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How to Boot Windows Into Last Known Good Configuration?

Experiencing trouble starting your Windows system? The Last Known Good Configuration (LKGC) option can come to your rescue. It is a recovery option available in the Windows 10 boot menu across all editions and versions of Windows. It offers an easy way to boot the system safely and Troubleshoot issues.

What is the Last Known Good Configuration Option?

As we know, Windows is an efficient operating system. However, it has its share of issues, such as misconfigured system settings, failed updates, improper driver installation, and more. Also, it’s susceptible to viruses and malware that prevent the system from starting. That’s where the Last Known Good Configuration kicks in, helping start your system in the safe mode Windows 10. Here’s how this Recovery option can help.

  • Improve the Blue Screen of Death (BSD) issue after the driver update.
  • Helps your system recover from trojans, rootkits, and viruses.
  • Fixes the automatic update process when it stops your PC.
  • Select newly-installed hardware that conflicts with other devices.


What is the Problem Fixed by Last Known Good Configuration?

The Last Known Good Configuration fixed the following problems:

  • A driver updates Error Fixed.
  • Windows Update and Automatic Windows Update Error are Fixed.
  • Infections, trojans, and rootkits meddling with your PC ordinary startup arrangement
  • Recently introduced equipment clashing with different gadgets
  • Recently oriented programming erroneously composed or fighting with various projects

What are the Problems not Fixed by the Last Known Good Configuration?

The LNGC does Not fix the following problems.

  • Driver Related issues 
  • Driver and Programs Crashes 
  • Computer Performance Problem 

Boot the Last Known Good Configuration in Windows 10

Unfortunately, Microsoft removed LKGC from Windows 10 safe mode from BIOS. Yet, other Advanced Recovery options are readily available. Read on, as we discuss a few Safe Mode tips for Windows 10 that can be an excellent alternative.

How To Boot Windows Into Last Known Good Configuration?

  • First, turn off your computer and then start it again. Wait for the manufacturer’s logo like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, etc to appear on the screen.
  • Now, wait until the manufacturer’s logo disappears and press F8 Key. Mind you, some laptops require you to press the FN key.
  • In case you come to the Windows loading screen, you have to go back to the first process and repeat it until you open the Advanced Boot Options.Windows-Advanced-Boot-Options
  • Now, opt for the Last Known Good Configuration (advanced) from the options provided. You can use the Arrow Keys to move the cursor up and down and Enter key to select the option. Boot-Windows-Into-Last-Known-Good-Configuration
  • At last, press the Enter key for selecting the Last Known Good Configuration Configuration option as the booting method. Now you can get into your Windows 10 boot menu from startup without any issue.

How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode while booting?

Windows 10 Safe Mode


Windows 10 offers a Windows 10 safe mode option, which can be leveraged for starting your system in safe mode. Think of it as the Windows 10 recovery mode.

  • Turn off your device completely and start it again.
  • Now, try to access the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE).
  • After entering into the Windows Recovery Environment option, the “Choose an option” option will surface.
  • When it is evident, go through the options given below:

Troubleshoot> Advanced options>Startup Settings> Restart.

  • Finally, your system will restart automatically. After boot up, you will see a list of different options from which you should select the Safe mode.Windows Advanced Options


So, that was our elaboration on How to Boot Windows 10 Into the Last Known Good Configuration. the LKGC is a recovery option available in the Advanced Boot Options menu, created for all editions and versions of Windows 7. Hopefully, you understood the process and can implement the LKGC option minus any hassle. But you can ask questions if the problem persists.

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