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Are you looking for a perfect weekend destination? Well, you can then just pay a visit to Kausani. It’s not only affordable but also a beautiful hill station. Situated in the lap of Uttarakhand, India, Kausani is a beautiful place to experience the view of the Himalayan peak. It is often referred to as India’s Switzerland. Kausani is a hill station and a small village in Bageshwar District. You will be overwhelmed with its spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic scenery of Himalayan peaks such as Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchali. These factors enhance this small village and add to the contribution of visitors from all around the globe.

Kausani– Perfect Holiday Destination

  • Glances at Kausani’s historical importance

Glances at Kausani historical importanceFather of Nation Mahatma Gandhi once said that ‘ Kausani ‘ is India’s Switzerland. He stayed for 12 days in Kausani and was mesmerized by its beauty. Earlier, Kausani was referred to as Valna. The Kingdom named Kartikyapur once existed in Kausani. Due to some heavy rise and fall within the empire, this kingdom has been declined. However, as a visitor, you can till-date sense the golden majestic days in ancient ruins scattered over the village Kausani. India’s most celebrated legend poet Sumitra Nandan Pant was born in Kausani. This add-on to the historical importance of Kausani.

  • Geographical information of Kausani

Geographical information of KausaniKausani was situated in Almona District, until 15th September 1997. Some days later, Bageshwar district was cut out of Almora district. Kausani was created on 9 November 2000, from the Himalayan. It joins the Northwestern district of Uttar Pradesh. Pantnagar airport which is about 170 km from Kausani is opted by many tourists to head-on. The nearest railway station from Kausani is Kathgodam which is about 140 km away.

  • Idle time to visit Kausani

Idle time to visit KausaniKausani is surrounded by lush green landscapes, dense coniferous trees, and a calm valley all around. These factors make it a very popular hill station. Kausani is a great weekend destination from Delhi. April to June are the ideal months to visit Kausani. You can also visit Kausani in the months of December to mid-February. During these months Kausani is covered with sheets of snow.

  • Why should you visit Village Kausani for vacation?

Kausani offers its visitors a scenic view of the snow-laden Himalayas peak. This feature attracts a huge number of tourists. Furthermore, Kausani has ample natural beauty promoting village tourism. Tourists are attracted to Kausani village because it has a great deal of rural life experience, Kausani village is a perfect destination of art, culture, and historical heritage pervaded in the Himalayan region. You can have luxurious hotels and resorts over Kausani. Budget guesthouses with proper amenities are among one of the best facilities in Kausani. To know more about luxury stays and accommodation availability you could visit this blog.

  • Side Scene of Kausani

Side Scene of Kausani

If you pay a visit to Kausani, do visit this 10 sightseeing scene –

1. Rudradhari Falls and Caves It is a natural location rich in lush green paddy fields. This waterfall is easily watchable while trekking to the Adi Kailash region or Trishuli parvat.

2. Gwaldam -It is one of the most exciting trekking routes in the Himalayas. It has several apple orchards. You will also find the snow-capped peaks here.

3. Anashakti Ashram – I am a peaceful place in Kausani. This ashram is a tribute to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. It is a famous research center in Kausani.

Apart from these 3 beautiful sights, you can also pay a visit to Sumitranandan Pant Museum, Stargate Observatory, Lakshmi Ashram, Gwaldam, Trekking to Pinnath, Baijnath Temple, Kausani Tea Estate, Someshwar You can explore the culture and charming style of life in the Uttarakhand hills. Kausani is an eco-friendly tourist destination. Visit Kausani to avail yourself with an everlasting experience and one-time bond between you and nature. To Explore more sightseeing destinations you could visit this blog.

  • Auspicious food facilities in Kausani

Auspicious food facilities in KausaniKausani valley is rich in cuisine food culture including continental, Indian, Chinese, and Kumaoni dishes. Kausani includes a number of local restaurants and roadside dhabas. These dhabas serve mushroomed and flavored food. North Indian dishes such as noodles, Manchurian, etc are the famous food of Kausani.

  • Visit Kausani and avail yourself of lavish traditional food

Visit Kausani and avail yourself of lavish traditional foodApart from food and side scenes, you have an option of full-time entertainment with activities such as Museum visits, nature walks, and shopping. The local market in Kausani sells authentic hand-made shawls. You can also buy handicrafts, pickles, and Kausani Tea from the local market. In Kausani, with your friends and family, you can experience the unique greenery nature walk. To know more about the availability of different tastes you could visit this blog.


This place provides the best nature walk, one-time life experience, and tremendous natural views. By now you must agree with me on Kausani being the real and true eye witnessing hill station. Visit Kausani once, and believe me, you will be resistant to pay a re-visit. The charm, beauty, and calmness of Kausani are truly unmatchable!

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