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Best Fun Drinking Games For Your Next Party in 2022

We know you work hard and party harder. Good for you! After all, you occasionally need to shed your fatigue and indulge. At parties, celebrations come to life and friends get together. No matter who throws the bash, it’s time to revel with buddies, associates, and even strangers, at times.

When the stakes are this high, why not spice up your parties with some fun party games? Think of them as fun activities that require a few willing participants, common props, and some booze. In turn, they guarantee an exhilarating time. The end result will make up for the effort, trust us.

Here’s your checklist of the best fun party games for adults to rev up a party. All the games listed here can be played while maintaining COVID-appropriate behavior. Let the pandemic not cast a pall over the mood, as it’s time to satisfy your fun cravings and set the tone for a fresh year.

Top Fun Drinking Games

Games for Couples or Two People

1. Sexual Jenga (offline)

Sexual Jenga (offline)Props needed: You’ll need Jenga.

How to play?

This sexy Jenga love game is not your typical drinking board game! The outcome of this date night will be a night of enjoyment, romance, laughter, and perhaps even a little sex!

During this fun sexual Jenga game,  you’ll find tons of questions and prompts to ask your spouse. Each of the 54 Jenga blocks has romantic messages imprinted in this game. A few are fun, some are flirty, and some are more thought-provoking. It is definitely one of the best drinking games for two.

2. Drinking quiz (offline)

Drinking quiz (offline)Props needed: You’ll need spicy questions and shot glasses.

How to play?

Touted as one of the best two-person drinking games, the drinking quiz is a fun way for couples to spend quality time together and get to know each other better. 

Ask away sexy and fun questions about yourself and your relationship with each other and for each incorrect response, one of you must take a shot. The same holds true for you if you lack the necessary information.

3. Never have I Ever (offline)

Never have I Ever (offline)You might have known your friends for a long time. But do you know their embarrassing secrets? If not, “Never Have I Ever” can give you the right insights.

How to play?

The game starts when you or your partner starts sharing sexy and interesting stuff like “never have I made out with someone in the subway”. If your partner has done that ever in their life will take a sip of their drink. Your partner’s expectations of a relationship are revealed through such naughty drinking games—definitely one of my favorite drinking games without cards.

4. Booz Quiz (offline)

Booz Quiz (offline)Testing participants’ grey matter can be thrilling and be a theme for one of the best drinking games. Welcome to Booz Quiz – it’s just like the buzzer quiz where the buzzer is replaced with a glass of wine.

How to play?

Both the participants would be asked one question. Instead of pressing the buzzer, they need to finish their glass of wine first to answer. The participant who finishes the glass first gets to answer. It is one of the best two-person party games.

Safety tip

Don’t stretch the game too long. For the contestants, more questions mean more booze.

5. Two Facts and a Fib (offline)

Two Facts and a FibAre you looking for an explicit game for two? Voila! “Two Facts and a Fib” would exceed your expectations.

How to play?

The first person makes three statements about himself. Two of the statements are correct, and one is incorrect. If the second person guesses the incorrect one correctly, the liar has to drink. And, if the liar succeeds, the guesser has to drink. This is one of the best two-person drinking games.

6. Do or Drink (offline)

Props needed: You need some beverages.

How to play?

Oh, you haven’t heard about Do or Drink the newest and most thrilling drinking card game? Allow us to educate you. The drinking game for two is actually relatively simple, and we’re confident that you and your favorite drinking partner will enjoy playing it. Start by creating two distinct heaps for the black and white cards. The first person to draw a white card will then read it out loud.

The other player will then take a white card and follow its instructions when they have completed what is stated on it. Continue until one of you pulls up a white card that says “DRAW,” at which point that player must take up a black card, follow the instructions on it, or drink.

Games for Three Players

1. Sevens (offline)

Sevens (offline)

How to play?

Initially, Sevens seems like simple fun, but as it progresses, it becomes more difficult. To play this drinking game, follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to get everyone a drink. Ensure that you are all seated next to each other. After that, someone starts counting down.
  2. When you reach seven or a number that contains seven, instead of saying the number, say “F you”.
  3. The count-off order reverses after the “F you”.
  4. It’s time to drink if you take too long, blurt out the wrong number, or fail to say “F you” when you should.

Enjoy it as it is one of the most fun games to play at home.

