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How to Fix Sedlauncher.exe High Disk Usage on Windows 10?

Windows updates come with a tradeoff. They are designed to work for improving the performance of the system. However, they create issues in some cases that impact the user experience. These updates, usually, include service packs, driver updates, and Windows patches. It can become quite frustrating when Sedlauncher.exe is taking a high amount of data from your RAM. It leaves insufficient memory to run other tasks, such as opening the webpage or playing any video. Therefore it becomes important to know how to fix Sedluancher.exe High disk usage on Windows 10?

Let’s walk you through the details on how to resolve Sedluancher.exe High disk usages quickly and easily.

Fix Sedlauncher.exe High Disk Usage Windows 10

Before diving into how to rectify the issue, we must first learn what is Sedlauncher.exe.

What Is Sedlauncher.exe?

The Sedlauncher.exe file has come in the Windows Update KB4023057. The aim of Sedlauncher.exe is to optimize the ‘Windows Update Service components’ speed in your operating system. Many users have already reported that this process Sedlauncher.exe associated with the file results in high disk utilization in the system. Sedluancher.exe supports various versions of Windows 10 such as:

  1. 1507
  2. 1607
  3. 1709
  4. 1703
  5. 1803
  6. 1511.Sedlauncher exe

You will find it in the ‘C:\Program Files ‘within the folder’ rempl. It is a part of the Windows Remediation Service for speeding up and safeguarding the Windows 10 update process. Sedluancher.exe  works like other Windows Update support programs like sedsvc.exe, Luadgmgt.dll, rempl.exe, and Sedplugins.dll, etc.

How to Resolve Sedlauncher.exe Full Disk Usage on Windows 10?

1. Disable the Sedlauncher.exe From the Task Manager

  • First, go on the taskbar, and right-click on the Windows icon then select the Task Manager from the options list.Task-Manager
  • Now it will open Task Manager and find Windows Remediation Service in the list.
  • You need to right-click on the Windows Remediation Service and click on the End Task.
  • At last, Restart the computer for making changes.Windows-Services

You have disabled the Windows Remediation services, so now program files like Sedlauncher.exe, exe,  Rempl.exe, and WaaSMedic.exe will not work.

2. Turn off Sedlauncher.exe in Services

  • First, press Windows and R key on your keyboard to launch Run Utility then type services.msc in the dialogue box and press Enter key.run windows
  • Now, find Windows Remediation Service in the services. Next, right-click on Windows Remediation Service then choose properties.Windows-Services
  • Click on the Startup type below the General tab then choose Disable in the dropdown menu and select Apply.
  • Eventually, click on the Stop from the service status and restart your system to complete the process.

Block Sedlauncher.exe By Windows Firewall or Antivirus

You can disable or block Sedluancher.exe from the antivirus or windows firewall if you don’t want it to run in your system


By now, you know how to fix Sedlauncher.exe high disk usage on Windows 10. So as we have previously discussed, it can become quite frustrating when Sedlauncher.exe is taking a high amount of data from your RAM, especially since it leaves a little bit of memory to run other tasks such as opening the webpage or playing any video.  We hope that you understood the process, but you can ask any question if you have queries.

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