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10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generators In 2022

With time, Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing and branding tools many marketers and content creators use.

But why hashtags?

Hashtags are a proven tool that increases the chances of increasing your brand reach. However, it is not easy. Using hashtags is an art, and overdoing it can look spammy and harm your brand.

For example, using more than six hashtags on your IG post can decrease your brand engagement.

Confusing, isn’t it?

So, how to choose which hashtag to use in a proper way?

To help you out, here are some of the best Instagram Hashtag Generators that will help you increase your brand reach.

What Is Hashtag Generator?

Hashtag generators are tools that help you do proper research and generate hashtags that are related to your brand.

You need to enter the keyword, location, or hashtag that helps you find some standard or popular hashtags. While the other hashtag generators allow you to add a picture or link and generate hashtags related to the media you uploaded.

These tools use algorithms that help them find the most popularly used hashtags in real-time. You can use them in your post, which will add more value to your brand.

Since these hashtag generators provide relevant hashtags, you can reach many audiences interested in what you post.

10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generators In 2022

Here are the 10 best hashtag generators to help you find the right hashtag for your branded Instagram posts.

1. All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All Hashtags top our Instagram Hashtag Generator List. As the name suggests, this tool is all about hashtags.

Launched in 2015, All Hashtags was a simple hashtag generator. However, with the increased number of users, All Hashtags started providing various other tools.

Now it allows you to generate hashtags and helps to create, analyze, and search for the best and top hashtags for your brand.

This website provides four most popular hashtag tools:

  • Hashtag Generator that generates top, random, or live hashtags and finds the list of best hashtags related to your posts.
  • The Hashtag Creator helps you to create your hashtags.
  • The Hashtag Analyzer helps to analyze the best hashtag for your marketing strategy.
  • You can find the top hashtags that are the most popular and best ones.

This tool provides over 30 hashtags based on the keyword you enter. All Hashtag also provides three filter options (top, random, or live) to help you find the right hashtag.

When you have found the right keywords, you can copy the hashtags by clicking on the copy button.

The tool will generate the best hashtags based on your keyword using the Top Hashtags filter.

If you use the Random Hashtags filter, the tool will generate hashtags based on the keyword you are searching. These hashtags include the keywords you have entered.

If you use the Live Hashtags filter, All Hashtags will generate hashtags used by others who are searching for the same keyword.

2. Ritetag

RitetagRitetag by RiteKit is another best hashtag generator designed for people who want to increase their reach on social media.

This tool provides hashtags based on the images and texts based on real-time hashtag engagement.

Moreover, Ritetag also provides a Google Chrome extension. All you need to do is click on any picture or text and get the best hashtag suggestions. The tool also offers detailed statistics for the selected hashtags on your desktop and mobile application.

Since it provides color-codes suggested hashtags, you will know the trending, long life, Instagram-specific, and overused hashtags. Moreover, Ritetag also tells which hashtags are underused or banned on Instagram.

Note: This is a paid hashtag generator and costs $49 per month. However, you can try the free trial.

3. Insta Vast Hashtag Generator

Insta Vast Hashtag Generator

Instavast is a complete suite that provides the best and most effective Instagram marketing tools. Hashtag Generator provided by Instavast is still in beta version.

This hashtag generator is free to use and lists all the hashtags banned by Instagram. Moreover, the tool divides these hashtags into banned hashtags (swearwords and offensive) and the tags temporarily banned (waiting for the moderator’s approval).

The Instavast Hashtag Generator for Instagram automatically generated related keywords based on the photo, URL, or keywords.

4. Photerloo IG Hashtag And Keyword Generator

Photerloo IG Hashtag And Keyword GeneratorPhoterloo is a tool designed to help users share photos and videos on various social media platforms, photography websites, and stock image websites automatically and easily.

This website uses machine learning to look at any picture and suggest keywords.

