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Top 10 Education Technology Start-ups

Educational technologies focus on technological tools and media that help communicate knowledge and its development and exchange. From the ancient abacus to handle calculators, we have come far away in this field; this e-learning continues to evolve in exciting new ways — aspiring teachers and students alike.

Top 10 Education Technology Start-ups

The fusion of technology and education is making headway for a better and more inclusive future. When education and technology come together into a sector known as EdTech. Today we see startups using software like virtual reality, automation, and making education more and more approachable to students. With the increasing technology, students are confronting students with practical essence.


Andela runs intensive programming courses in Nigeria and Kenya. Those who managed to clear entrance as it has extreme competition. It targets the most exclusive programming and introduces the students to a burgeoning world. Andela evaluates the technical and cultural needs to match students with engineers who are passionate enough. Their engineers are full-time technologists who engage proactively with your team, manage stakeholders effectively, and excel at communication. And, every engagement includes onboarding to ensure distributed teams hit the ground running.

 Founded -2014



It is an open online marketplace where anyone can upload and sell a class. Includes learning in programming, marketing, data science, and development courses. If you are looking for an affordable, flexible lifelong learning option, Udemy is ideal for it. Udemy has become a platform for corporations to create customized training courses. With the diapositive level, it provides ratings and reviews to students, which will make you choose that it’s worth your time or not. 

Founded -2010

Udemy3: BYJUS

BYJUS has grown into one of the top EdTech startups founded by Raveendran. Their main motive is to make learning little fun, with the help of video sessions and creating engaging questionnaires that make student learning really enjoyable and personalized for everyone. With the increasing support, they have also introduced learning for kids, mainly focusing on early learning for tiny tots from class 1 to 3.

Founded -2010



Coursera is an online platform juggernaut that has received the backing of over millions with top venture capital firms. What sets it apart from others is its partnering with elite universities worldwide; classes of this kind have been known as MOOCs, “Massive open online courses.” Not only this, but Coursera also provides certification of their online badges attesting to a certain skill or the course of training, it has leveraged its connection with universities worldwide and provide certification bearing the names of elite school and universities.

Founded -2012




Simplilearn is an online boot camp providing digital skills training to help individuals acquire the skills they need to thrive in. It is an amazing portal that provides certification for professional courses. It connects students and teachers from across the globe. Today Simplilearn has become a part of value and professional education. In a total of 4 funding rounds, they have got 31 million in funding.

Founded -2010



Starting from just a YouTube channel, Unacademy came here a long way. Unacademy is now a famous name in the education technology segment of India. It’s only serving as an online learning marketplace for courses but also providing free education to students and also ventured itself in various fields like banking, CAT, CLAT, JEE, NEET, and more. You can watch video lessons in various languages and even download PDF notes offered by their top educators. As of February 2020, Unacademy has received 110 million in funding.

Founded -2010



Vedantu is a live online education platform that offers personalized courses to students. It has more than 500 top educators on its platform currently; in July 2020, along with this, due to its specialized live interaction sessions, VEDANTU achieved LIVE classes of more than 1 million hours in this short span of time. Vedantu raised more than 200 million dollars in funding.

Founded -2011



WhiteHatJr has become the leader of live coding class interaction with students. It has created a base of students in India and the US. The unique part that it plays in providing a single tutor to every student for better understanding. It ensures students to not just be a consumer of technology but as a creator of technology.

Founded -2018



Toppr provides online tuition to students from classes 5 to 12. It makes learning easy and efficient, one of the leading after-school learning apps. It caters to the individual learning style of students and provides the widest K12 syllabus coverage and over 1 million course combinations. Toppr has won multiple awards since its inception – TOP20- EdTechX Global Awards-2017 and Best Education Platform-2018.

 Founded -2013


UpGrad is India’s largest online higher education company providing programs in Data Science, Technology, Management, Law to students, working professionals, and enterprises. UpGrad has established its position as the leader in the Indian Education System and is well on its way to accomplishing its vision.

Founded -2015



These are the top EdTech Startups. The unexpected closure of schools and higher education institutes due to COVID-19 has sped up the education system’s landscape; the EdTech sector raised with its utmost potential. It is also helping students to cultivate the habit of value education and also enhancing their skills.

Shreya Baliyan
Shreya Baliyan
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