2. Truth or Dare (offline)

Truth or Dare (offline)How to play?

You should put Truth or Dare at the top of your list if you want to play a fun drinking game for three people. It’s a game we’ve all played at some point in our lives! It’s a straightforward game. Truth or Dare is the first question posed by one of the players to the other participants. The other player is then required to select one of the two possibilities.
The player is presented with a question that he or she must honestly answer if they select TRUTH.
If the player chooses DARE, a task is assigned for him or her to complete. The player must drink if they choose not to achieve the mission. You do or drink. Enjoy the fun shots.

3. Jenga drunk (Offline)

Jenga drunk (Offline)Props needed: You’ll need beers and Jenga.

How to play?

In Drunk Jenga, each of the 54 Jenga blocks has a funny or absurd challenge printed on it. The secret is to take one block from the pre-arranged pile and place it on top of the others using only one hand. You chug your beverage and pick up two blocks to finish the challenges if the stack falls.

4. Musical Beers (Offline)

Musical Beers (Offline)Props needed: A Table.

One of the fun party games is musical beer, sound familiar? It should, especially if you have played musical chairs. Just replace the chairs with beers and the stage is set for the beer concert. Mind you, the game might look simple but can ensure a great time. After all, it is regarded as one of the most fun games to play at home or at a party.

How to play?

Place one less beer on a table than the total number of participants. As soon as the music starts, the contestants will revolve around the table. When the music stops suddenly, everyone has to grab a beer glass. The contestant who fails to do so gets eliminated. Repeat the process until you get the winner. This is one of the most fun games to play without cards.

Safety tip:

Use a large table or join two tables that can accommodate 6 to 7 glasses at an appropriate distance from each other. That’ll help maintain physical distance between the players.

Games for Four or More Players

1. Flip the Cup (Offline)

Flip the Cup (Offline)Props needed: Paper Cups

Want to test your friends’ booze-guzzling abilities? Challenge them to “Flip the Cup,” one of the fun and best games to play at a party. The game is as simple as it gets but guarantees some serious fun.

How to play?

Place 4-5 cups filled with booze in front of contestants and ask them to drink them, one at a time. After drinking, each contestant has to flip the cups upside down. The person completing the task first wins. It’s all about the speed at which one can guzzle the booze and stay good for more. It is definitely one of the best group games.

Safety Tip:

Don’t exceed four or five cups. Or else, contestants might throw up or pass out midway through the session. Nobody wants to start the new year with a hangover.

2. Continue the Conversation (Offline)

Continue the Conversation (Offline)It’s one of the leading drinking games without cards for couples; it’s a team game with a lot of scope for fun. It involves dividing all the participants into two teams, each trying to get measure the other.

How to play?

Each of the two teams has to chat on a given premise for 2 minutes. And, they are allotted a certain number of words to be spoken during their respective conversations. Let’s say team A is allocated two words while team B gets five.

Now, both squads have to stick to their word limits. If a team exceeds or falls short of the allotted words, the members have to take a sip. At the end of the game, the squad with the fewest sips wins. It involves teamwork, making it one of the most popular fun-drinking games worldwide. It’s like you are just sitting here drinking beer yet having all the fun.

3. Red or Black (Offline)

Red or Black (Offline)Props needed: A deck of cards.

They rate it as one of the top drinking card games for the sheer thrill it involves. This card game is a three-round affair based on pure guesswork. It’s basically a game of chance that earns you drinks.

How to play?

In the first round, you have to first guess if the card is red or black. If you speculate it right, expect entry into the next level. There, you must guess whether the next card to be drawn is less or greater than the first one. The right guess will have you heading towards the final round. Eventually, you will decide if the card to be removed will remain in the range or outside of it. Each correct answer across all rounds earns you a drink. It’s all about guessing it right to drink more.

4. Guess and Flip! (Offline)

Guess and Flip! (Offline)Props needed: A coin and your preferable drink!

Fun drinking games can’t get any easier than this. It’s a popular party activity because it’s simple yet engaging.

How to play?

Just flip the coin and predict heads or tails. If you called it wrong, sip your drink and pass the coin to the left. If you guessed it right, you can now pass the coin to the right. Like all games of chance, Guess the Flip offers the excitement involved in guesswork. It is one of the most fun group games.

Safety tip

Sanitize the coin before each flip to ward off infections.

