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10 Best Cyber Security Courses Online

Aspiring to be a cyber security professional? Read on, as covered in this article is the list of the top ten cyber security training courses available online to help you achieve your career goals.

With so many cybersecurity courses available online, narrowing the options down to a top ten list may be difficult. We conducted extensive research to find out what prominent cybersecurity personnel had to say to newcomers, students, and others interested in a career in cybersecurity before compiling this list of online cybersecurity courses.

There are many courses available, some free and some paid. While free courses are a godsend, not paying for a course has some serious disadvantages. You may find that the course lacks in-depth reasoning, which may confuse you. Also, there are many free courses that ask you to get paid to provide certificates.

So, this list will consist of the best-paid courses, which are the most popular paid courses among hackers and security experts, recommending MIT cyber training courses as well as online courses from the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), Western Governors University (WGU), and Cybrary.

People who are seriously thinking of going into cyber security should refer to these courses, which are online and the best on the web.

10 Best Cyber Security Courses Online

1. NSA Centre of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations

NSA Centre of Academic Excellence in Cyber OperationsThe National Security Agency (NSA) offers a CAE in Cyber Operations (CAE-CO) certification course at 21 institutions. The various programs are highly specialized, multidisciplinary university education courses with a strong foundation in information technology, computer programming, and electrical engineering.

The programs offer numerous opportunities for hands-on application through laboratories and exercises. While security professionals consider CAE-CO to be the most hands-on technical curriculum, the CAE program also includes specializations in Cyber Defence Education and Cyber Research. Following COVID-19, course costs vary depending on the college, area, and commitment to online learning initiatives.

2. University of Maryland

University of MarylandBeginners and working professionals who wish to improve their cybersecurity abilities can take advantage of UMGC’s outstanding courses. Students get access to some of the top specialists and security planners in the country because of the university’s accessibility to the NSA and the internal security apparatus. University administrators suggest two courses: Ethical Hacking CMIT 321 or Threat management and vulnerability assessment CMIT 421.

3. Western Governors University

Western Governors UniversityThe Master of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program at WGU is designed for professionals who are eager to further their careers in the security field and are in need of a flexible, self-paced online course. To fulfill the most recent Department of Homeland Security and NSA requirements, WGU collaborates closely with NIST’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, including input from cybersecurity experts and major information technology organizations.

Students can finish the curriculum in one year or over several years, with course prices increasing as the program progresses. Students who work in the area, on the other hand, are more likely to have the necessary expertise to complete the course quickly.

4. Cybrary Insider Pro

Cybrary Insider ProCybrary Insider Pro can help working professionals who want to advance their careers or newcomers who want to learn more about cybersecurity. Students can sign up for a seven-day free trial. Individuals should use Insider Pro, while businesses should use Cybrary for Groups. Cybrary provides all of the tools and an online learning platform that will assist people in preparing for assessments, earning accreditations, and becoming corporate-experienced professionals.

5. Cybersecurity for Managers

Cybersecurity for ManagersCybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook is an MIT product designed for corporate leaders, supervisors, and administrators in technical and management roles who want to establish an action plan for becoming more cyber-resilient and cyber-aware. Consultants in technology and business, as well as individuals who serve as trysts between technology and business divisions, will profit. This program has no technical requirements.

6. Pentester Academy

Pentester AcademyPentester Academy provides great training at a low cost. Students can choose from dozens of interactive laboratories and courses covering a wide range of topics. Many cybersecurity training programs are tightly focused, but Pentester Academy provides students with access to a wide range of technical cybersecurity courses through the internet. x86-64 shell coding, Python, Linux forensics, and buffer overflows are all popular subjects.

7. SANS Cyber Aces Online

SANS Cyber Aces OnlineSANS Cyber Aces Online is a charitable initiative run by the SANS Institute, which provides free training courses. Cyber Aces can open the security basics for professors, instructors, entrepreneurs, and security experts who wish to learn more about security for free thanks to SANS, one of the world’s highest-quality security training companies. The self-paced courses are drawn from the SANS professional development curriculum and consist of a combination of tutorials and videos that students may access whenever they choose.

8. Federal Virtual Training Environment

Federal Virtual Training EnvironmentFor federal government employees and veterans, the Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) offers free online cybersecurity courses. Former military people can be useful in the security business. FedVTE, which is run by CISA, has over 800 hours of instruction in areas such as ethical hacking and monitoring, risk assessment, and malware detection. The degree of skill in the course varies from beginner to advanced.

9. Hack The Box

Hack The BoxHack The Box focuses on reactive defense and provides a live teaching environment for hackers to hone their skills without causing any system damage. The course includes retiring boxes with write-ups by other members of the Hack The Box forum for those who want to be guided through the process.

There are also ongoing sections with unpublished solutions. Hacking into these boxes grants users points in Hack The Box, which they can use to raise their rating. On the site, there are free and premium levels, which include an inventory of purposefully vulnerable platforms that highlight and showcase vulnerabilities, exploits, and attack methods of varying difficulty and complexity.

10. Bugcrowd University

Bugcrowd UniversityBugcrowd University is a fantastic community resource from one of the industry’s pioneers for individuals looking to improve their bug bounty abilities. The site provides a wealth of useful, digestible information with the stated goal of developing a more talented workforce in the bug bounty sector.

It covers everything from a basic introduction to the subject to more advanced materials that even experienced practitioners will find useful. Bugcrowd University is a free and open-source project aimed at assisting security researchers in their efforts to improve their skills. It includes content modules to help researchers find the most important and common issues affecting consumers.

I hope the consolidated list offers you a quick start to making an easy and wise decision of what online training course to pick to fast-track your cyber security career.

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