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18 Best Cosmetic Companies in the World

Every day, almost each one of us applies cosmetics to enhance the ways our bodies look or smell. They are often chemical compound blends, some of which are obtained from natural materials and many of which are synthesized. They are necessary not only to keep us presentable and attractive but also to instill confidence in who we are and in how we connect with others.

To boost one’s self-esteem and confidence, makeup is used as beauty support. Cosmetics are now more popularly sold than ever because everybody wants to look and feel young and gorgeous. Today, a variety of cosmetic brands provide their products easily. Continue reading to learn more about the top cosmetic companies on the market today.

18 Best Cosmetic Companies in the World

We have listed here the top 18 beauty product companies in the world:

  1. L’Oreal Paris
  2. Estée Lauder
  3. Shiseido
  4. M.A.C
  5. Sephora
  6. Maybelline New York
  7. Huda Beauty
  8. Revlon
  9. Benefit
  10. Guerlain
  11. Lancome
  12. Kylie Cosmetics
  13. The Face Shop
  14. Etude House
  15. Faces Canada
  16. Innisfree
  17. Lakme
  18. L.A. Girl

1. L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris

  • Founder: Eugène Schueller
  • Establishment year: 1909
  • Country of origin: France
  • Net worth: $38.2B (in 2022)

Eugene Schueller, a junior chemist, effectively conducted an experiment in 1909 to develop a compound for hair color. After recognizing its potential, he established his own business with the formulation and called it “L’Oreal”. Since then, L’Oreal is one of the best cosmetic brands in the world that has been primarily an innovative business, setting a hefty portion of its yearly budget for innovation and development.

L’Oréal is the largest cosmetic brand in the world which has major sales in 150 nations and a solid 36 brands under its cover. It handles them with ease because it has perfected the art of globalization. Their deliberate commitment to understanding the varying interests of people around the world and adapting to those needs locally is one of the key factors that has helped them flourish across nations.

It lured new consumers by introducing more cheap versions of its goods, such as mini-lipsticks and shampoo sachets. By collaborating with hair salons in India and other nations, they were the first to launch the professional haircare market across the world.

Website: https://www.loreal.com/en/

2. Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder

When Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph started making cosmetics in New York City, the firm was founded. At first, they only offered four items: Creme Pack, Super Rich All-purpose Creme, Skin Lotion, and Cleansing Oil. Later they opened their first department store business with Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1948.

Business and finance editors voted Estée Lauder one of the 10 Outstanding Women in Business in the United States. In 1976, Estée Lauder’s Clinique brand launched a separate line for males called “Skin Supplies for Men,” which is still distributed at Clinique counters across the world. This made them the first women’s cosmetic company to do so.

The business also achieved licensing deals to produce and market cosmetics and fragrance lines in partnership with well-known fashion firms and brands, including Tom Ford. In November 1995, Estée Lauder went public. Its products were available in more than 140 nations by the start of the 21st century, and net sales were close to $8 billion.

Website: https://www.esteelauder.com/

3. Shiseido


  • Founder: Arinobu Fukuhara
  • Establishment year: 1872
  • Country of origin: Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
  • Net worth: 92,088.8 crores JPY (2020)

In 1872, pharmacist Arinobu Fukuhara founded the Shiseido Pharmacy. However, Shiseido entered the cosmetics industry with the release of Eudermine in 1897. The Japanese multinational cosmetics business, Shiseido Company creates products in the makeup, skincare, body care, hair care, and fragrances categories. It is the fifth-largest cosmetics company on earth and the biggest in Japan

In the 1920s, new cosmetics came into popularity, and the meaning of makeup began to change. Both men and women utilized cosmetics to enhance their personalities. One of Shiseido’s most well-liked early cosmetics for both sexes was perfumed hair tonic. Shiseido is offered at cosmetic counters at a few department shops and the majority of pharmacies in Japan.

Shiseido manufactures a brand of cosmetics simply referred to as “The Makeup” that offers a wide variety of items such as lip products, eye products, mascara, foundations, powder blushes, and much more. Consumers of beauty products began to use various colored powders to match their skin tones. Shiseido trained beauty advisors who explained the usage of the cosmetics during the on-site demonstration briefing to discover more potential customers.

Website: https://www.shiseido.com/

4. M.A.C


  • Founder: Frank Toskan, Frank Angelo
  • Establishment year: 1984
  • Country of origin: Toronto, Canada
  • Net worth: $1 billion

One of the top three cosmetic companies in the world, MAC Cosmetics is also known as Makeup Artist Cosmetics and is one of the most popular cosmetic brands globally. It operates 500 independent stores with combined yearly revenue of over $1 billion, including more than 30 locations in France. All shops are managed by licensed makeup artists. MAC is an official cosmetic company, personalized to create makeup for models and movie actors.