5. Pin Pan Pon (Offline)

Pin Pan Pon (Offline)

The Japanese game has an entertainment value, which you can exploit with family and friends at a party for a fun time. Here, you get a drink not as a reward but as a punishment.

How to play?

Make all participants stand in a line or circle and ask someone to say “pin.” The person standing next to him has to say “pan,” which then can point to any other person for “pon.” The idea is to maintain the rhythm of the three words, Pin Pan Pon. Whoever fails to accomplish that has to drink.

Maintain social distance when standing in a row or circle. This is one of the best fun games to play at home.

6. Kings Cup Drinking Game (Offline)

Kings Cup Drinking Game (Offline)

Props Needed:
  • A deck of cards
  • A cup
  • Alcohol

It is one of the best drinking games with cards.

How to play?

A face-down deck of cards should be evenly distributed around the cup to begin the game.

To form a “chain” of cards, all of the cards must touch the cards on either side.

Then, players of any number might assemble around the cup and begin playing. The larger the group, the better this game plays. It is definitely one of the most fun card-drinking games.

7. Lucky Guess (Offline)

Lucky Guess (Offline)Props needed: Coins and dice

The game combines the flip of a coin and the throw of a die to keep you in “high spirits.”

How to play?

First, toss a coin and then throw two dice at a time. The rest of the participants have to guess whether it’s heads or tails. If they guess it correctly, you’ll be drinking as many beer glasses as the sum of the two dice rolled. Let’s say one die rolled 2 and the other one rolled 5. Get ready to drink 7 (2+5) glasses if you lose. Mind you, this party game can give you some severe hangovers.

8. Thumper (Offline)

Thumper (Offline)

What you need: drinks.

This is a quick, easy game for the time when people start falling asleep! All you need to do is sit around a table and pick a hand motion for yourself. You could choose a victory sign or let your imagination run wild (or dirty ;). Everyone thumps at the table as the game begins. You start your hand action and then do someone else’s action, while the others continue thumping.

The person whose hand action was done repeats his action, and of the one whose turn he wants next, Whoever messes up or takes too long to react drinks. To make the game more fun, you could also make a sound for everyone and do the action AND the sound. Get it?

9. Most likely (Offline)

Most likely (Offline)

Props needed: You need some beverages.

How to play?

The group asks a “most likely” question while seated in a circle. Who, for instance, would be most inclined to urinate in public? Everyone points at the individual they believe is most likely to do so after the count of three are completed. The individual who receives the most fingers pointed at them consumes the same amount of alcohol.

10.  Battle Shots (Offline)

Battle Shots (Offline)Props needed: You need some beverages.

How to play?

Battleship-like, but with gunfire. Its simplicity makes it so clever, even if the principle is so straightforward. If you’ve never played Battleship, it’s a traditional two-player game in which players take turns attempting to estimate the location of their rivals’ “ships,” which are actually pegs organized in a grid.

There are a few methods to adapt this children’s game into an adult drinking version. Use a standard Battleship board and place the shots out to the side, or set up a larger board with shot glasses serving as the ships. Making a DIY version with a few pizza boxes is one of the greatest ways to play (it’s a party, there has to be pizza). If you prefer, you can form two small teams to play the game.

11. New Girl Drinking Game (offline)

New Girl Drinking Game (offline)

Props needed: Pillow, table, drinks

How to play?

Four zones are set up in the game and are divided from one another by a trail made of pillows, tables, etc. The floor is lava, thus you must use such objects to go from one zone to another.

Everyone in the game shotguns a drink to begin. When a player is done, they shout “1, 2, 3, 4, JFK!” and “FDR!” is shouted by the other players. Then, in an effort to escape the lava, each player sprints to grab a pawn and head for the closest object.

Everyone will go clockwise from one thing to the next and from one zone to the next. You may move one space when it is your turn.

Players are only allowed to carry three pawns (beer) at once, and they must always have one in their hand. They must be consumed on the go.

The king is left alone once all of the pawns have been removed from the castle. The winner is the first person to reach a central location, consume their entire beer, and sip from the king.


Team Duniyakagyan has handpicked these top fun drinking games keeping your convenience and safety in mind. Squat/partner, booze, dice, cards, and cups—the props involved are readily available. If proper precautions are taken, these simple games can be the best way to indulge. We hope you have a great time at the party and relish the drinking games.

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