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Hauz Khas- Attractions, Pubs & Romantic Restaurants for Couples

Metadata title: Is it worth taking a trip to Hauz Khas?

Description: Located in south Delhi, Hauz Khas is nothing less than a paradise for both shoppers and food lovers. In this article, we will discuss all the things that make Hauz Khas special for both locals and tourists alike.


The Hauz Khas Complex is a gift for all individuals who enjoy traveling and learning about history and architecture. This village complex is interesting in every way. In addition, the popular light and sound display at Hauz Khas village is a must-see.

Every evening, the state government hosts a show to assist you to learn about the history and significance of the Hauz Khas Village Complex. The gorgeous view, the notable fort, restaurants, bars, live events, and so on are just a few of the things to appreciate. Young adults prefer to go there to hang out with their friends and partners.


Hauz Khas- Attractions, Pubs & Romantic Restaurants for Couples

Read on, as we will cover everything regarding the Hauz Khas village.

About Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas (Hauz I Khas) Complex is a historic destination situated in Southern Delhi. It was established during the 13th and 14th centuries, under the rule of Alauddin Khilji. The word “Hauz” refers to a water tank, and “khas” stands for the elite. It was established to offer water to the residents of the region. During the late 20th century, the entire region turned out to be a tourist spot, keeping a steady stream of visitors keen to have fun and hang out.

At the same time, models and photographers appreciate the view and use it as a background for their attractive portfolios. Families visit the Hauz Khas Complex to spend quality time at the weekends with their loved ones. There are many things at the complex to explore, such as art galleries, couples’ and family restaurants, and various boutiques. 

Tourist Attractions Close to Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas attracts a lot of visitors with its scenic beauty and exciting attractions. Here are the top tourist attractions that deserve your time.

1. Hauz Khas Fort

The Hauz Khas Fort is among India’s most popular monuments. It was built during the reign of Alauddin Khilji in the early 1300s. The place displays the remains of the historical past and its beauty. The construction started with the digging of the water tank, which was aimed at providing water to all the inmates living in the Fort at Siri. He then named the water tank Hauz-e-Alai (where Hauz is an Urdu word that means Tank).

However, after some time, the emperor Firoz Shah Tughlaq organized the rebuilding of the water tank. It was then named Hauz Khas, meaning Royal Tank. Every year, the government of Delhi organizes a light and sound show that showcases the worth and history of the Fort.

The fort consists of several passages and rooms with broken walls. You can just walk over to the fort and enjoy the mesmerizing views during the sunsets and sunrises. You can visit this place for free between 10.30 am and 7.00 pm sharp.

2. Rose Garden

People who love to admire nature and its mesmerizing beauty have to visit the Rose Garden near Hauz Khas. As the name suggests, it treats you to a variety of beautiful roses. However, there are other exciting things to explore at the Rose Garden. The visit is totally free for anyone. The best timings are between 4.00 in the morning and 7.30 pm for an exotic jogging track surrounded by beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers. Birds and little playful animals like squirrels make this place even more exciting.

3. Pavilions

In the Hauz Khas village, you can visit the pavilions of different shapes and sizes that display the medieval history under the rule of the Delhi Sultanates. These pavilions were constructed between 1352 AD and 1354 AD across the gardens near the Hauz Khas Complex.

These pavilions possess several ancient inscriptions that denote the graves across them. When you enter the Hauz Khas Fort, you will see a pavilion in a T-shape covered completely with rubber. Additionally, there is a 6-domed pavilion to explore in the complex. The pillared chhatri that currently lies in ruins also adds to the charm of this place.

4. Hauz Khas Madrasa

The Madrasa in the Hauz Khas Complex is an institute for learning and promoting Islam. Currently, people consider this the finest and biggest Islamic seminary in the whole world. The Madrasa was also constructed during the reign of Emperor Firoz Shah in the year 1352. That’s why it is popular as the Madrasa-e-Firoz Shahi.

The structure of the madrasa has an L shape that lies on the edge of the reservoir complex. Near the river in the Hauz Khas village, you can see numerous graves. People believe that these graves hold the diseases of the famous teachers of the Madrasa Seminary.

The west wing of the Madras holds small rooms for the students’ accommodations. The north wings hold the pillared rooms on the top floor and some arcaded rooms on the ground floors. The top-floor rooms have a clear view of the beautiful garden, whereas the ground-floor rooms offer a view of the tanks and other surroundings.


