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How to Make Text Bold, Italic, Underline in MS Word?

Formating is integral to an impressive presentation of any MS Word document. You can create a convincing essay or the most suitable business proposal. But in lack of proper formatting, the work may become undesirable when you display it to others. Together with color and font, the text style is central to formating and typography. Different text styles, such as Bold, Italic, and Underlined can make your document professional and distinct. They improve readability, help highlight the key information to draw the reader’s attention, and allow readers to perceive and retain information.

Let’s discuss “how to underline text, how to bold text, or how to make text italic in Word.”

How To Make Text Bold, Italic, Or Underlined In Word?

  • First, open the Microsoft Word document (It could be a new document or an existing one.)Microsoft Word Open
  • In case you want to change the Font Size of a specific portion, then select that portion and hold the left mouse button for selecting the required font.Font-Size-and-Font
  • If you require to change the font of the complete document, select complete text by Ctrl and A keys. Now you can select the desired font for your text.BIU-In-Word
  • If you want to make text Bold italic or underlined in Word, then go to your Home page. You can see font size, style, bold, italic, and underline options in this ribbon.BIU-In-Word
  • If you want a bold letter font, just click on the B icon on the formatting ribbon. You can also use the Shortcut key. Select the specific test and press Ctrl and B keys to make changes.MS Word Bold
  • Wondering how to italicize? Just click on the I icon on the formatting ribbon. You can also use the Shortcut key. Select the specific test and press Ctrl and I keys to achieve italics in the text.Italic in MS Word
  • Want to know how to underline text? It’s easy! All you need to do is to click on the U icon on the formatting ribbon. Feel free to use the Shortcut key to underline a given part of the document. Just select the specific test and press Ctrl and U keys.Underline in MS Word


The bold italic font and underlined are key components of formating and typography. You use them to add a professional touch to a given document and attract reader attention. Hopefully, by now, you know how to make text bold, italic, and underlined. However, if you still have problems, feel free to ask questions. We are always available for help.

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