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10 Best Fun Drinking Games For Your Next Party in 2022

We know, you work hard and party harder! Good for you! After all, you occasionally need to shed off your fatigue and indulge. At parties, celebrations come alive and friends, together. No matter who throws the bash, it’s time to revel with buddies, associates and even strangers, at times.

When stakes are this high, why not spice up your parties with some fun drinking games? Think of them as fun activities that require a few willing participants, common props and some booze. In turn, they guarantee an exhilarating time. The end result will make up for the effort, trust us.

Here’s your checklist of the best drinking games for adults to rev up a party. All the games listed here can be played while maintaining COVID-appropriate behaviour. Let not the pandemic cast a pall over the mood, as it’s time to satisfy your fun cravings and set the tone for a fresh year.

10 Top Fun Drinking Games

1. Musical Beers

  • Musical BeersProps needed: A Table.

Sounds familiar? It should, especially if you have played musical chairs. Just replace the chairs with beers and the stage is set for the musical beers. Mind you, the game might look simple but can ensure a great time. After all, it is regarded as one of the best fun games to play at home or at a party.

How to play?

Place one beer less on a table than the total number of participants. As soon as the music starts, contestants would revolve around the table. When the music stops suddenly, all have to grab a beer glass. The contestant failing to do so gets eliminated. Repeat the process until you get the winner.

Safety tip:

Prefer a large table (join two tables), which can accommodate 6 to 7 glasses at an appropriate distance from each other. That’ll help maintain physical distancing.

2. Flip the Cup

  • Flip the CupProps needed: Paper Cups

Want to test your friends’ booze guzzling abilities? Challenge them for the “Flip the Cup,” one of the fun drinking games. The game is as simple as it gets but guarantees some serious fun.

How to play?

Place 4-5 cups filled with booze in front of contestants and ask them to drink them, one at a time. After drinking, each contestant has to flip the cups upside down. The person completing the task first wins. It’s all about the speed at which one can guzzle the booze and still stay good for more.

Safety Tip:

Don’t exceed four or five cups. Or else, contestants might throw up or pass out midway through the session. Nobody wants to start a new year with a hangover.

3. Continue the Conversation

Continue the Conversation

As one of the leading drinking games for couples, it’s a team game with a lot of scope for fun. It involves dividing all the participants into two teams, each trying to get the measure of the other.

How to play?

Each of the two teams has to chat on a given premise for 2 minutes. And, they are allotted a certain number of words to be spoken during their respective conversations. Let’s say, team A is allocated two words while team B gets five.

Now, both squads have to stick to their word limits. If a team exceeds or falls short of the allotted words, the members have to take a sip. At the end of the game, the squad with the fewest sips wins. It involves teamwork, making it one of the most-played fun drinking games the world over.

4. Booz Quiz

Booze'n Quiz

Testing participants’ grey matter can be thrilling and a theme for one of the best drinking games. Welcome to Booz Quiz – it’s just like the buzzer quiz where the buzzer is replaced with a glass of wine.

How to play?

Both the participants would be asked one question. Instead of pressing the buzzer, they need to finish their glass of wine first to answer. The participant finishing the glass first gets to answer.

Safety tip:

Don’t stretch the game too long. More questions mean more booze the contestants would intake.

5. Red or Black

  • Red or BlackProps needed: A deck of cards.

They rate it as one of the top drinking card games for the sheer thrill it involves. This card game is a three-round affair based on pure guesswork. It’s basically a game of chance that earns you drinks.

How to play?

In the first round, you have to first guess if the card is red or black. If you speculate it right, expect entry into the next level. There, you require guessing whether the next card to be drawn is less or greater than the first one. The right guess will have you heading towards the final round. Eventually, you shall preempt if the card to be removed will remain in the range or outside of it. Each correct answer across all rounds earns you a drink. It’s all about guessing it right to drink more.

6. Guess and Flip!

  • QuartersProps needed: A coin and your preferable drink!

Fun drinking games can’t get easier than this. simple yet engaging, it’s one of the popular party activities.

How to play?

Just flip the coin and predict heads or tails. If you called it wrong, sip your drink and pass the coin to the left. If you guessed it right, you can pass the coin to the right. Like all games of chance, Guess the Flip offers the excitement involved in guesswork.

Safety tip:

Sanitize the coin before each flip to ward off infections.

7. Pin Pan Pon

Pin Pan Pon

The Japanese game has an entertainment value, which you can exploit with family and friends at a party for a fun time. Here, you get a drink not as a reward but as a punishment.

How to play?

Make all participants stand in a line or circle and ask someone to say ‘pin.’ The person standing next to him has to say ‘pan,’ who then can point to any other person for ‘pon.’ The idea is to maintain the rhythm of the three words, Pin Pan Pon. Whoever fails to accomplish that has to drink.

Safety tip: Maintain social distancing when standing in a row or circle.

8. Never have I Ever

Never have I Ever

You might have known your friends for a long time. But do you know their embarrassing secrets? If not, “Never Have I Ever” can give you the right insights.

How to play?

The game starts when someone shares something. If anyone has done that ever in their life will take a sip of their drink. For instance, if someone says, “Never have I ever been caught bunking lectures.” Then, the friends in the group who have been caught bunking will grab a sip from their drinks.

9. Two Facts and a Fib

Two truths and a lie

Are you looking for an explicit game for two? Voila! The “Two Facts and a Fib” would exceed your expectations.

How to play?

The first person makes three statements about himself. Two of the statements are correct and one is incorrect. If the second person guesses the incorrect one correctly, the liar has to drink. And, if the liar succeeds, the guesser has to drink.

10. Lucky Guess

  • Lucky GuessProps needed: Coins and dice

The game combines the flip of a coin and throw of a dice to keep you in “high spirits.”

How to play?

First, toss a coin and then throw two dice at a time. The rest of the participants require guessing whether it’s heads or tails. If they guess it correctly, you’ll be drinking as many beer glasses as the sum of the two dices rolled. Let’s say, one dice rolled 2 and the other one, 5. Get ready to intake 7 (2+5) glasses if you lose. Mind you, this party game can give you some serious hangover.


Team Duniyakagyan has handpicked these 10 top fun drinking games keeping your convenience and safety in mind. Squat/partner, booze, dice, cards, and cups – the props involved are easily available. If proper precautions are maintained, these simple games can be the best way to indulge. We hope you have a great time at the party and relish the drinking games.

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