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10 Most Haunted Places in India

Haunted places in India usually accompany gruesome and intriguing tales. This gets us interested in the presence of the unseen, which is not just a thrilling thought in itself but scary at the same time. However, these spooky tales are fun and games until it gets real.

If these stories turn out to be true and if supernatural beings roam among us, it’ll be a scary world to live in. Some people purposely seek the presence of supernatural beings, wishing to experience otherworldly things and to testify their existence.

Even though a lot of people are sceptical of the existence of supernatural and otherworldly beings, numerous incidents throughout history suggest otherwise. People across ages and cultures are believed to have experienced something which does not seem to exist.

India has its share of haunted places where people have experienced unrelatable tales of horror. Even sceptics cannot stay immune to the spooky charm of the legends associated with these “haunted” places. Without digressing any further, let’s explore the 10 most haunted places in India and the legends associated with them, in detail.

10 Most Haunted Places in India

1. Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara, RajasthanRajasthan is one of the biggest tourist destinations and home to several beautiful places that host warm and friendly localities. However, some places here host entities from the other side. Take, for instance, the village of Kuldhara in the Jaisalmer region. It’s not just one of the most haunted places in India but also the most mysterious one as well.

Currently, under the management of the Archeological Survey of India, the village has an intriguing story. It is home to beautiful houses and temples, even though the whole village had been abandoned for the past 200 years. So what happened about 200 years ago that forced the residents of the village to flee at night leaving behind their homes and lands?

The reason for the evacuation was supposedly the brutal minister, Salim Singh, who was more powerful than the ruling king and well known for debauchery. He supposedly fell in love with the village chief’s daughter and blackmailed the villagers to either agree to marry her to him or the village would suffer severe taxes. Terrified of this the villagers fled, leaving behind a curse that no one will settle in the village ever again.

A Delhi-based Paranormal Society once stayed overnight to detect paranormal activities, and surprisingly found some figures and shady movements around them. They also got to know the name of various spirits as they ‘interacted’ with them. And even though a lot of tourists visit the place to click pictures, no one decides to stay the night.

2. Bangalore International Airport

Bangalore International AirportThe IT hub of India not only houses start-ups and MNCs but visitors from the other side as well. If you have flown to the city, it might come as a huge surprise but the Kempegowda International Airport is supposedly haunted. The hauntings here have been extensively covered by the local media a few years ago. Being one of the most crowded places in the city, the airport covers approximately 4000 acres of land and was established in 2008.

As the right place to see a ghost in India, the airport has been the “vantage point” for several sightings and hauntings over the years. The first supposed haunting happened when one of the pilots saw a “woman” standing in the middle of the runway donning a white sari just as the plane was about to land. He panicingly reported her presence to the staff and as they went to remove her from there, she just vanished into the thin air.

The said “woman” has been reported by a lot of pilots over time and even by employees at various locations of the airport. Things worsened to the extent that workers refused to take night shifts in certain sections of the airport. The authorities have refuted all such claims, however, people who have experienced these incidents still stick to their stories.

3. Mukesh Mills

Mukesh MillsBeing one of the most popular places when it comes to movies or serial shootings, Mukesh Mills is a rundown structure. However, the scariest feature of this place is not the look of it, but the spooky events that happen now and then here. People who have worked at the location depict unusual incidents that might send a chill down your spine.

Located near Colaba, the mill has been there since the 1870s initially an unloading place for yarn and cotton. However, the mill was shut down in the 1980s due to the unavailability of skilled workers. Later, the structure caught fire leaving it in a rundown state. Presently in an unrestored state, the mill has featured in Wanted, Badlapur, Hum, and other popular flicks.

Despite being a famous shooting set, it’s one of the most haunted places in India. The staff and actors that have worked here recall the place as having a spooky and creepy presence. No one dares to stay here after sunset. Strange appearances and voices around the place are commonplace, and a lot of times things have gone missing during shoots as well.

Bipasha Basu once kept on forgetting lines in a specific part of the place as if something was stopping her from delivering her dialogues. Similarly, a TV actress refused to shoot here as she heard a supposed possession of a staff member who directed people to not set foot in the place. Despite all this, the mill is open for parties and functions. The site is supposed to undergo a renovation in near future to make it pleasing for the guests.