It is a popular choice for prominent models, celebrities, and makeup professionals. The brand has surpassed consumer expectations for quality and variety with great success. Although the company’s products are supplied directly to customers globally, they were created with cosmetic artists in mind. According to Frank Toskan, the brand was initially created for models, but after they requested it for their siblings, friends, and other folks, the brand became public.

More than 100 stores carrying the brand operated globally in the 1990s, bringing nearly 200 million Swiss francs. There was limited time for the founders to develop new items due to the demands of expanding the brand internationally, launching new places of sale, and customizing product lines for each continent.

Website: https://www.maccosmetics.com/

5. Sephora


  • Founder: Dominique Mandonnaud
  • Establishment year: 1970
  • Country of origin: France
  • Net worth: $10 billion (2019)

Dominique Mandonnaud launched the breakthrough beauty retail concept known as Sephora in 1970. A wide variety of product categories, including beauty, skincare, perfume, body care, and hair products, are featured in Sephora’s dynamic, open-sell environment, including an ever-increasing number of reputable and up-and-coming brands.

Owned by LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the largest luxury goods company in the world, Sephora is one of the best makeup brands in the world that is renowned as a pioneer in the beauty industry for its incomparable selection of high-end items, honest expert advice, fascinating in-store experiences, and innovation. The House is constantly able to surprise its customers because of its selection of items in the Sephora Collection and its strong commitment to new ideas.

Since 1969, Sephora stores have given eager beauty enthusiasts from all over the world a chance to experience and try goods before buying. The brand offers a wide range of high-quality products and always adopts the most recent trends. In every interaction with its customers, both in-person and online, Sephora takes a unique tack, making it the most adored brand in the global beauty industry.

Website: https://www.sephora.com/

6. Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York

  • Founder: Thomas Lyle Williams
  • Establishment year: 1915
  • Country of origin: Chicago, United States
  • Net worth: $100 thousand (2020)

Thomas Lyle Williams observed his older sister Mabel giving her eyelashes a darker, fuller appearance by smearing them with a Vaseline and coal dust mixture. He modified it using a chemistry set to create a regionally popular product named Lash-Brow-Ine. Williams changed its name to Maybelline in respect to her sister’s name and gave birth to the brand. The business created the first Maybelline Cake Mascara for the public as the ‘first contemporary eye cosmetic for everyday use’ in 1917.

It was first only supplied by mail order, but it became so well-liked that women kept asking for it in pharmacies. Sales soared as Maybelline became the first cosmetics business to do adverts. In 1932, Maybelline released a special 10-cent package of Cake Mascara for retail sales in response to the constant demand. And the rest is history, as they say!

There are over 129 countries where Maybelline New York cosmetics are marketed, making it an extremely popular international cosmetics brand. Maybelline New York which has more than 200 products available, blends with technology to provide affordable cosmetics with a cool and vibrant attitude. The objective of this brand is now solely based on enabling women to express their beauty and pursue their aspirations.

Website: https://www.maybelline.com/

7. Huda beauty

Huda beauty

  • Founder: Huda Kattan
  • Establishment year: 2013
  • Country of origin: Dubai
  • Net worth: $510 million (2020)

Over the past 10 years, what began as makeup artist Huda Kattan’s beauty blog in 2010 has grown into a genuine cosmetic brand. Huda Beauty is the brand that best reflects the connection between social media and the beauty industry. With more than 50 million Instagram followers as of the most recent tally, it is currently one of the fastest-growing beauty businesses worldwide.

For girls who enjoy makeup and love playing with it, successful businesswoman and makeup artist creates a variety of makeup products for them. The company creates premium falsies, eyeshadow palettes with intense pigmentation, and complexion treatments that imitate the effects of your favored filter. Kattan has unveiled different fragrance and skincare brands as she continues to extend her influence.

Huda Beauty’s target market is a beauty-obsessed demographic, so it makes sense that the brand’s expansion occurred at the same time as the social media explosion. She continues by saying that cultivating this community and providing for their needs is the ultimate goal of assisting everyone in feeling powerful and self-assured. We admire Huda Beauty’s continued support of maximalism and makeup wear in a world where wearing no makeup is so trendy.

