel Suvidha Palace, Hotel La Mariet, Hotel Bhagya, and some others are the best hotels in the area. You can stay with your friends and family and will never find a single reason to regret your decision.

Activities to do at Bhakra Dam

Activities to do at Bhakra DamBhakra Dam has created many attractions in the area. Gobind Lake is one of them. Gobind Lake is an artificial lake formed as a result of the Bhakra Dam. Apart from its beauty and picturesque views, there are several water activities that always magnetize travelers. You can take part in water skilling, kayaking, water scooter and sailing here. There will be something for people of all the age.

Side scene near Bhakra Dam

Side scene near Bhakra DamNangal city is also privileged with quite a lot of holy places and a shrine for many visitors. Sheetal Devi Temple and Mata Naina Devi Ropeway are some of the most visited temples near Nangal city. The richness in architectural work and astonishing marble structures are always on the wish list of the devotees. Virasat-E-Khalsa, a museum was built in 1999, the incomparable storage of history. The fortress-style design makes it unique amongst the others. The magnificent look of the museum and the facilities of it allow many visitors to be part of it at once.

Best resorts near Bhakra Dam

Best resorts near Bhakra DamIf your pockets are warm enough then experience the royal treatment in the resorts of the landmark. You will always find the treatment with royalty throughout your stay here. There are some resorts like Turquoise Resort, Purnam Residency, etc… are one of the best resorts in terms of service, management, hospitality, and friendly environment.


FoodYour tour to Bhakra Dam will be totally worth the touch of delicious food in the area. The taste of the restaurants is incomparable as they always pour their heart into the variety they serve. Taking your lunch with the view of Bhakra Dam and the cool breeze and fresh air will make your trip unforgettable.


Be well planned before visiting the Bhakra Dam. Take advantage of booking facilities to skip unexpected troubles. If you have small children with you, take care of them in crowded places. All in all, Bhakra Dam is the best place to visit with family as every one of you will find something of your interest to.

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