4. Malcha Mahal

Malcha MahalDelhi is home to a lot of haunted places, think the Cantonment area, Sanjay Van, Ferozshah Kotla, and Agrasen Ki Baoli. However, none is as horror-prone as the Malcha Mahal. There’s an eerie and sad tale linked to the place, making it one of the leading haunted places in India. The residential place is closed for visits, and any trespasser can be shot at sight.

The place may be depicted as a mahal, but it is just a worn-down structure housing two “unreal” residents who never leave the place despite their misfortunes. The Malcha Mahal was gifted to Princess Wilayat Mahal, who was a descendent of the Awadh royalty. The place was a hunting lodge before that, however. The princess lost her property to the British government rendering her homeless with her two kids.

She tried to reclaim her property back from the Indian government but didn’t succeed. In protest, she stayed at the VIP lounge of Delhi railway station for nine years. Eventually, they sanctioned Malcha Mahal as a residence, however, upon arrival, the princess and her family found the Mahal in a rundown state and completely unfit as a residential property.

In depression, the princess eventually killed herself by consuming crushed diamonds, leaving behind her two children and dogs. Both her kids slept with her corpse for days until her death was discovered and she was cremated on the grounds of Malcha Mahal. The children continue to survive in the broken-down place without any outside help.

The mahal is closed to outsiders and there is a warning sign outside the palace that clearly states that you can be shot down upon trespassing. The brothers survive on their own and do not wish to interact with anyone. They rarely go out to get supplies for themselves. The place for sure provides a chillingly weird and heart-breaking backstory.

5. Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar WadaPune, with almost perfect weather all year round and rich history, is a traveler’s delight. The city, however, houses quite a few spooky locations, the Shaniwar Wada for one. The movie, Bajirao Mastani was premised in the Wada, which was once home to the Peshwa.

Historically significant, the place is related to a spooky tale of betrayal. Built for Bajirao I in 1730, it was from where Peshwas ruled the Maratha empire under the Shahu rule. A part of the place was destroyed during a fire in 1828, however, the non-damaged parts are open for tourists. The tale of Shaniwar Wada continues to be a part of folklore.

Revolving around the 18-year-old Peshwa, Narayanrao, who attracted a lot of jealousy because of being in power. He was targeted by his aunt Anandibai, who couldn’t be queen until he was alive. The cunning lady manipulated her husband, Ragunathrao to issue an arrest warrant for the Peshwa. She then proceeded to write an arrest warrant in such a manner that it could be misread as an execution order.

The helpless young Peshwa fled his chambers at night to seek help but was assassinated midway. His uncle regretted the killing as he believed the order to be an arrest warrant and not an executive order. The place is said to be haunted by the spirit of the young Peshwa, begging and screaming for help. His presence imparts to the place an eerie and creepy feeling. So, if you wish to locate a ghost in India, you know where to head.

6. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film CityAs one of the biggest film studios, the place attracts tourists and some unwanted guests as well. The place is haunted if the staff members and actors who have worked here are to be believed. They have experienced weird incidents like being pushed off, falling off inanimate objects, and even clothes being ripped off during various instances.

Such incidents unfortunately are not just restricted to the crew members or actors, many hotel guests have been through the ordeal as well. (Yes, the place houses a huge variety of premium hotels where you can spend the night to experience a life of luxury). Common hauntings include being locked in their rooms, the appearance of Urdu words on mirrors, and more. How’s that for the most haunted places in India? The place is said to be built over the battlefields of Nizam. As the local legend has it, the dead soldiers haunt the place. However, the officials deny any such incidents, and the place is open for tourists.

7. Raj Kiran Hotel

Raj Kiran HotelLocated in a plush place at Lonavala, this haunted hotel has its fair share of paranormal activities. Guests often complain about a sense of unease due to some eerie presence of some unreal entity. Some speak of having experienced an unwanted presence in their rooms as if someone has been watching them. Others have reported an eerie blue light near their feet and some have even had their sheets pulled off of them at night.

The hauntings are more prominent in one specific room of the hotel. After various weird incidents, the room was locked by the staff and is not offered to any guest until there’s an emergency. Once a couple agreed to stay in the room despite being warned. However, they fled out of the room in the middle of the night after being spooked out by some presence.