To improve user experience, Photerloo provides an Instagram hashtag and keyword generator that allows you to generate keywords by just dragging a photo or clicking on “upload.”

This hashtag generator is known for its simple, clear, and intuitive interface. Once you have uploaded the image, the tool will provide two lists: Suggested Photo Keywords and Suggested Instagram Hashtags.

The tool generates up to 50 keywords and 30 Instagram hashtags to choose from. It divides these keywords into six levels of popularity: least popular to most popular.

Once you have selected the right keywords or hashtags, click on the copy button and use it in your post.

5. #HashMe


The #HashMe is an AI-powered Hashtag generating application designed for iOS and is available in the Apple App Store.

Although the application is free to use, you can use the additional premium features by paying $8.99/month.

This tool is very easy to use. All you need to do is upload a photo and search hashtags with text input. Then you can discover trending hashtags, copy the ones you like, and paste them on Instagram.

If you plan to use the premium one, you can get unlimited search queries and search by photo for trending hashtags.

6. Hashtagify

HashtagifyHashtagify hashtag generator helps find, analyze, and grow your IG hashtag strategy. It provides real-time data and insights for any hashtags on Twitter or IG.

Hashtagify provides the following data: ranking based on popularity, related hashtags, trending hashtags, etc.

Moreover, you can also track any hashtag of your choice or get in-depth analysis. This is one of the powerful tools that allow you to manage your social media strategies with the help of hashtags.

Hashtagify allows you to download dashboards and charts of your saved hashtags and tells how the hashtag is performing. This tool also provides a paid plan. The paid plans depend on hashtag research and usage.

7. Ingramer

IngramerIngramer is similar to HashMe. It is an AI-Powered hashtag generator tool that provides smart features. With this generator, you can find tags with keywords, photos, or links.

This tool creates lists with all the keywords you entered when you submit your tags list.

The entries will be divided into three categories, including the number of shares each hashtag has received. The other categories are frequent, average, and rare hashtags.

Ingramer provides two frequent hashtag recommendations, 8 average, and over 10-12 rarely used hashtags.

8. Sistrix


Sistrix was developed by Johannes Beus, an SEO consultant by profession. This tool was developed to collect data, analyze, and find the right data that will help your brand grow.

With time, Sistrix has developed six premium tools: the Instagram hashtag generator tool. The hashtag generator tool by Sistrix can generate over 15 billion combinations of hashtags, and over 7.7 million hashtags are updated regularly.

This hashtag generator tool allows you to make 25 queries per day. Using this tool is very easy. All you need to do is type the keyword and click on enter.

9. Daily Purpose

Daily PurposeDaily Purpose is another best Hashtag generator tool for Instagram that allows you to explore hashtags by entering the keyword in the search bar. Once you have entered the keyword, Daily Purpose will generate a list of hashtags.

One feature that makes this tool the best is the intuitive design, quirky color scheme, etc. For example, this tool allows you to choose between Auto Tag Selection and Manual Tag Selection.

With the auto tag selection, hashtags are automatically shown on the screen. With the manual tag selection tool, you need to click on checkboxes alongside the selected hashtags.

10. Hashtags For Life

Hashtags For Life

Hashtags for likes are more than just a hashtag generator. Like other hashtag generators, this tool also generates hashtags based on categories. It is also known for its analytics which helps identify the best hashtags and task your post-performance.

These categories include popularity, trending, and related. However, you need to opt for the paid version if you want to filter your tags based on Popular and Trending. The other metrics included are the number of unique posts, hashtag reach, and average likes.


Hashtag marketing is a proven tool used by many marketers to improve your brand reach. To choose the right hashtags, you must have the right tool. One of the best ways to find the right hashtag is by using Hashtag Generator tools for Instagram.

Hashtag generators are tools that help you do proper research and generate hashtags that are related to your brand.

These were some of the best Instagram hashtag generator tools for you! We hope the information helps you to make an informed decision.

Happy Instagramming!

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