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How to Create a YouTube Channel?

As we head towards digitalization, several innovations are coming into the picture. Various digital platforms have changed the dynamics of popularity, fame, and earning. One of such thriving platforms is YouTube. YouTube is the present and future of the digital world. Every second of the day, billions of people surf YouTube videos diligently. Moreover, you find every possible genre here.

On the one hand, there is a massive audience watching such videos whereas, on the other hand, abundant people are creating such videos.

The people who create videos start their channels and add content. Now, these YouTube subscribers define the entire game. You have to hit the subscribe button, and YouTube will send notifications regarding the release of the channel’s videos. There is an option for the viewers who wish to get notified every time the creator releases a new video: the ‘subscribe’ option.

The more the number of subscribers, the more is your popularity and ultimately earning!

Such popularity helps the influencers to reach a more comprehensive number of audiences. This in turn results in the brands approaching them to advertise their products or services.

If you are interested in creating a channel and building content on YouTube, we are here to help you.

How to Create a YouTube Channel?

Let us understand how to start a YouTube channel in detail!

Let’s go!

A YouTube channel requires consistent content to keep the visitors interested. The more your content is unique, the more subscribers you will attain!

Here are some steps that will lead you to create your own YouTube channel.

Sign in to the Google account

To do any activity on YouTube, you must have a Google account first. Visit and hit sign in, in the upper right corner of the page. You will be redirected to the Google sign-in web page.

Things to focus on:

  • If you have a Google account, enter the credentials and start with the process of creating the channel.
  • In case you have an account, click on ‘create account’.
  • If you own various Google accounts, select the one you wish to start a YouTube channel with.

Use your Google account to create a new YouTube channel

After signing in to your Google account, you can create your YouTube channel. The steps are simple and mentioned below:

  • Tap on the user icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Click on Settings on the drop-down menu.
  • You will be redirected to the account overview. Select ‘create a new channel’.

Now select a brand account name as per your desire. Keep the name that describes the theme of your channel and the content you will be presenting in the future.

After entering the name, you will have to verify the account. As soon as the verification is done, you will be redirected to your channel’s dashboard. Either a text message will be sent or you will receive a voice call.

Customize your YouTube channel

Tap on the customize channel button located on the top right of your page. There are three different tabs: layout, branding, and basic info.

With the help of these options, you can optimize your channel better.

Add information on your channel

Tap on basic info and start filling in the text boxes. You need to add the language of your videos, descriptions for the viewers, and much more. With the help of these keywords, the viewers can understand your channel better. Furthermore, they will know about your genre, the content you will be presenting, etc.

You also have the liberty to add several links that you wish to share with your audience.

Add the Branding Elements

After inserting the brand information, you must also add the branding info. When you click on the branding tab, you have to add the below-mentioned elements:

1. Profile picture

The profile photo is an essential factor on the YouTube channel. It gives you an identity, and the audience recognizes you. This picture appears wherever your channel is displayed.

In addition, the dimensions of this picture are at least 98 x98 pixels.

2. Banner image

The banner image is displayed at the top of your page. Through this, you have the liberty to deliver the intent of your brand instantly.

The image dimension is at least 2048 x 1152 pixels.

3. Watermark of video

The video watermark is displayed at the bottom of each video you upload on the YouTube channel. It implies that the content belongs to you, and no one shall copy it.

The dimensions of a video watermark are 150 x 150 pixels.

Go to the layout option

Click on the layout tab and mention specific details related to the content you will be presenting on your page. There are sections such as video spotlight and featured sections.

Upload video

You are all set to upload your first video on the YouTube channel.

Click on the create button on the top right corner of the page. Then tap on upload videos.

Things to Remember

Your content should be clear and concise. It should attract the users, so they subscribe to you, and you can benefit later from it.

Here we are entailing some essential factors that will help you optimize your YouTube channel.


The title of the video should be appealing as well as concise. Users should find the title compelling so that they watch your video.

However, stay away from creating click baits. This can mislead the users, and they may never revisit your channel.


The description of the video is essential. The maximum limit is 1000 characters. It would be best if you kept this section as informative and precise as possible. It gives you an idea about your video to the viewers. Therefore, keep it appealing. Moreover, try using various keyword search tools such as Ahrefs to find the keywords for your content.

Such keywords with high search volume mean that most users search those terms. If you use them, you can reach a more comprehensive number of audiences.

Authentic images and videos

While building the content, make sure to use authentic images and videos. Avoid copying and incorporating the same into your channel. This can lead to copyright issues, and you would have to remove the content.

Furthermore, choose the audio track, if any, from the YouTube list of copyright-free tracks. This process will help you not to worry about any copyright issues.

Avoid controversial topics

Try making relatable and amiable content. Do not fall into the trap of creating controversial videos. For a matter of few likes and subscribers, this can lead to hatred and bad publicity amongst your audience. No one wants that. Therefore, keep your videos clean and straightforward.


There are specific guidelines to follow in order to make money through YouTube. After a certain amount of time, you can earn from your videos. The minimum requirements are mentioned below:

  • 4000 valid public watch hours in the previous 12 months.
  • 1000 subscribers.
  • Live in a country or region where the YouTube partner program is available.


YouTube is a great way to deliver your content to a massive audience and, at the same time, earn. Billions of people watch and create YouTube videos every day. The number is increasing at a rapid pace. As the future relies on digitalization, this is one of the most excellent platforms to join that has earning potential.

If you are interested in starting a YouTube channel, follow the steps mentioned above in the article and get started.

Take maximum advantage of this free platform and create valuable content for the people there.

Good luck!

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