The causes of sightings and hauntings are unknown. No one knows when these incidents started to happen or what could have triggered them. However, if you wish to experience a supernatural incident or spot a ghost in India, feel free to stay at the hotel. You could well end up determining whether or not Raj Kiran is one of the haunted places in India.

8. Dow Hill

Dow HillDow Hill is a relatively unknown hill station in Kurseong, West Bengal, close to Darjeeling. It is a refreshing place with tea plantations, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and the Subhash Chandra Bose Museum. Besides, it is well-known for its haunted forests and the plethora of legends known to the locals. The place depicts a lot of spooky stories with various versions of the same stories doing the rounds. Some of them are just too weird to be true.

Some have claimed the presence of a headless boy running through the forests at night. The other version involves a young woman following people in a saree as they travel in the woods. However, the most haunted place is said to be the Victoria Boys High School. The laughter and shrieks of young children are commonplace at this century-old school even during holidays. The locals believe that the spirits of ex-students visit the school.

The locals here would suggest you not to roam out at night especially if you’re new to the place. Entering the forests at night is strictly discouraged in Dow Hill, which is one of the most haunted places in India. If you are (un)lucky enough, expect to spot a ghost in India.

9. Three Kings Church

Three Kings ChurchFamous for parties and nightlife, Goa is one of the best travel destinations. The place is just an amazing escapade from life and the life in the place is just amazing. However, even this tropical paradise could not stay immune to horror stories and urban legends.

The Three Kings Church, located in Cansaulim, has a spooky tale associated with it that prevents locals from stepping into the property at night. As the legend goes, the small village was once ruled by three kings, each wanted to be the sole ruler of the place. As years went by, the ownership feud grew but no solutions were presented for the situation.

Frustrated, the three Portuguese kings finally decided to solve the matter once and for all. One of the kings decided to invite the other two to his place for a feast, and a conversation to resolve the matter. However, that cunning king poisoned the other two kings to death. But somehow the villagers got a whiff of this devious plan and in fear of being lynched by the villagers, the king decided to consume poison, eventually killing himself.

When the villagers reached his place, they found the three bodies and buried them together in the Three Kings Church. The place is now considered one of the haunted places in India thanks to the spooky presence that surrounds it. The locals never go around the church after sunset to avoid being petrified by the spirits of the three kings.

10. Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh FortBhangarh is one of the most haunted places in India, situated in Alwar, Rajasthan. Perhaps, it’s the only place in India declared unsafe to travel after sunset by the Archeological Survey of India. The authorities have not acknowledged the existence of supernatural entities, but there is a warning sign which states that the premises should be left before sunset.

The place is said to be an architectural paradise, built-in 1573 by king Man Singh. He gifted the fort to his grandson and named it after his grandfather Bhan Singh. Bhangarh is an imposing fort replete with palaces, temples, and Havelis. It was said to be a rich kingdom once, which suddenly fell apart. There are two major legends associated with the ruins.

Per one legend, the kingdom bore the brunt of the curse of an ascetic who had stated that no place within the kingdom should be taller than his house. Or else, the kingdom will face destruction. However, the king paid no heed to the “warning” and built a huge palace. The ascetic’s curse was fructified somehow, resulting in the ruin of the place.

The other legend revolves around a wizard who fell in love with the princess. In his quest to have her, he swapped her perfume with a love potion. The princess became aware of his plan and decided to kill him. She poured the potion over a huge boulder, which rolled over the wizard because of the pull it felt toward him. But the wizard before dying cursed the whole kingdom to soon fall. Later, the Mughals attacked the empire leading to its ruin.

No matter which story is true or both are false, but the ruins are real. The spirits of the fort do not allow any outsider to stay after the sunset. Reportedly, if someone decides to roam the palace after sunset, the chances of them coming back alive are minimal. Various tourist accounts indicate the presence of the supernatural and an eerie feeling here.


Be it Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, or Bhangarh or Kuldhara, there’s no dearth of haunted places in India. Each place boasts of a pitiful and sad back story. Tourists and locals usually undergo a stressful, creepy experience while visiting these places. Even if there’s nothing haunted in these places, the legends associated still come off as interesting storylines. These places can be considered as beautiful tourist attractions during the daytime, however as the night falls, most of these haunted places turn into an eerie hell that reek of a supernatural presence. A sense of being followed creeps on the visitors.

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