Website: https://hudabeauty.com/

8. Revlon


  • Founder: Charles Revson, Joseph Revson, and chemist Charles Lachman
  • Establishment year: 1932
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Net worth: $2.432 billion

An American global corporation, Revlon specializes in fragrance, skincare, cosmetics, and personal care items and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 150 nations sell Revlon cosmetics, and the company has offices throughout the world in cities like Mexico City, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The business began with a single product, a novel kind of nail lacquer that was created using an original manufacturing method. The business grew to be a multimillion-dollar corporation in just six years. By 1940, Revlon became the best company in the world that had a full line of manicure products and had also introduced lipstick to its line. Revlon produced cosmetics and associated items for the American Army during World War II.

Revlon, Inc. provides cosmetics, skincare items, fragrances, and personal care items under three major brand names: Revlon, Almay, and Ultima II. Despite fierce competitors in the cosmetics sector, Revlon’s new technologies have helped the company rise to the top position among the US mass market color cosmetics manufacturers. To remain competitive, Revlon continuously launches new product lines very frequently.

Website: https://www.revlon.com/

9. Benefit


  • Founder: Jean and Jane Ford
  • Establishment year: 1976
  • Country of origin: Mission District, San Francisco, California, United States
  • Net worth: $12.87 million

The choice of whether to open a casserole cafe or a beauty store was made by a coin toss by its founders and twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford, who were both born in Indiana. The Face Place, the store’s pioneer name, was established in 1976 as a cosmetic boutique that focused on items that could solve beauty problems quickly.

Their first release was a lip and blush tint called “Rose tint”, which has now been rebranded as “Benetint”. With over 10 million bottles sold, it continues to be the company’s best-selling item. In the 1980s, The Face Place relocated to Kearny Street in the heart of San Francisco, and lip plump, their inaugural lip-plumping product, made its debut.

The business catalog was launched in 1989. The original Face Place was rebranded as “Benefit Cosmetics” in 1990 shortly after The Fords started department store distribution. Benefit expanded into London and launched a new website in 1997 after seeing tremendous success in the United States.

Website: https://www.benefitcosmetics.com/

10. Guerlain


  • Founder: Monsieur Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain
  • Establishment year: 1828
  • Country of origin: Levallois-Perret, France
  • Net worth: €402.2 million (2012)

When Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain inaugurated his first store in Paris in 1828, the business was born. He was a qualified doctor and chemist, and his wonderful work, which resulted in numerous innovative products, helped him earn quick success. Guerlain was the first to develop mascara, lipstick, black eyeliner, and skincare with scientific support.

Guerlain continues to remain on the list of best cosmetic companies because they push innovation and persistently chase perfection by launching bronzers that contain colored pearls to produce radiance and level out skin tone. A name that is now acknowledged globally as a sign of craftsmanship and grace is the outcome of these unrivaled beauty lines and more than 700 scents. Enter the Guerlain beauty world to enjoy a sensual spa experience with personalization, luxury, and elegance.

Today, Guerlain has developed to offer a wide variety of skincare and makeup products in addition to its scents. Products from Guerlain are offered on staffed counters in department stores and at beauty retailers like Sephora, another LVMH brand, all across the world. Guerlain also operates 13 international beauty and spa “boutiques”, five of which are located in France (two of which are in Paris).

Website: https://www.guerlain.com/

11. Lancome


  • Founder: Guillaume d’Ornano and Armand Petitjean
  • Establishment year: 1935
  • Country of origin: France
  • Net worth: $38.2 billion (in 2021)

Lacome was established in France originally as a fragrance house, by Guillaume d’Ornano and his business partner Armand Petitjean. Through interesting developments and the promotion of its vision of French spirit and style over the years, Lancôme has grown to become the world’s top luxury beauty brand.

‘Nutrix’ was the first “all-purpose healing cream”, which made Petitjean’s entry into the premium skincare market. Innovation has been engineered to introduce makeup, cosmetics, and skin care products by Lancôme ever since it was founded more than 85 years ago. They aim to remain one of the top premium beauty companies to further create more joyful and sustainable products for all.

By safeguarding biodiversity, assisting marginalized women throughout the world, and enabling customers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions, Lancôme is advancing its worldwide sale. The goal of Lancôme is to make all women happier by improving their appearance by offering the highest-quality, most effective cosmetics.

Website: https://www.lancome-usa.com/

12. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

  • Founder: Kylie Jenner
  • Establishment year: 2015
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Net worth: $700 million

Kylie Jenner started the American cosmetics industry Kylie Cosmetics. The business started offering Kylie Lip Kits, a set of liquid lipstick and lip liner. The brand was renamed Kylie Cosmetics from Kylie Lip Kits. Social media is a key component of Kylie Cosmetics’ marketing strategy. Jenner has the most renowned Snapchat account and more than 300 million followers on Instagram, and there she mainly broadcast her recent and upcoming cosmetic launches.

