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How to Set Up Email in Android Samsung Email App?

So, you are a proud Samsung Android device owner. Good for you! But you are struggling to set up a Samsung email app. Gmail will be the default application and you don’t require a Gmail account to access the email. Feel free to approach your Outlook account via the application.

There are two different processes to set up Samsung email. The first one is generic, meant for all Android devices while the second one is specifically for the Samsung Device. If you are keen to know how to set up email on an Android phone, here’s your chance.

Setting Up Email in Samsung Email App on Android

1. How to Set Up Email in Android Samsung Email App (Only for Android Devices)?

Let’s first discuss the process of setting up Samsung email on Android devices.

Step 1: First, go to the home screen, select the Gmail app, and go into settings from the app menu. Now, go to the “Add Account,” where you will see a different option for email servers. Here, select “Exchange and Office 365.”


Step 2: Mind you, you’ll be coming across two Outlook icons in the options list. Select “Exchange and Office 365” instead of “Outlook, Hotmail and Live.” The second option will not work in Syncing.Setup-Gmail-App

Step 3: Now, enter the email address and your password. However, if you have an Office 365 account, you will be redirected to the server’s settings page.


Step 4: After redirecting to the page, you have to change the server to to continue the further steps.

Step 5: In case your device has another type of Outlook account, then you should be in touch with the IT provider regarding the server settings then set up the account manually.

Step 6: Once done, your device’s screen will be populated by various prompts meant for adjusting settings. You should provide permission to sync in the device.

Step 7: You might possess an official Office 365 account. in that case, you will be redirected to the official website. The system might even ask for remote access. So, select the “Okay” to proceed with setting up an email app for an Android Samsung device. 

Step 8: Now, your email address should be set up, so open the inbox then check for the at reads “Action Required to Sync Email” email. If you don’t receive that mail, then maybe your account is still syncing.

Step 9: After opening this mail, you will see two options, so you need to choose the “Use another Mail app instead” option, and then all mails will start syncing.

Step 10: Finally, check the notification for the notification bar because you may receive an “Unable to sync calendar and contacts” notification. In this case, you have to open this notification then select Allow.  It will complete your process of syncing.

2. How to Set up Email in Android Samsung Email App  (Only for Samsung Devices)?

Now that the generic process is out of the way, let’s focus on how to set up a Gmail account specifically for Samsung devices.

Step 1: To start with, open the Samsung mail app by visiting the home screen of your device. You can also update the app from Play Store before starting Syncing.


Step 2: Once the App is opened, you will see an “Add Account” option. However, if the option is unavailable, go into the “Settings” to access it.


Step 3: Now, provide the email address and your password and select the “Sign In” icon. In the next screen, grant all permissions to further the process.

Step 4: In some cases, you will see a “Choose Your Account Type” option. To this end, select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.”

Step 5: In some cases, the settings of the above steps require set two-step verification. You can select this option for security purposes.

Step 6: After that, your device will start to Sync. Patience is required because it will take some time. You will get the notification after completion.

Step 7: You will also get an email about additional action for Sync. If you process it, you need to download the Outlook app.

Step 8: Once you download the Outlook app, open and select “Use another Mail app instead.” With this, the Samsung email account is ready for use.  


So, that was all you need to know about how to set up the Samsung email app. We discussed both generic and specific processes to support all your requirements. The info is presented in a step-by-step manner for easy readability and stickier learning. We hope, you can accomplish the process without any hassles.

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