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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones? Get The Facts Here

We all know the relationship between dogs and bones; they love chewing bones. It is common to see dogs gnawing on bones in movies and shows. If you feed your own dog with a bone, the pet will enjoy nibbling it. Even dog treats and toys are available in the shape of bones. This symbolizes the love of dogs for bones. 

However, as a pet parent, you must know what bones a dog can eat. Certain types of bones are not healthy and cause harm. Chicken bones are one of them. The primary reason is chicken bones are easily breakable and can cause severe choking hazards.

As a new dog parent, you may need to know which bones are safe, which ones to avoid, and what to do if your pet accidentally eats a harmful one. 

In this article, I will help you know why chicken bones are unsafe for dogs and what to do if your dog eats one. 

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones? 

The short answer is a big no! Cooked chicken bones are harmful to dogs because they are small and brittle. They can turn into tiny shards that tear the throat or shred the gastrointestinal tract. Also, these tiny shards can quickly result in choking or airway blocking. This is very serious and painful that can even lead to death. 

Now a question may arise – Can dogs eat raw chicken bones? Here is the answer.

Uncooked or raw chicken bones may not be as harmful as cooked ones. Still, they break into sharp fragments, which can result in throat choking. Nevertheless, as a thumb of rule, stick to ‘no chicken bones.’

In a nutshell, whether cooked or uncooked, chicken bones are dangerous for dogs. 

Are All Chicken Bones Equally Harmful to Dogs? 

Yes, all chicken bones are equally detrimental. The reason is that they all can split into tiny, sharp shards, causing severe damage to the esophagus. As a result, you must avoid giving chicken bones to your dog under any circumstances. 

Similarly, other types of poultry bone toxic to dogs are turkey bones. They cause similar damage. So, keeping your dog out of reach of these types of bones is better. Also, ensure to dispose of them properly after you remove the meat from them. 

What Happens if Your Dog Eats Chicken Bones? 

You will astonish to know that chicken bones are soft and easy to dissolve. But by the time they reach your dog’s stomach, they cause severe damage, as discussed earlier. 

1. Damage the Esophagus

Damage the EsophagusLarge chicken bones, such as thighs, may get stuck into the throat if swallowed whole and not chewed correctly. This may result in puking, nausea, and vomiting. 

When the bone reaches the throat, it usually blocks the airway, not allowing your dog to breathe. This could be very painful and indicates an immediate visit to a vet.  

2. Tear the Gastrointestinal Tract

Tear the Gastrointestinal TractAs chicken bones splinter, they can tear the gastrointestinal tract or other stomach parts. Again, this is extremely painful and an emergency to rush to a vet. 

3. Contamination

ContaminationChicken is a human food that quickly gets contaminated with bacteria. So, feeding your raw pet chicken may leave them prone to diseases like Salmonella. 

When Should I Visit Vet If MyDog Ate a Chicken Bone?

If you notice your dog ate chicken bones and showed no immediate signs of distress, wait for some time. However, this is not always the case. Check if your pet is bleeding from the mouth or throat, coughing, or vomiting blood. Another thing to check is breathing to ensure no airway block.

The following signs indicate you must visit a vet immediately: 

1. Choking

ChokingIf your pet is vigorously choking immediately after eating chicken bones, it becomes essential to clear the obstructed airways. Seek veterinary help immediately, and ensure your pet can breathe clearly without obstruction. 

2. Bloating or Constipation

Bloating or ConstipationBloating or constipating is another sign to visit a veterinarian immediately if your pet consumes chicken bones. If left untreated, the shards of the chicken bones may be detrimental to their stomachs. 

3. Blood in Dog’s Saliva, Vomit, or Stool

Blood in Dog’s Saliva, Vomit, or StoolSee a veterinarian urgently if there is blood in your dog’s saliva, vomit, or stool. This is because chicken bones tend to splinter. If your pet has swallowed a splinter of a chicken bone, this could harshly damage the throat and may require surgery.  

Besides these, other common signs include:

  • Poor appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Gagging or retching
  • Drooling
  • Coughing

What Bones Can a Dog Eat? 

Not only chicken bones but also larger ones, such as from cows, can be harmful to your dog. Even if you feed sturdy, large bones difficult to splinter, small pieces, when swallowed, can damage their stomach. 

Further, there is a risk of feeding rib-shaped bones as they get stuck on your dog’s mouth. Hallow bones like knuckles can stick around their jaws. 

You may think of bone marrow as an excellent natural protein. However, it contains high amounts of fat, leading to your pet’s weight gain and the development of pancreatitis. 

If you want to feed your pet tasty treats packed with animal-based goodness that help them stay healthy, you may realize that bones are unsuitable. Feed your pet the best-packed food from top brands available on the market. 

See a Veterinary if Your Dog Ate Chicken Bones!

Though dogs can digest bones, the harm is done till they reach the dog’s stomach. It is better to avoid feeding bones to your pet. The best you can do is keep bones out of reach of your pet. 

Even if your dog ate a chicken bone accidentally, don’t panic. Look for the signs and immediately see a veterinarian. 

Happy Pet Parenting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is chicken bad for dogs? 

No. it is not bad. Instead, it is a good source of protein. Also, many pet food and treats have chicken as an ingredient. Ensure to avoid feeding chicken bones. 

2. Can dogs eat raw chicken bones? 

No, whether cooked or uncooked, a chicken bone is harmful to dogs. It is brittle and can splitter after eating, which may result in an airway block or cuts in the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. 

3. Can cats eat chicken bones? 

No, cats cannot eat chicken bones, as they are brittle. They may splinter into sharp pieces that can cause blockage in the throat and harm the digestive tract. 

4. Can dogs eat fried chicken? 

No, fried chicken is not healthy for dogs. Instead, all overly fatty foods are toxic to your furry friend. 

5. Are bones safe for dogs? 

Practically, bones are not safe for dogs. They can cause serious injuries when splintering into sharp pieces. The sharp pieces can damage your pet’s throat and stomach organs. 

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