Additionally, Kylie Cosmetics regularly promotes itself on Instagram using the verified account @kyliecosmetics. Several notable celebrities have worked with Kylie Jenner on collections for Kylie Cosmetics. Her sisters – Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian have all worked together before. Many people credit Jenner’s surgically enhanced lips for the brand’s success.

While Jenner or her family members frequently represent Kylie Cosmetics, the set of lips that the Lip Kits themselves are advertised on are really owned by beauty and lifestyle blogger Ashley Rosales. On April 8, 2020, Forbes once again cited Jenner as the youngest “self-made” billionaire in the world, noting that her net worth had risen to $1.2 billion.

Website: https://kyliecosmetics.com/

13. The Face Shop

The Face Shop

  • Founder: Jeong Un-ho
  • Establishment year: 1947
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Net worth: $214 million

The Face Shop opened its first outlet in Myeongdong in 1947. The organization is in charge of important departments like Home Care, Beauty, Beverage, and Nutrihealth. The marketing strategy of the business is mostly built on natural items. They provide a vast variety of products, ranging from hand creams to washing oils, as well as other makeup items.

In December, it exceeded its 100th store to rank third among South Korean beauty brands. It kept growing and expanding into foreign markets, creating outlets in numerous nations, including Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and many more. The Face Shop promises that its products, which combine science and nature, will satisfy all of your cosmetic demands.

With a successful advertising strategy that includes bamboo and ginseng masks, half baths, vitamin showers, and a daily 10-step beauty routine that takes hours to complete, The Face Shop is redefining the global industry. The Face Shop’s skincare products are generally well-formulated, and the company uses largely naturally derived products, such as rice bran oil and rice water.

Website: https://thefaceshop.in/

14. Etude House

Etude House

  • Founder: Amorepacific Group
  • Establishment year: 1966
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Net worth: $5.8 million

The company was founded in 1966 under a different name, but in 1990, Amore Pacific Group incorporated it, and a few years later, the name was changed to Etude Corporation. The brand idea behind Etude is to inspire the consumer to proudly and freely express their inner princess. Etude is using Princess Marketing in connection with this idea to give clients the impression that they have been turned into princesses.

The interior of Etude House features a pink theme to keep with their concept and is decorated in a romantic, attractive princess style. When a female customer enters the store, they say “Hello Princess”, to maintain the ethnicity of brand marketing. Customers feel like princesses because store employees are also decked out in pink princess assistant costumes.

Etude House’s beauty line is more well-known than its skincare selection. In Korea, there is a wide range of makeup available at incredibly low prices. In Korea, Etude House is a top beauty brand that is known for being reasonably priced, and you can find their storefronts all over the place. However, international customers may need to pay a little bit more, depending on local prices.

Website: https://www.etudehouse.com/

15. Faces Canada

Faces Canada

  • Founder: Kunal Gupta (CEO)
  • Establishment year: 2007 (Re-established by an Indian company)
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Net worth: $40 million

A range of mid-priced cosmetic products is available from Faces Canada, a Canadian cosmetics company with over 40 years of industry experience. Faces Canada, a company of Canadian origin, offers a premium line of cosmetics and skincare solutions. They believe that true beauty is about respecting your uniqueness and wearing your appearance with pride. They make their items to suit every ethnicity because of this.

The cosmetics from Faces Canada are both hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. One of their core beliefs is quality, which is why they vehemently oppose animal testing, adhere to the strictest specifications, and always utilize safe components. They are a well-known company with a wide choice of products that can fit any appearance or style, from casually elegant to go-getter dazzling and everything in between, and are offered at prices that are appealing.

Every skincare enthusiast may now experience genuinely top-tier quality thanks to their distinctive breakthroughs and formulations, which integrate technology with the demands of various skin types. They take pride in offering a wide variety of highly regarded, internationally recognized products that are produced with premium ingredients to give you the greatest care for your faces.

Website: https://www.facescanada.com/

16. Innisfree


  • Founder: Suh Kyungbae
  • Establishment year: 2000
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Net worth: $6.2 million

Innisfree began as a beauty company in 2000 with a determination to produce eco-friendly cosmetics. Despite being a cosmetic company, the firm has managed to ditch chemicals and use 80% of ingredients that come from the natural world in its makeup, skincare, and cosmetic lines.

The first K-beauty company to introduce two inclusive cushion foundation products with 14 hues was Innisfree. Innisfree is well-known for its accessibility and brand philosophy, which focuses on using ingredients ethically sourced from Jeju Island in South Korea to create healthy, moderately priced cosmetic products.

