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This famous hill station is a city in Himachal Pradesh in the Kangra district. It is surrounded by green woods of cedar forest and is considered a smart city nowadays. This city also has a treasure of tea gardens that are very popular among tourists. This city was the capital of the Tibetan government. The city has two parts, and both these parts differ from one another in respect to attractions and scenic walks. This city is also home to many temples, such as Chamunda Devi temple and Kunal path temple. So this place covers holy importance as well as beauty features.

Wandering through the high peaks of Dharamshala

Background of history

Background of historyThe Katoch dynasty of Kangra ruled Dharamshala until British Raj. The people were called Gaddis, and they led a nomadic life. It was occupied as a station in 1849, and in 1855 it was recognized as the headquarters of the state. In1860, the Gurkhas moved from Kangra to Dharamshala. At that time, Dharamshala was considered a famous hill station for British working in Delhi. In 1905, the Kangra valley underwent a major earthquake. After that, this valley was rebuilt by Gurkha and was given the name of a Summer destination for the country. Dharamshala consists of two kinds of religions, mainly Hinduism and Buddhism. It has various Tibetan populations and is called the winter capital of Himachal Pradesh and has several hotels and restaurants for visitors.

Why is it necessary to visit this place??

necessary to visit this placeAlong with the famous hill station and beautiful landscapes of lush greenery meadows and high peaks, this is the destination of interest. This town offers many iconic attractions for its visitors with geographical locations and some places of religious importance. Moreover, this place has a vast area for tea gardens that offers various tea throughout the country. Mcleodganj is the structure of upper Dharamshala that provides you an opportunity to unwind the beauty of nature and its surroundings. This serves as a place to relax and chill out during your vacations and celebrate serenity. You can visit the temples, the waterfalls, and the lakes.

Places of refuge during your trip

Places of refuge during your tripThis place provides a refreshment spot for tourists to visit during Vacations, so it also offers places of stay to rest and relax. Some places that provide residence in this territory are Asia health resort, Blossom village resort, Club Mahindra Dharamshala, and Veda hotel. These are some places that offer great services to the visitors by providing accommodation and food services. You can also find hotels of your own choice and traveling deals by visiting this website.

Iconic attractions of Dharamshala

Iconic attractions of DharamshalaThis valley is surrounded by greenery all around and is one of the best tourist destinations. The main aspect of this valley is its Tea gardens, when you start wandering through the green tea gardens, the soothing aroma of lush green leaves can make you crazy. Your attention would be lost by watching this sight. Another important feature of this place is Dal lake, and this lake is surrounded by coniferous cedar trees, which gives this lake an amazing look. This lake also provides a stunning view of the sky kissing mountains. You can enjoy boating at this lake, and a temple is also located on the bank of the lake, which adds to its festivity. Let’s move a little more to explore the charm of Dharamshala cricket stadium, the sports lovers can find this place as best and can watch cricket matches here. Moreover, this stadium is covered by Himalayan mountains ranging from all its sides to create a captivating view of the stadium. This city is blessed with many other natural beauty sights such as St John Wilderness Church, TsuglagKhang, the war memorial, the Bhagsu waterfall, and Triund Hill.

Famous street food in Dharamshala

Famous street food in DharamshalaIf you want to enjoy yourself more, you should consider your meals Always at first so that you feel calmer and chill as we know that Dharamshala has adopted various features of Tibetan civilization. Hence, the best local foods of Tibetan culture are Tudkiya Bhat, Thukpa, Shapta, Mittha, Maggi, and chai. These street foods you should try to experience different tastes in different places. But if you want to find some more information and the best travel packages you can visit this website.


This famous hill station is the heart of Himachal Pradesh and creates wonders in viewers’ eyes, and its natural beauty magically attracts tourists. It is a stunning place to come and enjoy because it offers multiple options for the tourists, such as religious practices, and to easily and reliably explore the spectacle of nature. Moreover, the high peaks are inviting to you to visit and admire their creativity. More details you can find by visiting this website.

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