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Chamba is such a beautiful hill station which is situated in Himachal Pradesh and almost 55km far from Dalhousie. It was established in 920 AD by Raja Sahil Verma, that time hamlet has kept back its middle age charm. As well as a gratifying climate, where the charming hill station presents a wonderful outlook of snow-clad mountains and flora and fauna. Chamba gives an awesome summer vacation. All over Chamba and the snow-clad mountains are most famous for snow skiing. There is a government and private organization that conducts river crossing and river rafting exercises.

Chamba – A way to hill station

Top places to visit in Chamba

top places to visit in chambaChamba is such a beautiful place for all types of people. Some people want peaceful places like temples or valleys and some like adventurous spots just like trekking or mountain biking etc. Laxmi Narayan Temple, Sui Mata Temple, Bhuri Singh Museum, Rock Garden At Devi Dehra, Kalatop, Khajjiar, Manimahesh Lake, Gandarsu Mahadev, Churah Valley (Chamba), Dalhousie, Khajjiar. these are the place where you can refresh yourself, get something new, enjoy make your life more meaningful and joyful.

Top Hotel in Chamba

Top Hotel in ChambaThere are two types of hotels in Dalhousie (Chamba) run by the government and others are commercial. In the Chamba accommodation are budget-friendly and there are not many luxury hotels but almost all hotels, motels, lodges, or guesthouse give a lovely perspective of the snow-clad mountain ranges. these are some hotels and guest house like Moddi Inn- Rockside, Dalhousie, Hotel Brightland Dalhousie, Hotel Glory, Dalhousie, The Geetanjali, Dalhousie


You can do many activities likeTrekking in Chamba-Sach Pass-Pangi valley (5 days), Chamba- Cheni Pass-Killar (5 days), Camping, nature walks, wildlife sightseeing, skiing, And Canoeing, Boat Ride, Mountain Biking at Sach Pass, bird watching, Wild Safari In Tundah Wildlife Sanctuary and a picnic amongst others.

Activities which we can do in Chamba, In the Chamba, you can spend quality time and make your life significant and collect unforgettable memories.

Festivals in Chamba

Festivals in ChambaChamba celebrates many festivals throughout the year. The most popular of these is to be sure of the “Minjar Fair”. The former community celebrates the festival with nature’s beauty and is marked. With offering the first sprouting corn silk it’s called “Minjar” to Ravi River. Some more festivals are celebrated in Chamba like Sui Mela, Manimahesh Yatra, and Chattradi Jatar.

Miniature and Paintings

Miniature and PaintingsChamba is also known for its miniature Pahari paintings. This academy of painting was put down by Raja Udai Singh and Raja Jai Singh. The large numbers of paintings are based on Hindu Mythology and depict Radha Krishna, Rama Darbar, Shiva Parvati, Yasoda and Krishna, Gopis, Daya Saptashati, and Krishna Sudama. Some of the miniatures and paintings capture the exotic ambiance of the monsoon. We can see these paintings in the Famous Bhuri Singh Museum. In Himachal Pradesh, Chamba hill station is also famous for manufacturing traditional handicrafts. Among them is the traditional footwear for the couple (men and women). Unique footwear for women is called “Vegetarian” because it is not made of leather. They also produced a large number of Handkerchiefs and shawls.

Bhuri Singh Museum

Bhuri Singh MuseumRaja Bhuri Singh Was a former ruler of Chamba and the museum was constructed by him and the museum has an excellent collection of unique paintings, coins, jewelry, musical instrument, artifacts, traditional arms or armors, and some other artifacts on enduring display are the families’ personal collection of miniature paintings. That museum has also some rare copper-plate inscriptions and authentic documents preserved.

Sightseeing in Chamba

If you are in Chamba you must visit Akhand Chandi Complex. The palace is too huge In Himachal Pradesh.

Best places to eat in Chamba

Best places to eat in ChambaIn Chamba, there are several eating options available, but there are not so precise restaurants, surely. You can see a lot of street stalls selling soups noodles and many more. a famous dish is Madra which is made from Rajma (red kidney beans) in curd, Indian Chinese, and continental foods provided by the restaurants and hotels.

Language Spoken

Hindi and English are languages spoken by people involved in tourism, the locals mostly use Chambyali, a dialect.


If you are planning to visit Chamba the best time is March to October. In the Chamba, summer temperature can rise almost 35 Degree Celsius and in winter falls around 0 degree Celsius. According to the temperature, you can keep clothes and go to Chamba and make your journey more comfortable.

Welcome to Chamba…

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