5. Tomb of Firoz Shah

Another attraction to explore in the Hauz Khas Village of Delhi is the Tomb of Firoz Shah, constructed in the 13th century. On the inner walls of the tomb, you can see several carvings. The tomb features two doors, one of which directs you to the cenotaph present in the tomb chamber. You can see some huge ritualistic stages that direct you towards the river.

The dome’s ceilings are completely covered with the inscriptions of the Quran, engraved with golden medallions. Additionally, the tomb has four graves, and one of them is assumed to be Firoz Tughlaq’s. Two of them hold the deceased sons of Tughlaq, and the last one is assumed to be his grandson.


6. Mosque

Stepping ahead towards the northern end of the madrasa, you can explore the mosque. It is an open-air hall where students and teachers of the Madrasa perform prayers. It is a rare and unique structure. Although it is not in its best condition, it still retains its unique aesthetic.

Most mosques do not have any open walls on the western sides, and these mosques are known as mihrabs. However, the western side does feature a decorative window. And, you can have a nice view from there of the tank and steps that direct you towards the river.


7. Deer Park

The Deer Park in the Hauz Khas Complex is popular with deer and has a lake. People who wish to admire nature and animals must pay a visit to this exotic park. Here, you can peacefully admire the natural greenery, loveable animals, and a well-maintained garden.

Although this park is popular as “Deer Park,” you will find it amazing to watch several other adorable species, such as rabbits, peacocks, playful squirrels (sometimes), guinea pigs, etc. This enthralling view of the park will melt your heart. You can visit this place with your kids and family for some quality time. It opens at 6 a.m. and stays open until 6 p.m.


Live Shows to Enjoy Near Hauz Khas

You have probably been to several live shows and events across the country. We assure you, however, that the places listed below offer the best and most remarkable live events for you to enjoy.

1. Maquina

If you are interested in live events and shows, Maquina is a must-visit place for you. It’s worth visiting as you get to explore the following live events:

  • Band Concerts
  • Music
  • Shows
  • Sports screenings
  • Pizza Tossings

Go alone or with your family and friends; it’s your choice. It is the best place to spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy American, Continental, Italian, and other cuisines.


2. Kaffeine

This place is popular for its live music and outdoor seating. Also, Kaffeine offers delectable food. Once you visit this place, you cannot forget its ambiance and top-quality food.

Best Restaurants, Cushions, & Pubs Near Hauz Khas That’s Worth Visiting

Well connected through the Delhi Metro, the Hauz Khas Complex has become a popular spot among travelers and backpackers who roam the city. Thus, the restaurant business has been prospering in recent times. From the famous old Delhi Chat to some authentic North Indian cushions, you can try it all to pamper your taste buds. There are also some popular restaurants and pubs that you must check out while visiting the Hauz Khas complex.

Romantic Restaurants for Couples

If you are taking a tour of Hauz Khas Complex with your partner, you must visit the best romantic restaurants nearby. With the fascinating ambiance and free WiFi, you can enjoy your meals. These are the two restaurants that offer romantic dining amenities.

  1. Yeti-The Himalayan Kitchen: The restaurant offers traditional Tibetan decorum for couples. The prayer flags and rusting seating arrangements make this place even more mesmerizing. Yeti serves delicious Tibetan and Nepali cuisine.
  1. From Masha, you enjoy the view of Deer Park while having delicious meals. The place will defintely attract you with all the peculiar skulls hanging all across. The Masha Restaurant offers authentic North Indian and Chinese cuisines.


Affordable Restaurants Near Hauz Khas

If you’re looking for some budget-friendly options to dine, here are two. They are located within walking distance of the Hauz Khas Complex.

  1. Mia Bella- Romantic kitchen and Bar: With a European style and a romantic ambiance, Mia Bella offers a mesmerising view of the Hauz Khas Fort and lake. It’s a must-visit for romantic couples, with wonderful food and a pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Naivedyam: Along with the tranquil atmosphere, the Naivedyam serves the best South Indian flavors. You can have all the popular dishes of Kerala, including the Mysore Dosa and Idli Sambhar. The exotic buttermilk leaves an ultimate soothing effect on your soul.

Pubs Nearby Hauz Khas

To make your visit more memorable, some pubs offer spacious interiors for huge parties. You get everything here, such as multiple cuisines, partying music, and a great ambiance. The most popular pubs that reside in proximity to the Hauz Khas Clubs are:

  1. Garage Inc.
  2. Rabbit Hole
  3. Auto Kitchen and Bar


The information in this article provides both little and big details you should be aware of for a great time at or near the Hauz Khas Complex. Consider visiting the complex to discover its mesmerizing beauty and rich history.

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