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How to Teach a Dog to Lay Down?

Is your dog refusing to lay down when you ask him to? Have you taught your dog to obey your commands? If your dog does not listen to you, things can spin out of control. Your canines can be comforted by encouraging them to lie down or patting them on the head. Initially, dogs may be reluctant to lie down on the floor. But you can educate your dog with correct training and instructions. So here’s how to teach a dog to lay down.

There are three key techniques for teaching your dog laying down. We’ll go over each one in-depth and present you with some troubleshooting ideas for training your dog.

How to Teach a Dog to Lay Down?

Luring the down

Luring the downOne of the easiest strategies on how to teach your dog to lay down is by luring them. When teaching your dog, the first thing you should do is try to get them into the posture you want them to take by luring them in with their favorite food or toy.

You’ll notice that if you hold your dog’s favorite toy and spin it around his nose, he’ll follow your lead. You may move the toy in whatever direction you like, and your dog will swing his head and wag his tail in the direction of the toy.

If your dog is successfully lured by the above technique, this is a positive sign that your dog is willing to listen to you. You should try and fade the toy and food luring method with your verbal cue or a hand signal to make him lay down whenever you wish to.

We have briefed the luring techniques with steps on how to teach a dog a trick to lie down.

  1. Holding a snack to the dog’s nose and bringing it to the floor gently.
  2. To begin with, give the snack to your dog when his elbows come into direct contact with the ground.
  3. After several repetitions, start bringing your empty hand to the ground and give the snack only after he lays down on the floor.
  4. You can begin whispering “down” to him while you move your hand so that your dog dependably interprets your hand signal.

Dog Shaping

Dog ShapingShaping your dog entails gradually teaching him new skills over time. Laying down or lying down requires the following steps

  1. Teach your dog to look at the floor.
  2. Their elbows need to be lowered to the floor.
  3. Finally, you’ll be able to get your dog to lay down entirely.

You may provide your dog with as many small steps as he needs. The objective is to make your dog obey your commands. Choose a beginning step that your dog can readily do, then gradually increase the level of difficulty of each step without leaping too far. It’s best to go gentle on yourself than to annoy both you and your dog by pushing far too much too quickly.

Begin by luring your dog’s attention to the floor using bait. Then reward the glance by tapping and applauding it. After your dog has accomplished it, tap and applaud him by luring his head straight to the floor. You may then request flexed elbows, and so forth. Don’t bother about diminishing the lure of adding a verbal signal until the entire response has been taught.

Capturing the down

Capturing the downThis is the last step on how to teach a dog to lay down. Just applaud your pets whenever they do it themselves. Keep a toy or snack by your side, and whenever you notice your dog lying down, tap and applaud them. Then, while they’re in the lying down posture, give them a treat. After you’ve captured sufficient downs, your dog will begin to deliberately lie down next to you.

Wondering what does it mean when your dog lays on you? Well, he does it in the hopes of receiving a treat. You may now use a hand gesture or a verbal cue to let them know they’re ready to lie down. Your dog will begin to identify your phrase or gesture with their behavior, and you will soon be able to request your dog to lay down at any time.

Tips to teach your dog to lay down

Tips to teach your dog to lay downHere are some extra tips you can adopt while training your dog to lay down.

  1. When your dog is exhausted, you should train him. When your dog is overwhelmed, don’t expect him to lay down voluntarily. Work on this habit after a stroll or a game.
  2. Don’t ever impose a down on your dog. It may be enticing to “show” your dog what you want by forcing him into a stance, but this will almost certainly have the reverse effect. To withstand the strain, your dog will want to rise much more.
  3. You can reward your dog when they are lying down. Rewarding your dog with treats is important because it allows your dog to understand that his act of lying down was right.


So, that was our take on how to teach a dog to lay down. We hope this post will help you to train your dog to obey your command. Dogs are traditionally thought to be the most obedient animal since they are a man’s closest buddy and guardian. Training your dogs gives you power over them and allows you to pacify and tame them when they bark excessively or get uncomfortable.

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