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Difference Between Left and Right Twix

So, you are a Twix fan. But do you know whats the difference between left and right Twix? If you don’t, here is your chance to be in the know.

We all crave chocolate. It is the one thing that people from all age groups prefer eating, no matter what the occasion. From a normal day to a major event, it effortlessly blends into every occasion. The market is replete with chocolate brands. And, chocolate fans do care about the label. Why? Well, labels guarantee overall quality, taste, and safety.

With so many brands readily available, there is always a discussion about which is superior. For many chocolate fans, Twix is hands down the best. It has been delighting eaters since 1967 and has gained a loyal customer base. Twix, the delectable chocolate encased in a golden wrapper, is one of Mars Inc.’s offerings. The creamy milk chocolate biscuit dripping with caramel and drenched in chocolate melts in your lips.

Through a commercial a few years ago, the company raised the biggest mystery for customers, Left Twix vs Right Twix. These were two competitive divisions announced by the corporation. Although the two chocolate bars are similar, the manufacturer thinks otherwise. Caramel oozes onto the chocolate in the Right Twix factory, while caramel falls onto the chocolate in the Left Twix factory. A variation in how the caramel is spread while layering is there.

Difference Between Left and Right Twix

Let’s discuss the difference between left and right Twix in detail.

Left Twix

Left TwixWhen it comes to both Chocolate, the differences are evident but only if you know both variants well. Let’s discuss both to give you a better idea.

The lure of chocolates holds strong across geographies, cultures and age groups. After all, they smell delicious and taste even better. A person’s preference for chocolate is dependent entirely on his chosen flavour, aroma, and of course, brand.

Even if a person prefers a specific brand, he will not refuse any chocolate offered to him. Left Twix is a chocolate bar from the Twix brand of Mars Chocolate North America. The brand has a reputation for offering high-quality, flavourful and gourmet chocolates.

Left Twix is layered with caramel and has a crispy wafer inside with dripping chocolate that makes it more crackling and delicious. The designation as Left Twix and “open from here” sparked a debate. The Left Twix is printed in red on the white label. This Twix bar tastes amazing since it has the goodness of high-quality, flavourful ingredients.

Right Twix

Right TwixJust like Twix chocolate is also manufactured by the Mars brand. Right Twix has a chocolate coating with descending caramel and a crispy wafer within, making it even sweeter, creamier, and snappier. Right Twix has a reddish-brown wrapper with the brand name written in white on the red colour. It is insanely delicious and wholesome, made using top-quality ingredients.

Left Twix vs Right Twix

Left Twix vs Right TwixLet’s come to the main topic, Left vs Right Twix. Well, it all began as a marketing ploy to attract attention and sales. However, it courted a controversy regarding which is the better variant. With the campaign becoming a hit among Twix lovers, the company continued the trend. However, it gave a twist to them through unique packaging, coating, and labelling.

Although there is no difference as such in taste, some diehard chocolate lovers have taken sides. For them, the difference between both Twix is that the Left Twix is crunchier than the Right Twix. However, the company never bothered to make public any difference or similarity in the taste of the two variants.

Simply put, the only Left and Right Twix differences are in the packaging with Left written in red colour on a white label on Left Twix and Right written in white colour on a red label on Right Twix.


By now, you got the answer to what’s the difference between Left and Right Twix. Whether you choose Twix, you get the same wonderful, delectable, appealing, and crispy experience in every bite of the chocolate bar.

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