Innisfree procures its raw materials for product development from this island in a most responsible manner. Innisfree commits to upholding Jeju Island’s cleanliness and participates in many environmental conservation efforts. Innisfree stands out from the competition because it has nature’s wonders on one side and the science of creating skincare products on the other.

Website: https://www.innisfree.com/

17. Lakme


  • Founder: JRD Tata
  • Establishment year: 1952
  • Country of origin: India
  • Net worth: $48.46 million

Indian cosmetics company Lakmé is owned by Hindustan Unilever. Famously, it was established in 1952 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills after Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru convinced JRD Tata to produce beauty items in India out of concern that Indian women were spending valuable foreign currency on them. Lakmé also has 485 beauty parlors under the Lakmé Lever brand as of 2022.

Lakmé takes pride in being the authority on Indian beauty for more than 50 years. Lakmé was the first makeup brand in the country to provide makeup to Indian women. Lakmé primarily offers colored cosmetics, including lipsticks, eyeliners, and skincare items. The brand serves as the official title sponsor of Mumbai’s biannual Lakme Fashion Week (LFW).

It is a full-service beauty brand that extends beyond skincare and color cosmetics to include aesthetic services through the network of Lakmé Beauty Salons. The Lakmé Fashion Week, currently the biggest fashion event of its kind in the nation, serves as a manifestation of its connection to beauty and fashion. Lakmé constantly innovates to provide a broad selection of high-performance and top-notch cosmetics,

Website: http://de.lakme.com/

18. L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl

  • Owner: Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc.
  • Establishment year: 1985
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Net worth: Not Available

L.A. Girl Cosmetics is renowned for its high-end products and has been making innovative cosmetics for many years. Because L.A. Girl’s goal is to offer luxurious goods at reasonable prices, its products are relatively inexpensive. Their Cosmetics’ mission is to bring artistry to life by offering high-end color cosmetics to both seasoned makeup enthusiasts and budding beginners.

L.A. Girl Cosmetics loves to inspire beauty as an affordable luxury cosmetics brand by developing fresh strategies for igniting personal expression through the ‘Art of Color’. L.A. Girl has established itself as a destination brand that provides beauty without compromise because of its incredible assortment of high-quality cosmetic goods that appeal to makeup fans worldwide.

A bold cosmetics company has always focused on providing items of great quality, something bold and unique, and something that inspires beauty. L.A. Girl Cosmetics creates cutting-edge products to satisfy the needs of people throughout the globe. The company plays with bright and austere colors to provide something for every female because it believes that everyone can be beautiful.

Website: https://www.lagirlusa.com/


An individual receives significant benefits from cosmetics. Besides the physiological benefits that are mentioned more frequently, using cosmetics has very substantial social advantages. These advantages make cosmetics an essential component of life today and in the future.

However, maintaining excellent hygiene is also essential for daily well-being and the prevention of major infections. As a result, effective skincare can keep your skin healthy. Your skin might be rejuvenated with the use of an efficient skincare cosmetic. We hope now you know about the 18 best cosmetic companies in the world whose products you can try to enhance your beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I attain even skin tone and the best coverage for skin imperfections with makeup?

To make skin smooth and supple, apply a decent moisturizer base first. Then, using a colored corrector, you can conceal imperfections. When choosing a color, consider your skin tone: orange for dark complexion, yellow/green for fair skin. Then, to achieve perfect skin, apply a little layer of foundation or CC cream on your face.

2. What makeup items should I apply in total that will make the biggest effect in just 5 minutes?

Focus on the lips and eyes if you only have five minutes to do your makeup. Apply a good shade of lipstick that will define your lips after using a daily cream, sunscreen, or moisturizer. You can deepen your eyes by adding additional mascara or just a tiny bit of eyeliner.

3. Why does my makeup always appear cakey?

Always use a decent moisturizer before applying foundation if your skin is normal to dry. Additionally, overusing foundation and improper blending techniques can contribute to a cakey appearance. To adequately hydrate and smooth the skin and avoid dry, cakey foundation, a decent moisturizer is essential.

4.  Is there a right order to put on makeup?

Although there isn’t really a sequence to applying makeup, you should start with a well-washed and moisturized face. The base of the skin can then be ready by being given an even tone using foundation or concealer. After that, there are no restrictions; you can use any method.

5. What are the 5 beauty products that I should have for a daily natural look?

Every woman should own a moisturizer, cleanser, a CC or BB cream with SPF, mascara, and lipstick and you will be all set to go for the day.

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